The Devil Prefers Livestock

Part 4 "2009-2013" (as written in 2013)

Here Come the Psychics

About a week after the Airplane Plot escape, Hong started having different people come to the house that were specialists in predicting the future or expelling spirits from the home. She had a guy there for almost 5 hours, walking around the house lighting candles and standing there with an intense look on his face. Hong told me that she keeps seeing Ghosts and that even the dogs saw them and that my big dog wasn't scared, but my little one was petrified. The crazy part is that my little dog stopped going up the stairs and would sit at the bottom of the stairs and shake in fear until you carried him upstairs. That started the day after Hong told me that the dogs saw the ghosts too. Coincidence? I don't know, but what happened with the card reader blew my mind.

Hong had a guy come and give everyone in the house predictions of their future, which he did by reading the cards from a tarot deck after the person he was reading about cut the deck three times. So, I sat there and cut the deck three times and watched as he laid out the cards and started telling me what they meant. The first thing he said was that I was a good guy and that he was surprised by how much I will do for my family. Then he said I would be the most important factor in my son's life by far. I was a little skeptical when he said that. At the time, Hong, her sister Tuoi, the nanny Co Hai and Hong's four cousins that lived with us were more involved with my son than me. I was very depressed from living there and would spend all day in my office on the computer doing drugs. He said I was very good at making money, but I don't like to make money too much, so I limit myself on purpose. Now I know why I got lazy when the money started to pile up, ha-ha. He then said that out of everybody living in the house, I was the only one that had a spirit protecting me and that the spirit was a guy around my age that likes it when I went to play with the girls and be bad. Whoa, now he had my attention.

My good friend Jett was my age and died from Leukemia in January 2009 and loved to go out and have fun. I made a memorial site for him that is still up located at He was a good friend and would be there if you needed him, so I thought this guy was onto something if there is such a thing as Ghosts. He then told me that I would have two family members that I am close to dying before the end of the year. I thought, wow, bold prediction given nobody died in my family for five years now, and he predicted two would die in less than eight months. Ok, I thought, we'll see.

He then did a reading for our nanny Co Hai, and Hong wasn't happy when she said that the guy said Co Hai would help me the most in the future. I thought it was odd that she was not pleased hearing I would be helped by our nanny, plus I could see that Co Hai was scared and had a look of denial on her face as though she was caught stealing. I now know that it was because they were all scamming me, and it wasn't good to have a trusted fortune teller predict you will help the enemy! Co Hai did help me when she tried to warn me of danger outside a few weeks later; the guy was right.

But perhaps the most convincing reading of all was the one he did for Hong's Aunt when he told her not to build her house this year or her husband will die. Her uncle was 41 years old and healthy; I don't know why building the house would be a reason for him to die, but that's what the guy said, and Hong's Aunt still built the house over the next few months and before the end of the year in November 2011 about a month after they finished building the house, he died. Not only did he die, but my grandmother and her sister died too in 2011 just like he predicted, and I left Vietnam with my son and became the most important part of his life by far, just as he predicted. Can you believe it? WOW

Hong sent me these pictures when she went down to her uncle's funeral while I stayed with my son in Mui Ne because I didn't want to make the 8-hour bus trip with him.

Time to Murder Me

Let's go back now to where I left off, which was about a week after I escaped the Airplane Plot and Hong had the fortune-tellers and ghost people coming to the house. In Vietnam, they place a very high value on these psychic predictions and consult with them before any big decisions they make in their life for insight and guidance in how to proceed. I now realize they wanted to find out how they lost against me and what weaknesses I had for them to exploit and make sure they didn't lose in the future. They didn't wait long to try to take me out; the next three months following the Airplane Plot were a living hell.  Within two weeks, Hong had her friend Giang act as though he was having marital problems and was supposedly arguing with his wife that was close with Hong, and he wanted to vent to Hong, but I now know that the purpose was for him to kill me. To supposedly thank me for allowing him to hang out at our house while he fought with his wife, Giang brought me 2 Japanese swords as a gift, but while he stood in my office, he was breathing heavily as he gripped the sword in front of me.  I now know he was trying to get himself psyched up to chop off my head, but he couldn't do it.  I was still naive and believed Hong's story that her friends from Macau were jealous and trying to set her up too, so I didn't suspect Giang at the time. The sad part is that Hong showed me extra affection just before leaving the room when Giang was gripping the sword.  She never showed love in front of people but did this time which shows me she was saying goodbye, fully expecting me to be dead in the next 10 minutes.

Below is a picture of the Swords Giang supposedly gave me as a gift. Giang really brought them into the house to kill me.   

That same evening after Giang failed to kill me, he came back with three friends, and Hong asked me to go into the living room and not be rude. Hong once again was overly affectionate to me, but this time it was in front of four guys before she left to go upstairs for 20 minutes. I could see that the guys were nervous and arguing with each other, and two of the guys wanted to leave and got up and walked out. I had my 100-pound American Bulldog with me the whole time, and I think that was what made them scared to attack.

After Giang failed to kill me a second time, it was back to framing me within a week. I started to suspect Giang the next day and told Hong that I didn't want any more of her friends coming over. Hong still had her friend Hanh come around not even a week later and said she was staying with us for three days even though I told her I didn't want anyone at the house. She said she would stay with her and the baby at a hotel if I refused to allow her to stay, so I eventually relented.

The next day Hong told me how Hanh never used a computer and didn't even know how to create an email address on Yahoo and asked if I would do it for her. Hong was up to something, but I let it go and made the email address upon which her friend disappeared upstairs for 3 hours. I happened to check my DNS settings in my media server and noticed that there were custom settings somebody put in that routed all Skype traffic back to the media server. That's when I realized that they were capturing audio from my computers via Skype and had it stored on my media server where they could grab it later in the event the internet wasn't working. I immediately had a weird feeling and went to see what Hong's friend Hong was doing and saw she wasn't using Hong's computer because the battery had died, so I took the laptop she was using and went and plugged it in. The drained battery caused the laptop to hibernate, and her windows and everything she was doing came back on the second the screen turned on. I could see that she was doing a search that specifically included hidden files that contained the word "Trasp." Hanh also had a free SMS Service open and running in Firefox that allowed you to send complimentary text messages in Vietnam and was also reading help files of specific programs that were hundreds of pages long.

(A Trasp device is a spy device that changes the electronic DNA of an electronic component but is indistinguishable from the actual component it replaces. I'll talk more about how it pertained to me later.) Trasp devices are helpful in re-routing internet traffic, deploying malware, and many other things depending on the kind of Trasp Device it is.

I said, "WTF," as I looked and saw that the page in the help file she was reading wasn't the original help file but a slightly changed file that had a message on the 80th page that said, "I need 20 Soldiers in Tan Binh now". It was meant to get a reaction from me because it was in English, and this girl wouldn't be writing this in English. I was told she didn't speak English at all by Hong, but who knows if that was true. This message was located inside an Apple Help file for iMovie and wasn't part of the original text. These Cretins have a clever way of communicating where they place an encrypted message at a predetermined place. They look for the key to unencrypt the text embedded in an HTML5 movie's source code located at this YouTube knock-off site in Vietnam. Hong showed me how they send messages by picking the video that is out of place on the page as to the first frame and within that video's HTML5 code is an encryption key for the text they have saved in the help file which the person uses the key to unencrypt the help file to read the message. It's a clever way to not leave a trace as to your communications with your other conspirators. This slick method was thought up and taught to them by the Triads and implemented as the preferred way to communicate to avoid capture. Hong admitted to this after I kicked Hanh out of the house, but the Triads were listening and sent people to kick her brother and cousin off their motorcycle as they rode to send a stern message to Hong to stop revealing their plot. I never got Hong to admit to it again after that day. I was too upset to pay attention to how they did it in detail because at the time she admitted it, there were people throwing bricks off the side of my house. I thought I was getting attacked at any moment due to the brick barrage, plus the video below where I discovered her friend was talking to several people in a chat room right before I took the computer from her. I started to video the computer screen, and all 50 people in the chat room still logged on started to log out. I told Hong that she was evil and that I know they are setting me up, and then all of a sudden, they all started to log back on. Still, nobody said anything for a few minutes until a guy said in English, "Is anybody from China here?" to which another guy replied, "Why do you need China? Isn't Vietnam good enough?". They were trying to scare me because I still had 1,500,000 Chinese Yuan in my house. They wanted me to freak out and leave the house with it since I caught on to their scheme, and they knew they couldn't attack because I was on full alert and ready for them to come, so they were scared to rush into the house that I now had on complete lockdown.

The Interpreter that I trusted just so happened to be visiting Vietnam and stopped by to calm me down after I told him what was happening. As he was there, Hong's phone rang, and I could see it was Giang. I told Hong to say hello normally and not say that my friend Tan "the interpreter," was listening. I answered the phone on speakerphone, and the first thing Hong said before Giang could say a word was, "You are on speakerphone, and Eddie's Interpreter Tan is listening. As soon as Tan told me that, I wanted to kill Hong. I told her I was calling the Police; within 5 seconds, a brick slammed off the side of my house where my office was located. Tan looked at me utterly perplexed because he thought Hong was sweet and the fact that she was involved and doing this to me had him at a loss for words. Hong's friend Hanh was also using Tuoi's iPad that Hong took to her upstairs a few hours prior, so I asked Hong where Tuoi's iPad was, and Hong said Tuoi came and got it. I knew she was lying, and I searched everywhere for it and discovered that Hong hid it inside my office under a basket with the iPad strategically placed, standing up, so they could hear everything I said. I forget the name of the program that was running when I checked the iPad. Still, at the time, I researched the program and saw that it allowed sending and receiving files which I am assuming had something to do with not only recording audio but also sending computer commands via Bluetooth to control the computer I was using. Once I found the iPad and explained to Hong that she couldn't lie anymore, Hong knew she was cornered at that point and had to fess up to something. I got her to show me the secrets on how they communicate with the encrypted messages that have keys hidden in plain sight on the internet that only her organization knows where to look for them. It only took a few hours though for her criminal organization to send a stern message, and Hong once again clammed up and became an impenetrable wall that I couldn't get to admit to anything.

A considerable part of their scam is patience. Hong took care of me like no other girl. They do that for several reasons. The main is so you rely on them for everything, so when they decide to attack, you are helpless. I couldn't even get food unless it was a U.S. Branded Restaurant like Pizza Hut, and over time, I allowed myself to become dependent on her for everything but the money, of course. They also make sure you rely on them to assure you won't quickly decide to leave once things go wrong to ensure they have enough attempts to take you down should something go wrong in their initial plot. They are the polar opposites of who they proclaim to be, which also gives them an element of surprise that is monumental. If you are self-sufficient and robust enough to try to escape once they make you completely reliant on them, they secretly set it up so they can instantly cut off your communication to the outside world should you call for help. The worst part is that you will think you successfully called somebody when you didn't. You'll be shocked when you see the next clever thing they did to assure they were successful in taking me down.

The picture located at the link HERE shows my iPhone screen, which was already hacked unbeknownst to me at that time. The iPhone Configuration Utility application allows Companies to administer iPhones of their workers, which was designed for corporate America and used by the Triads for their criminal purposes. This application is extremely dangerous because they can install any icon they want to and have that application open in full-screen mode and go to a web URL of their choosing.  All they need is for you to click on a link to take over your phone, and your phone doesn't even need to be jailbroken. Hong had access to my iPhone and asked to use it a few weeks before the Airplane plot and asked me for my password so she could play a game. She claimed her iPhone's battery was dead. I now realize why she wanted my iPhone. Hong needed to click on a configuration file to allow the Triads access to my iPhone from that point forward. They could send push updates to my iPhone and make changes without the need for anybody clicking any more links once they clicked the first. In my example at the link HERE, you can see a Skype icon that doesn't have an "X" on the top left to allow me to delete it like the other Apps that don't come pre-installed on the iPhone. They installed a web app that I thought was Skype but was a fake Skype icon that went to an html5 website address controlled by them that mimics the Skype program where they could either connect my Skype calls or not.  Now I know why they were eavesdropping and recording my audio for so long. They needed time to record copies of everybody's voicemail so they could set up voice messages that were identical to the ones of the people I called, except for the fact that my recipient wasn't going to receive the messages because it was left on a server controlled by the Triads. I figured this out when all my outgoing calls were going to voicemail for days in July 2011 when things got nasty. I don't know how I thought of this, but I decided to dial my mother's number directly on the keypad after it went to her voicemail three times in a row after ringing six times each call, which made me know her phone was ringing and not without service. Rather than press on her name in Skype to call her cell, I dialed it from the keypad, and suddenly, she answered on the first ring. I asked her if her phone rang before, and she said no and that it was beside her the entire time.  They took the time to record everybody's voicemail in my contact list to prevent me from calling for help since I would be leaving a message on their server and not with my mother as I thought. They had me completely isolated. They also had other programs I used automatically crash when I tried to open them if they didn't want me to use them. They had all my email routed through their servers to look at it first and decide if they wanted to allow it to send. I also sent several emails for help that nobody ever got.

Trust me when I tell you that these bastards probably never lose. I truly needed and got help from God to escape them; I know what my skills are. I can fight wars better than anyone I know. One of my exes screwed me over once and was scared and told my friend she was worried because most people think two steps ahead, but I thought eight steps ahead on everything, which she said she learned by living with me over three years. Well, let me tell you, these evil bastards were thinking ten steps ahead. I ran out of options several times, and sheer luck (I now believe God) nudged me toward the right direction to escape or foil the plots when I wasn't even logically close to figuring out what was happening.  

the swords

the criminal chat

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In the messages on the left, Hong admits that Giang came to the house to kill me.