Luis Lui 呂鍚柱 is the #3 most powerful Triad in Macau but presents himself to the world as a legitimate businessman that cares about the community.  Here are just a few of the organizations Luis publicly participates in while secretly running his criminal empire of drugs, human trafficking and organ trafficking ( to name just a few ).  

As you'll see in the images and links below, Luis Lui 呂鍚柱 looks like a legitimate pillar of society even though he is a ruthless criminal that will do anything to make money.  Whether it be receiving the "Medal of Merit Award for Tourism" for Macau or being the President for the China-Macau Sports Federation, you'll be amazed at the lengths Luis Lui goes to in order to keep his true colors hidden from the Public.  Learn about how I have battled and escaped plot after plot for the past 15 years in my battle against Luis Lui and his Triad organization at 

Luis Lui's Chinese name is 呂鍚柱.  Copy and Paste 呂鍚柱 into Google or click this link HERE to see the pages upon pages of websites that present him as legitimate and not a criminal at all, even though he is the #3 Triad in Macau.