The Devil Prefers Livestock

Part 6 "2009-2013" (as written in 2013)

Nowhere Was Safe

Starting in June 2011, Hong's cousin Oanh cried almost every day when she looked at me, and Hong would say that she is having problems with her family and that it wasn't about me. One time in early July 2011, I was going to go to a 4-star hotel (the only safe place in Vietnam) with the $50,000 US I still had in Vietnam because I could sense they were going to attack soon. Hong left the house with our son when I was sleeping and wouldn't tell me where she was, which I interpreted as her not wanting my son to witness a war unfold when these cretins attacked. As I was getting ready to leave, Co Hai, the Nanny, and Hong's cousin Oanh told me not to go and had tears in their eyes. I asked Oanh if guys were waiting for me outside, to which she replied, "Yes." I said how many, and she said "three." I told her that I could handle that no problem and proceeded to leave with the money as I was chased the entire time by three guys on motorcycles. I lost two of them, and once the third guy realized he was alone, he stopped chasing me. This chase happened about two months after the Airplane Plot. The picture below illustrates the route I drove from my house to that hotel, which was closer than the Caravelle. Still, I just sold my car and had to go by motorcycle, so I chose that hotel even though it was a little less reputable than the Caravelle. I made a loop because I stopped at the massage parlor to make sure Hong wasn't there with my son first, plus I wanted to double back and see how many guys were following me.

I am still amazed at how evil Hong's family and friends could be.  I know all of them are not like that, but an alarming percentage were.  I watched old ladies help in the several scams against me, and it seemed to me like they are secretly stalking Americans when they feel they can get away with it undetected. I could tell that they didn't hide the scam from each other and shamelessly did things without hesitation that made me know anybody within hearing distance would know a scam was happening. Like the old saying goes, "When the Cat's Away, the Mice Will Play," in this sense, it brings out their true colors when they think they can score unnoticed.  I always smiled and said hello to anybody I made eye contact with and treated Hong and her family like Gold. I can't believe they could be so evil and greedy after everything I did for them, in addition to the fact that I never gave any of them a reason not to like me either. Here are a few examples of the things I did for Hong and her family:

  • Built Hong’s family a house

  • I bought all her uncles and her father new motorcycles (9 in all) and bought her father a second motorcycle when the first one got stolen.

  • I bought her sister a Beauty Salon / Massage Parlor for $5,000 U.S. Dollars which I didn’t know at the time, but it was a scam to help Hong’s ex-husband Cuong Nguyen since he got all the money and Hong never showed me a sales contract even though I asked her for one many times.

  • I financially took care of her entire family, even her uncle’s children.

  • I bailed her brother out of jail by paying a $1,000 bribe to the police, which was probably all a scam to get the police some money and share it with them.

  • I offered to give Hong's Mother's family 5 million Dong each "$250 US equivalent" so they wouldn't feel bad since I bought motorcycles for her father's family, but Hong said no because she didn't like her mother's family, but she liked her father's family even though they molested her as a child. If she liked them, I could only imagine why she didn't like her mother's family.

  • I gave Hong’s cousin Kiwi 10 million dong “$500 US” when somebody stole her money in Hanoi so she could give money to her mother and come back to HCMC and not be lonely.

  • I paid for half of her sister Tuoi's Vespa and gave Tuoi an iPhone, among the many other things I did for her.

  • I offered to pay for Hong’s cousin Oanh to go to school and give her money to live on so she could fulfill her dream of finishing school and make her family proud, but Hong told me not to.

When it came time to scam an American, even large electronics stores quickly jumped in on the plot. In late June 2011, I wanted to buy a new computer since all of mine were hacked, so I went to a huge electronics store near my house that is the size of a city block and six stories high. I later discovered that they gave me a new computer that they pre-hacked before giving it to me. After choosing the laptop I wanted, I had to wait 45 minutes as they installed Windows, which was a hacked version of Windows 7 that gave them access to my computer at the early boot state before the bios even loads. The way I discovered this was through pure chance. I plugged in an external keyboard and used that to type in the bios password when I changed the bios password from not having a password (default on all new computers) to a password of 88888844, which I chose because they are Google's two DNS servers and easy to remember. I still think God nudged me to use the external keyboard because I never used an external keyboard on a laptop before. After all, you don't need one unless you hook up the laptop to an external screen which wasn't the case with me that day. Anyways, the keyboard I used, for some reason, would do a backspace when you pressed the 4 on the num-pad to the right rather than type a 4 as it should have.  I don't know why I thought of this other than it was divine intervention from God, but I had the idea that maybe they had me hacked at the Bios level and decided to experiment with my odd acting #4 key on the right num-pad. Before hitting save while in the bios, I backspaced the password I entered and reentered it as 88888844 using the Numpad on the right, which essentially made the password 8888 because the fifth and sixth "8" were backspaced and deleted when I pressed the "4" two times and then I hit save and rebooted the computer and hit the escape key to enter the bios which now had a password that I needed to enter before I could proceed. This time I used the keys at the top and entered 88888844, which entered all numbers pressed since the "4" key up top worked as it should. As soon as I hit enter, I saw a confirmation that said, "Password Correct," a split second later, the computer blue screened and never turned on again. The hack they had set up was serving me fake screens that they controlled between the screen I was seeing and the computer's actual screen. Their program incorrectly read the 4 key on the right side and passed it to the bios as a backspace unbeknownst to them, so when I entered the same thing the second time, but with the working "4" up top, they assumed it was the same password and gave me a success confirmation before they passed along the password to the real bios, which caused the computer to do a blue screen. The picture below on the top left is a satellite view of the electronics store, while the top right is the store viewed at street level, and below that is the keyboard I used on the laptop.

The next day I took the computer back and accused them of hacking it, but they of course denied it. I then went to buy a MacBook Air without telling Hong or anybody that I planned on doing that; while I was still there, I told the salesman that I wanted to buy a MacBook Air, but I didn't want them to open it. His manager kept coming over and trying to turn it on as I filled out the paperwork, but I said no and stood firm that I didn't want them touching it. I said I would turn it on to show them it worked. As I was paying, the guy said he just needed to write down the serial number and stood out of sight and handed the computer to somebody else that quickly took it to the service desk where I glanced over and saw he was holding a MacBook Air, so I hurried over there but was too late. I saw several small windows loading as though Windows drivers were being installed, but this was a MacBook, not a Windows computer. I was pissed and demanded a new computer, but they said it was the last one. While arguing with the service guy, I realized that I left my bag at the counter where I paid and had to get it since a 3G Wi-Fi Dongle I bought the day before was still in there. As I walked over to grab it, I saw a guy getting off the escalator just next to that counter and noticed him put what looked to be the 3G Wi-Fi Dongle back in my bag. I don't know if he replaced it or just had to go write down the Mac ID to give to the corrupt cops that were working with the Triads, but I couldn't believe how brazen they were and how normal it seemed for them to work together and sabotage an American quickly. The picture of the 3G Wi-Fi Dongle I'm talking about is below. I haven't used it since buying it because I didn't know what they did with it and didn't want to risk using it.

Even the cable company installed a hacked cable modem with DD-WRT already running on it the moment they installed it.  They wouldn't give me a new modem at the cable storefront even though I could see a stack of them near the wall but said they would send one over in 45 minutes to my house because they didn't have any there.  I now know it's because they wanted to hack it first to spy on me since the local police were in on the deal, they probably just called them and told them what to do, and they complied with a smile.  The same thing occurred with a different Internet provider a few months later in Mui Ne when the guy didn't want to give me the password to the Wi-Fi router because he said it would provide me with access to their company servers. He was installing DSL, and the Wi-Fi router was separate from the DSL Modem. I told him he was incorrect and that the Wi-Fi router doesn't show me anything except my local network and the I.P. address I am connecting to. He knew he couldn't bullshit me, so he finally relented, but before giving me the password, he went into the router for a few minutes, which I'm sure was done to erase the settings they had that allowed them to snoop on my internet traffic which they do by using something called a loopback.

better tracking than ups

They knew everywhere I was going to go because Hong would tell them, or they'd hear me talk about it to Hong as they eavesdropped.  Even if they didn't know, they could track me from my iPhone that I took everywhere. One time I went to make a Police report when Hong wouldn't tell me where my son was just before I left Vietnam in July 2011. Even though I called Hong 10 times that day, she didn't call me until I walked into the Police Station. This wasn't the police station near our house where the cops were involved, but a different one a mile away that was run by the North Vietnamese Government. She quickly pleaded with me and said sorry and that I can come to pick up our son. I knew immediately that they must have been tracking me in real-time because why the sense of urgency when I picked up the phone? I had already been telling her for two days that I would call the police, but she didn't care until she saw that I went to the Police station, not the one where they were in on the scam. To the left is a copy of Hong's I.D. that I took to the Police Station, where the Police Officer wrote his name, phone number, and my report # on that sheet.

Perfectly Timed Anger

July 13th, 2011- LIES, LIES & More LIES

I remember that before I left Vietnam the first time in July 2011, I went to meet Hong's supposed ex-friends that she hadn't spoken to in over two months at a hotel that was 45 minutes away by motorcycle. I could feel something was not right as I sat there, so I left within 5 minutes. They said that they wanted to see me and say goodbye before I left. Even though I told Hong I was going to meet her friends, she didn't say anything or call me until 5 minutes after I left the hotel, and she was furious on the phone, telling me that I only love her friends and stuff like that. I then realized that her ex-friends were always her friends. They were trying one last attempt to frame me and set me up before I left. Once her friends called Hong and said that I left the hotel before they could set me up, Hong realizing there was no other way to get me before leaving and had a temper tantrum. She vented by calling me with anger that suddenly appeared over 2 hours after telling her where I was going. Hong is so easy to set up. I did something similar, on purpose, to prove to myself that they were all still friends when I first brought my son back to the States. I called her friend and told her Hong was trash and that I left Vietnam forever with our son. This call was at 5 AM Vietnam time. Guess who called me angry about something trivial only 4 hours later? Hong…

If these girls are supposedly her enemies, they sure seem to communicate quite a lot. It was apparent to me that all their fights were part of the plot. As I said, Hong and her friends were the most dishonest on the planet!

After my friend came to help me get movers and get my dogs out of there in July 2011, I had to come back in August 2011 because I couldn't leave my son with that evil family.  I also stupidly thought I could still save Hong if I could get her away from Asia. I was ready to die to bring them back, and I wasn't going to take no for an answer.  I kept going back and forth on believing Hong because I didn't want to think the girl I loved, that was also my son's mother, was that evil, but in the end, the truth was obvious.

After getting back to America with my dogs in mid-July 2011, I decided to rent a car and drive cross-country from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh to prevent my dogs from having to fly again and give me time to clear my head after the nightmare I just went through. After being in America for only a week, I started to get sucked into Hong's lies and bullshit. We began to talk again civilly as I planned my return to Vietnam on August 1st, 2011, with only three suitcases and a debit card. I missed my son so much already and didn't care about the danger I would face by returning. I was only in Vietnam for one day, and Hong kept bugging me to get coffee in the morning and bring my computer. We weren't even at the coffee shop for 15 minutes when I noticed a warning on my screen saying another computer has the same I.P. address as me. I looked around at the five tables that had people sitting there and saw two guys with two phones apiece. Vietnam is a developing country; people don't have two phones, so I knew they were the guys trying to hack into my computer that Hong led me there for them to do precisely that. I told Hong that the guys at the table next to us were hacking me and said it's time for us to go. We had my son with us, or I would have probably spit in their face. Hong played dumb like she always did.

A Rare Tear!

About a week after the coffee shop hacker incident in mid-august 2011, I was riding somewhere with Hong (whom at that moment I believed was possibly innocent even though common sense and proof showed otherwise). I reflected on the extent of what they planned to do to me on the airplane (which at the time I thought was to frame me as a drug smuggler or kill me). I said to Hong, "OMG! I can't believe people could be so evil; they didn't care about me, my son, or my family and only cared about their greed". Hong started crying very hard and wouldn't stop for ten minutes. I thought that was strange since I was at the time thinking it was only her friends, but I now know that she felt horrible for participating in trying to destroy her husband and the father of her child for money and greed even though they forced her hand to a degree. She never cried after that day.

Mui Ne Vietnam – 5 hours by motorcycle from HCMC

In September 2011, Hong, my son, the nanny Co Hai, and I moved to Mui Ne, a beach town about 5 hours from HCMC. I noticed that I was still being hacked and wanted to get away from HCMC. We stayed at a hotel as we looked for a place, and the first day we went to look, Hong, out of nowhere, told me to stop at this fruit stand to buy food for her cousins that came with us for the first week. Hong never stopped to buy food for her cousins before, but I didn't overthink it at the time. The place didn't even have much to choose from. Hong purchased some fruit and talked to the lady there who miraculously happened to have a rentable place just up the street that was brand new and ready to move in. I now know that Hong wanted to stop there as part of the plot. The lady was connected with the Triads. I told Hong I wanted to go to a different beach before we went to Mui Ne, and she kept telling me that she and her cousins want to go to Mui Ne, so I gave them their wish. I now know why they wanted to go to Mui Ne. Initially, the beach I wanted to go to is ten times nicer than Mui Ne but had tons of Westerners and would have made it harder to scam me since I would have probably made several friends and got schooled about how many Vietnamese feels about Westerners.

I told Hong to make sure she got the fast Internet, and the guy that installed the Internet didn't want to give me the password to the Wi-Fi router, as I mentioned earlier, because they had it set up to spy on me already.

I did become friends with a few westerners when I lived in Mui Ne from September 2011 to December 2011, and both guys warned me and said that the locals would rally to scam you, and that is why he is always very low key and minds his own business and lives like he has no money. They both drove a crappy motorcycle too, not to attract attention. Hong and her conspirators were opportunists like no other, but they are scared and not aggressive, so they have to make sure they are 100% sure to be successful before they strike. After being in Mui Ne for only two weeks, I saw a guy that seemed to be super drunk, and two young Vietnamese Guys were helping him, and I thought nothing of it as I entered the only modern convenience store I ever saw in Vietnam. When I came out, Hong told me that she almost came to ask me to help the guy because they were scamming him, but the people who drove him away were long gone by now, so I couldn't. I think I was wrong when I said he was drunk because he couldn't even stand, which seemed excessive. I now realize that it was probably a date rape drug of sorts that they spiked his drink with at the bar because my friend Yanni got scammed like that while out alone in HCMC on July 13th, 2011, the day before we returned. He doesn't remember leaving the bar and only remembers waking up in an alley with his money gone. Watch the Bartender pour your drink and always hold it when you visit Asia because it seems like this happens a lot. This method is a perfect way to disable somebody before taking them and cutting up their body to sell their organs on the black market, which I'll discuss later. Given the large amount of cash I had in the house, I'm sure it made it even worse, but I can see that scamming Americans is not only accepted by many but also encouraged.  Looking back to late June 2011, while I still lived in HCMC, I can see that when I kept escaping plot after plot, I noticed that the guys in my neighborhood that used to wave at me looked at me with blatant hatred.   I now know it was because they knew I was a target the entire time and were only friendly because they were laughing at me as they waited for my demise.  But as my demise never came about, their true feelings showed.  

In early November 2011 in Mui Ne, when I realized Hong was involved, she exposed herself by angrily screaming at me as she asked who I was talking to on the Internet; I instantly got into a massive fight with her. She grabbed our son and held a knife to him as she said, "I'll kill him before I let you take him" … I rushed her and grabbed the knife. Hong screamed something to her in Vietnamese, and Co Hai left the room as Hong told me that she told Co Hai to call the police. I stepped into the hallway and watched as Co Hai went on the front porch, screamed something in Vietnamese, and then came back in without waiting for anyone to acknowledge her. I realized that she didn't call the police but screamed for reinforcements, so I decided to go to the hotel down the street but decided to come back ten minutes later and saw four motorcycles with two people on each bike in ages from 20 to 30 years old. There were seven guys and one girl, and they parked their motorcycles, one on each corner as illustrated in the map below, showing a satellite view of where they were. I decided too many people to risk getting into it with, so I returned to the hotel.

I wanted to get those guys on video, but they had already left. After sitting in the hotel room for 20 minutes, I couldn't help myself and decided to go back to the house, not caring about the danger. I had my phone video on as I drove up to the house, and after, I went inside to argue with Hong. I spoke broken English to her because she understood that better, so please excuse my obvious horrible grammar in the video I shot as I went back to the house that night.

We ended up leaving Mui Ne for good about a week later after Hong called a hit squad after she heard me talk with my mother when I stupidly thought Her friends might have framed Hong. I left for America with my son after being back in HCMC for a week once we got there from Mui Ne. I can't tell you how relieved I was the moment the airplane lifted into the air that night at 11:55 PM on December 2nd, 2011(also my son's one year birthday)


Time to meet the Devil Himself!