The Devil Prefers Livestock

Part 1 "2009-2013" (as written in 2013)


I visited Macau in July 2009 and got lured into falling in love with a girl enslaved by Triad Godfather Luis Lui that worked at one of Luis' 50 Saunas in Macau called the Eighteen Sauna, which is located inside the Golden Dragon Casino in Macau. Three weeks later, I willingly gave the girl $4600 US Dollars as a gift as I said goodbye due to me starting to have strong feelings for her and not wanting to love somebody 8000 miles from home. This money was to allow her to return home to Vietnam. However, at the time, she told me she wasn't enslaved and that the $4600 was just money she owed people to repay getting her brother released from jail for killing somebody while driving his motorcycle drunk in Vietnam. I didn't care if it was true; I just wanted to help this poor girl that I was starting to love but also saying goodbye to at the same time. She cried and went into the bathroom for 10 minutes and then came out, threw the money on the floor, and walked out! I was stunned; I never saw any girl give me cash back, especially when I said goodbye. That was the first strategic move of many that was done to lure me over to Asia to ultimately take everything I had, including the son I had with her after moving there. This dark story happens all the time in Asia, but you won't find too many accounts of it because the enemy behind these scams is patient and calculating in ways never seen in the Western World. If you want to see pure evil, look no further than Luis Lui, #4 in power for the Macau Triads. The things I learned and experienced as I escaped the Macau Triads have led more than ten people to say it's a Hollywood movie, the only difference being that this is 100% true. I escaped several of the clever scams they executed against me that ranged from:

● Trying to get me to sleep with a Triad Boss's Wife so they could extort me

● Framing me as a drug smuggler by planting drugs on me in flight from Hong Kong to HCMC Vietnam

● Attempting to murder me when all previous scam attempts failed

Hong told me that in Vietnam, all of the Police are corrupt and that when somebody dies in a situation like drinking and driving, the accused will get arrested, but the reporting of the crime won't go into the system for at least 24 hours. After 24 hours, it is harder to bribe your way out because the Police are scared that the Government will find out and they'll lose their job and go to jail. The families of the victim know this too. Even though the victim's family is distraught, they figure it's better to have money than punishment for the accused because sending the culprit to jail won't bring back their child; so they quickly negotiate a deal between the families and the Police and the guilty person's family will pay off the victims and the corrupt Police and the whole thing will be recorded as an accident or as an unsolved crime with no suspects in the event it is a murder.

Before I go right into these scams in detail, let me first go back to the beginning in 2009 when I visited SE Asia for the first time, so you understand the history leading up to how I came into the crosshairs of this Secretive Criminal Empire.

I admittedly did the craziest thing any guy has ever done for love, which is moving to Vietnam to be with a girl that I thought would be the perfect girl aside from her apparent misgivings regarding her past. Before I tell you the story about the move that almost ended my life, let me tell you why I moved there and what attracted me to Asia and Asian Women in the first place.

I was always good at making money, good at losing it also, lol. I was always much too generous with women because money was just money; I could always make more after giving it away or spending it. I have since changed my viewpoint on that and don't give money away as I used to because I have a sweet little boy to worry about that only has me to rely on since his mother never had his best interest in mind.

Anyways, before I ended up in Vietnam, I was an Attorney in Los Angeles for ten years; with the final few years, I started to develop software and transitioned away from lawyering once that business started doing well. During my ten years' stay in Los Angeles "L.A." I went through two long-term relationships where I gave everything to those two women only to have them steal more and complain that they were owed six figures because I took them off the market for a few years each, whatever. Without boring you with the details of that, let's say that I had a pessimistic outlook as to where L.A. dating would lead me. I also got to a point where I completely lost faith in the legal system (due to a corrupt Judge that allowed admitted perjury to go unpunished because he was in cahoots with Plaintiff's Attorneys. I discovered this after hiring a private investigator only to be ignored by the regulatory agencies that police judicial corruption when I blew the whistle. This experience left me thinking our system is smoke and mirrors at best and that American women are a nightmare. I must say now that I was 100% wrong because I judged American Woman based on "L.A.," which is not representative of the typical American Woman but just representative of "L.A." … That said, I had a friend who always asked me to go to Macau for over a year and told me it was a guy amusement park with thousands of beautiful, submissive women that just loved Westerners and made you feel like no American woman ever could. At the time, I was going out on three dates a week with the same type of L.A. woman and was burned out; I figured this different experience might be the thing I needed to break the monotony.

If you haven't heard of Macau, it is a 1-hour Ferry Ride from Hong Kong and is the Las Vegas of Asia. It makes two times more gambling revenue than Vegas, and most Vegas Casino Brands have a casino in Macau, i.e., Wynn, Venetian. None of the American Casino brands have Saunas in the Casino. However, most of the Asian-owned Casinos also have a Sauna somewhere inside the Casino. You can go hang out all day and get every kind of body treatment you can think of in addition to getting your haircut, and finally, you can pick a girl from "Showtime" to take to a private room.

The Casino does not own the Saunas in each Casino. The Saunas are all owned by the Triads, who lease the space from the Casino. The businesses are not connected; they only occupy the same building. Many patrons don't realize that and feel secure in these Saunas since they are inside a multi-million-dollar Casino. I remember when I asked the front desk if they had any coupons for the Sauna and the Lady was quick to say that they have no affiliation with the Sauna as though I just accused her of a crime.

When you go to any Sauna in Macau, every 30 minutes to an hour (depending on the Sauna), a bell would ring, and the ladies doing the regular sauna services would all start shouting "Showtime, Showtime," where they coerce you towards a room blasting loud music. Once you enter the room, you will see over 100 beautiful girls wearing dresses with a number on them, and you can pick a girl by her number and go to a private room for an hour and do whatever.

Prostitution is legal in Macau and has been pretty much since The Portuguese colonized Macau in 1557. I was told by a friend (whom I now think was completely wrong) that prostitution is normal and not taboo in Asia and that the girls are very grateful that they can help their families with the money they make. At that time, I wasn't aware of the real dark substance behind this industry, and the human trafficking and advanced scams aspect were not even crossing my mind or apparent from what I observed while there initially. My naive assessment almost got me killed more times than once, and escaping Asia once the bottom-feeding underworld sunk their teeth in left me with a story that is a cross between "Catch Me if You Can" & "Constantine." Asia is different from the Western World; deception is mastered in ways the Western World is not akin to.

Before going further, let me say that I feel bad for visiting the Saunas in Macau now that I know that these girls are not thankful and happy like my friend led me to believe, but instead smiling to keep from being beaten if they don't. I am trying to make the wrong decisions I made right by fighting against the people that enslave these girls. Even though these girls scammed me, I am trying to help them because they have no choice. I haven't visited a Sauna since early 2010, even though I had plenty of opportunities in addition to the approval of my ex. The last five times I did go to a Sauna, I only got regular services like a massage and was just there to relax even though "Show Time" was one room over. Please keep that in mind before you decide to judge me. It takes courage to admit that I was even over there, let alone stand up to an evil organization like the Triads in Macau; so, try to remember that before throwing criticism my way.


The date I first visited Macau was July 25th, 2009. I arrived in Macau around 1 AM, upon which I was greeted at the lobby of the Wynn by my friend the moment I arrived. My friend then introduced me to his friend and asked me if I wanted to check out a few hotspots, but he couldn't join us because he already had a girl meeting him at the hotel. I said yes even though I hadn't slept in 24 hours, and it was 1 AM already. After taking a quick shower, I met him in the lobby, and we went to a place called the "Racetrack" in the Lisboa Hotel where about 100 girls walk around the halls and wait for you to come to say hello to negotiate a price and take them back to your hotel. These girls are independent, and they must keep walking, or they will kick them out of the hotel since this is done in the public hallways of the hotel and is not an official business like the Saunas in Macau. I approached a Chinese girl who looked at me like the Night Stalker and said no as she quickly walked away. I said WTF to the guy I was with, and he told me that he never saw that happen, but two minutes later a girl did the same thing to him, so we said screw this place and went to the MGM where he said there is a pick-up bar with tons of girls hanging out. The bar ended up being dead, so we almost called it a night when he asked if I wanted to go to a famous Sauna called the Eighteen Sauna inside the Golden Dragon Casino.

We arrived at 2:20 AM and sat in an area where they offer services like manicures, ear cleaning, thigh massages, and body scrubs. I got my ears cleaned which is a scary thing if you never had it done before. It makes you think they will pop your eardrum the entire time, but luckily, I was OK. The guy I was with was perplexed at why Showtime was taking so long to start (I now know why; it's because they were delaying it to make sure their best English-speaking girls were available since Western Guys were there). After pondering for a moment, I said, "what the hell," why not. We were there for an hour and 10 minutes before they rang the bell, and the guy I was with said it always happened every thirty minutes. Around 3:30 AM, a bell started to ring, and the woman that did the massage and ear cleaning services started saying "ShowTime, ShowTime" and motioned for us to go to the other area of the Sauna where you could hear loud music playing. The guy I was with lit up like a Christmas tree and said, "come on, let's go"! I walked into the room and was stunned by the number of beautiful young women walking around in Evening Gowns with a unique number pinned to the top. Holy Shit! I exclaimed as I laid eyes on Hong for the first time.

At that time in my life, I liked to save lost souls; However, even though it wasn't my plan originally, after falling in love with Hong, I decided the concept of being with a girl I met at a Sauna long term wasn't a deal-breaker because I know these girls came from nothing. It wasn't their fault that they ended up since their families pushed them towards it. I believe everybody deserves a second chance and figured that a girl like that would be 100 times more grateful than the average girl, but I now know I was wrong only because of the horrors their families and the evil men who own and control them have subjected them too. This harsh environment effectively reduces them to a learned helpless state where Evil Men that respect nobody completely control them.

Anyways, I noticed Hong right away and was stunned by her beauty. I picked her immediately, and the Manager called her number, and she was whisked away to a room downstairs as I waited for the other guy I was with to pick who he wanted since I didn't want to leave right away and be rude. He took ten minutes to pick his girl, and I almost changed my choice because I almost forgot how beautiful Hong was as I stared at the other 100 women for ten minutes after she left. I ultimately decided not to change my pick. I got Hong's phone number before leaving. I proceeded to call her every day without an answer or a callback, but in the meanwhile was visiting other Saunas throughout Macau and met a striking girl at "Darlings 1" named Phuong that went by the name Hanna and was #301 at Darlings 1 (There is a Darlings 2 also). The video below is of the "18 Sauna" and "Darlings 1."


The "18 Sauna"


"Darlings 1"

I started to like Phuong "Hanna" a lot and went back to “Darlings 1” once more that week in addition to paying to have her come to my hotel and decided to pursue her when suddenly Hong calls me the day before I went back to America. I liked Hong a little bit more, so I went to see Hong one last time before leaving and proceeded to communicate with both of them via phone and email for the next three weeks. I planned on returning to see both of them for five days each without disclosing that I liked two girls, not one like I led each to believe. Being the multi-tasker, I would send a message and just copy and paste the same message and send it to the other to save time. Statements like "you are beautiful" and stuff like that, but little did I know, there was a Vietnamese girl named Nhan translating the messages for both girls. I thought I was playing them, but they were scamming me from day 1. BUT, after spending five days with Hong on that second trip, the guilt I felt was overwhelming. I decided to tell her everything and said that I am starting to feel love for her and cannot love somebody 8,000 miles away, so I wanted to say goodbye to her and Phuong forever because it is too hard loving somebody so far away. I told her I wanted to pay off the debt she owed so she didn't have to work in a sauna anymore and gave her $4600 US before I left and said goodbye for the last time. She was crying and went into the bathroom and called somebody while I continued to talk to an interpreter that I hired to help us talk since Hong's English was bad at the time. Ten minutes later, Hong walked out of the bathroom, threw the money on the floor, threw the iPhone on the bed that I bought her, and walked out crying. I was shocked! Never have I seen any girl give anything back when I was saying goodbye. Did I just lose an amazing girl???

I still had five days in Macau, so I decided to stick to the plan and spend it with Phuong even though I told her the same thing. I only gave her $1400 though, and she kept the money and the iPhone I bought for her also, which was fine because it was a gift. The second day after telling Hong goodbye, while with Phuong, Hong kept calling and texting me saying Why Why Why!!! Phuong kept telling me to look at my phone when a text message would come in; I now realize that she did it to help forward the scam, which was to get me to love Hong since Hong was the better option to assure success since they all realized that I liked Hong the most. After about a day of sending me messages, I couldn't take it anymore and agreed to see her even though Phuong "acted as though" she was angry. The second I saw Hong, I was floored. Hong looked so innocent and heartbroken that I quickly thought to myself the possibility of moving here to be with her since I knew it would take over a year to bring her to America. I decided within 2 minutes. I quickly realized that I could still run my business from Asia and was tired of all of the bullshit in America, so it wasn't too hard to make the decision based on love since I wasn't scared of the unknown either. I shot the video below just three days later as we waited for me to go to the Airport. Look at how convincing and sincere she looked. Now you see how I got pulled in; I thought this girl would take a bullet for me by the way she seemed as though she loved me. She was diabolical.

Hong the day I was leaving


After going back to America on September 2nd, 2009, from my 2nd trip to Macau, within a week, I already had a 7-week trip planned from October 10th, 2009, to December 2nd, 2009, where I planned on staying with Hong in Vietnam so we could look for a place to live and so I could make sure I was ready to make such a big move.  The plan was to go back to America and close shop from December 2009 to February 24th, 2010, when I would move my entire household and my two dogs to Vietnam for good.  At that time, I was intrigued by Asia; even though I couldn't speak the language, I liked the simple way of life and was burned out on L.A. Women and American Materialism. As far as I knew, I would live with Hong in Asia for the rest of my life.  The cost of living was next to nothing, and being in love was enough to keep me from being too homesick.  Even though Hong went back to Vietnam, I had her meet me in Macau for eight days from October 10th through the 18th to see my friends before we left Macau together for my first visit to Vietnam on October 18th, 2009.  On the second day in Vietnam, Hong suggested we go to Cangio, nicknamed "Monkey Island," a 2-hour drive by motorcycle from HCMC.  Hong's sister Tuoi, her cousin Muoi "Kiwi" and two guys that were supposedly their friends came with us.

I now know that the two guys were Triad Soldiers meant to study me for any weakness, etc., to fleecing me for everything I had in the future.  Hong always told me how her friends were amazed that I lasted almost two years in Vietnam and that most Westerners tire and want to leave within three months. I now know that she was statistically speaking from experience due to the hundreds of scams her people and the Triads pulled off against unsuspecting Westerners. I didn't see those guys again for over a year because a friend of mine had his Vietnamese friend meet us for dinner later that night, and that guy saw their tattoos and warned my friend that they were "Banditos" (a slang description of Asian Gangster) and that he thought I would end up dead one day and disappear.  I told Hong that, and she must have told the guys not to come around because it was blowing their cover and jeopardizing the scam.

RANDOM FACT: On the 2-hour ride to and from Monkey Island that day, I kept singing the song "Rooster" by the band "Alice in Chains," but I only knew two verses to the song, and I just kept singing those two verses in a silly loud way, and Hong and I laughed the whole time. I didn't even hear the song recently, but it popped into my head for some reason. I never even listened to Alice in Chains other than hearing them occasionally on the radio. I didn't have any of their songs in my 22,000-song iPod either.  I never sang a song to Hong for more than 15 seconds the whole time we were together, but this song I sang for at least 90 minutes between the rides there and back.  I didn't even know what the song meant. I thought it was about a real Rooster being slaughtered for dinner; it wasn't until I had moved back to America in early 2012 that I heard the song and listened to the words and realized it was about an American Soldier in Vietnam. The only song I ever sang to Hong repeatedly was a song about an American nicknamed "the Rooster "surviving his Vietnamese enemies during numerous attempts where they tried to kill him.  What are the odds of that?  I don't know even one other song that describes an American surviving over in Vietnam; the odds must be more than a million to 1.  I think God planted that in my head as humor!  I didn't realize how meaningful that song was in describing my future until long after leaving Vietnam. The lyrics to the song are below; the real "Rooster" was" Alice in Chains" Band Member Jerry Cantrell's Father that survived death on many occasions while in the Vietnam War.  I highlighted the verses that hit home the most, even though I only knew two verses at the time.

2 Triad Soldiers at monkey island

rooster lyrics

During the rest of October and November, I toured Vietnam with Hong, rented a house, bought furniture, and was the best man in her friend "7's" wedding of 400 people since her Chinese Triad husband didn't have anybody at the wedding. Even though their marriage was legitimate, the fact that they asked me to be the best man was a last-second ploy to make me feel loved, so I would continue to put my guard down more and more as they dug into what was initially supposed to be my murder but then switched to frame me as a drug smuggler when that got sidetracked due to Hong feeling guilty since I was the father of our son born on December 2nd, 2010 (exactly one year after I left Vietnam for the first time on December 2nd, 2009, which was three months before moving there permanently on February 24th, 2010.  I got her pregnant the first week after I moved there, around March 3rd, 2010).   I ended up leaving Vietnam for the last time on my son's one-year birthday "December 2nd, 2011".  This 2nd day in December was very significant the whole time from 2009 to 2011.

Let's go back to December 2nd, 2009, when I returned to America.  I found the picture below when I ran forensics software on Hong's hard drive that recovered deleted items. This picture was taken less than 12 hours after I departed Vietnam to go back to America.  On December 5th, 2009, my ticket to America was from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, but I stopped in Macau for three days before my flight. As you can see in the picture, Hong (pictured on the right of the picture three seats down from the guy in the red shirt) was out with her husband Cuong, who is sitting to her left. Hong's sister Tuoi was with the guy sitting next to Hong and is pictured directly across from that guy wearing the brown striped shirt

I spoke with Hong every other day, and yahoo messaged her several times a day for the 3 and 1/2 months from December 2nd, 2009, to February 24th, 2010, when I moved to Vietnam for good to be with her.  I took my dogs too, which was a pain in the ass. I got them into the country without a hitch though and was greeted by Hong, her sister Tuoi and her Cousin Kiwi.  I could see that Hong was sad when we made eye contact; she was also sad when I first saw her in Macau previously when I went there for seven weeks in October 2009.  I now know why.  She did love me to a degree, and she was sad knowing that my fate would be so grim once her "owners" decided it was time for me to go.

Starting in April 2010, I tried to take Vietnamese Lessons, but the progress was too slow, and I gave up after four months.  I hung out all day with Hong and watched T.V. or went to get a foot massage which was $3 for an hour in Vietnam.  Hong encouraged me to go to Macau and hang out with her friends that were still there and hang out with my friends that came into Macau every five weeks or so. As a result of me exposing the Triads, I have lost touch with that group after they distanced themselves from me out of fear that the Triads will retaliate against them just for knowing me. I understand why they did it, but the good news is that they were a group I met in business and were not my core group of friends, so it wasn't a big deal. I mostly hung out with her friends anyways when I went to Macau.  Hong said she wanted me to have fun and felt terrible that I was so bored in Vietnam.  I thought she was a dream girl, but little did I know, it was all part of the scheme.  

Little did I know though, Hong originally only called me back before I returned to the USA during my first visit because her Boss realized I liked her and Phuong and that I would be a great "Mark," so they all colluded to play a deadly game on me to ultimately try and steal all of my money, which they do all of the time in Macau and across the globe.

After I returned to America with my son in late 2011, I was able to get Hong to admit to certain events that took place while chatting with her on Yahoo Messenger. This only lasted for a few days before her "Owners" found out and put the fear of God in her, and she didn't give any admissions after that time. I chatted with her in broken English because she understood better, which should explain my incomplete sentences in the messages as I conversed with her.

Below on the top left, you will see where Hong admitted that she only called me at the end of the week because her friend wanted her to play a game on me.  On the right is a chat session where Hong admits to giving the money back because her friend told her to.  Hong's friend & Boss went by the nickname "7" and was married to Luis Lui's underling Guang Lin that went by the "AKA John Lam."  Hong rarely ever told the truth; these moments were few and far between where she owned up to what she did.  These chat sessions were about August 2009 when I met her for the 2nd time in Macau but took place in early 2012.

Even though I received several warnings from people who know about how Macau runs behind the scenes just before moving there, I was imprudent; I never thought something like that could happen to me even though I was told that this was a regular practice of the Triads. This started an array of deception that was patiently played out over the next 20 months until they kicked their scam into high gear with the Airplane scam on April 14th, 2011, that I narrowly escaped only to be vigorously pursued to this day by an evil enemy that cares about nothing but themselves. In hindsight, I counted over 100 people that played a part in one of the several scams, the actual number I'll never know.