The Devil Prefers Livestock

Part 3 "2009-2013" (as written in 2013)

The Calm Before the Storm!

From January to March 2011, I look back and can see that Hong loved me at that point and was trying to prevent her family and the Triads from scamming or killing me.  She must have felt bad because our son was born, which only lasted a few months before the absolute nightmare began. I had to go with Hong to a Vietnam Government office to apply for my son's birth certificate when I snapped the picture to the left. Little did I know that the image was about to come true in more ways than I could imagine.

The Corrupt Local Police

Even though I had lived in the same house for ten months already, the local Police at the end of our street never came to my house one time. Still, within two weeks of me bringing the Chinese Yuan into Vietnam, they visited soliciting donations for something I donated to and then seemed to be at my house every few weeks from that point on. I couldn't understand what they were talking about, but my wife even brought me to meet them outside the house on occasion also. I now know that they were probably discussing how to set me up the entire time so they could take all my money. I remember how I would only go outside once every two days, but when I did, the same police guy would just so happen to be taking his neighborhood stroll past my house. The timing was astonishing and more than mere chance. It was meant to put me off guard and worry me as part of the psychological warfare aspect of their scam. They didn't start playing those games until Hong successfully stole my custom declaration, preventing me from taking my money out of the country. The fact that the Police were always there the moment I left the house told me that they were monitoring my inside security cameras that my wife helped them hack by getting me to leave the house long enough for their people to come into my house and hack my surveillance system. A few weeks after the Airplane Plot, I microwaved my security system's hard drive for 5 minutes after realizing they spliced into a port. The following day, I saw that same cop, and he looked at me very angrily, put his hand up to his mouth, and made a smoking gesture that was meant to imitate the way the drug ICE is used. I realized this afterward because I was still trying to take in how people that smiled so much for over a year could be so evil and hateful on the inside. I didn't realize the significance of many things I observed until sometimes days or months afterward. Once I realized that Hong was 100% involved, I had to go back and reanalyze everything I could remember from the very moment I met her going forward, which made the most innocent of events give a whole new meaning.

Outside of the Police visits from January through March 2011, those few months were uneventful for the most part; I think Hong was protecting me and resisting her conspirators since I was the father of our son that was just born a month prior on December 2nd, 2010. But that all changed at the end of March 2011.

The Pig Roast Farewell

On March 27th, 2011, even though we were already at her Parent's house three times with our Son, Hong told me that her father wanted to kill a pig in my son's honor, so we had to make the 5-hour drive down to the jungle where they lived.  I asked her why he didn't kill the pig in his honor the last three times we were there, but she didn't reply.  

We were just there two weeks prior when a weird thing happened as we were getting ready to leave. Hong's father's friend, the Warden at the prison near her house, called Hong over to speak to him. I could see she was angry when she got in the car, so I asked her why. She said that the guy said, "Aren't you Le' Daughter?" to which she replied, "Yes, but I have a mind of my own," to which he then replied, "I didn't know Le's daughter was so outspoken." I now know that he was scolding her for not framing me and referencing that she is her father's daughter because that is what they are expected to do, Scam Americans. This event must have been the straw that broke the camel's back and caused Hong to give in and bend to their will because not even two weeks went by, and Hong came up with the pig story and used my son as an excuse to get me to go there one last time before my demise.

That trip was weird; her uncles wouldn't look me in the eye, and I could see that a few of them looked ashamed.  I now realize that they all knew I was getting set up in a few weeks, and they felt bad since I did just buy them all new motorcycles a few months back.  Hong also told me how her father and uncles talked about how brave I was and how they would live their lives more like me if they had a chance to do it again.  I now realize that it was a goodbye party for me; they even asked me to do the honor of killing the pig, something they don't even let their kids do until they are well into their twenties.  I said yes and killed the poor thing.  I figured that he was going to die anyway, and I didn't want to offend them.  

WARNING, the video below is graphic; it's me killing the Pig "in my son's honor" on March 27th, 2011. You must be signed in to YouTube to view the video below; if you want to view the video without signing in, view it at the link HERE

The Midnight Snack

Three days after returning from the pig slaughter, on 3/30/2011, Hong got a call at midnight, talked for 10 seconds, hung up the phone, and then said she wanted to get something to eat. Hong never wanted to eat after 10 PM and was also scared to go outside past 10 PM because the criminals prowl the streets looking for people to rob. I said OK, and we went to the garage, and even though I heard nothing, Hong said, "OMG, did you hear that Moto stop in front of our house? I said no, and Hong asked me to go in the direction of the Moto "motorcycle" even though that direction had a very dark alley with no lights. I thought that was very strange but went that direction anyway, and we pulled up to those two guys riding the one motorcycle, and they laughed as they looked at us and I laughed back and sarcastically said Hello in Vietnamese. I could tell Hong wasn't happy about the whole thing and was being forced now that I look back and analyze the whole thing. Two weeks later, after they failed with the Airplane Plot, the same guy on the back of the motorcycle that night tried to come inside the Massage Parlor I bought for Hong's sister after it was closed. Even though the door was locked, I could see it was him before he walked away. I didn't realize it was the same guy for about five more minutes, but I later found out that this guy was one of Giang's goons (Hong's Criminal Vietnamese friend Giang, not to be confused with the Triad Guang Lin "AKA John Lam") and he was supposed to scare me I guess. Of course, it had no effect, but this proves to me that Hong got a call from Giang to lure me outside a couple of weeks prior so they could either size me up or maybe they videotaped me going that direction and this was a piece of their drug smuggler framing plot meant to go down in 2 weeks on April 14th, 2011, in the Airplane.  I know Hong's personality, and she never wanted to follow a potential problem and would never have me do that at midnight, which shows she was involved and helping these losers.

This email in the picture to the left was sent to me by Hong while I was in Macau 2 days before the Airplane Scam, which was also the same time she was sending a celebration message to her friend 7 thinking I was going to prison forever, which I discovered two days after escaping the Airplane Plot.  Hong sent this to me after telling me on the phone that she was leaving my son and me forever to join a monastery to help disabled people.  She never even brought up the fact of ever leaving me and always thanked me for how I helped her whole family.  This was the first time Hong said this to me and was done in preparation for me getting arrested, to have one less thing to deal with when that happened.  I think it was also done to make sure I was visibly upset on the Airplane on my return two days later, or maybe she hoped I would change my flight to come back to help me since the scammers were already set to go on April 14th, 2011.  I would assume that she tried to help me except for the message I discovered two days after the Airplane where she said "Cheers" in Vietnamese to "7", which obviously would have been in celebration of my downfall. Still, she never hit send, and it remained in the outbox, so I don't know what to think as to if she was happy or sad about it.

The Triad Party Invite on April 12, 2011

Hong is on the left, and 7's cousin Yen is on the right in this picture. Yen has a rich Triad boyfriend that lives part-time in Vietnam and the remainder in America. Yen's boyfriend was in Macau and part of the airplane scheme on April 14th, 2011. Yen invited me to a party on April 12th that I didn't go to at the Golden Dragon Casino. Why would she ask me to a party where her boyfriend is? Not only that, but her boyfriend also spoke English and was the one to call me from Yen's phone. He called me several times and kept inviting me even though we had never met, and he had no reason to want me there other than to help forward the scam. It was a staged party meant for me to be sized up and possibly create false witnesses while still in Macau before they executed the Airplane Scam two days later.

THE AIRPLANE SCAM - PHASE 1 ( The Purchase )

The ATM Machine Setup on April 13, 2011

An ATM machine service in Asia called "UnionPay" allows you to insert cash and send it to somebody with a UnionPay account number even if you don't have a UnionPay account yourself.  The two months leading up to the Airplane Scam, "7" and John kept complaining that they had their friend Rocks send money for them and that he stole some of it.  They even went as far as having the Triad Boss's wife Yuri come to 7's house on April 13th, 2011, and call Rocks on speakerphone "meant so I could hear" and accuse him of stealing the money, which he played along and denied it because I now know he was in on the scam too.  After Yuri hung up the phone, "7" asked me if I could send $90,000 MOP ($13,000 US Dollar Equivalent) to her husband that was in China using UnionPay and that she would give me the money to send but asked if I would do it because she was on a work permit that showed that she made minimum wage. If there were cameras, she was scared she would get questioned.  I said, "Sure" I wasn't suspicious at all; these were my friends, "so I thought," and I was happy to help.  7's sister Kieu came with me and was holding her phone towards me the entire time.  I now realize that she was taking video of me sending the money, which I now know was being sent to somebody to purchase drugs, and they were making sure they had me framed in a way that I could never get out of.  The day was April 13th, 2011, the day before I went back to HCMC.

Rocks Cheng played the untrustworthy friend to pull me into the position to send the money via UnionPay so they could video me making what they would claim was an illegal purchase as far as the payment's purpose.

THE AIRPLANE SCAM - PHASE 2 ( Make sure I'm high )

On the day that I left for the Airport from Macau on April 14th, 2011, all the girls were doing the drug "ICE" more than I ever saw them do it and kept blowing it towards me and trying to get me to take it every two minutes even though I didn't want more.  I was confused but still didn't overthink it because these were my friends, right?

THE AIRPLANE SCAM - PHASE 3 (Assure I was rattled in flight)

The day before I went to the Airport in Hong Kong, just two hours after asking me to send the money via UnionPay, "7" went to China to meet her husband, John "Guang Lin." They told me they would meet me at the airport the next day in Hong Kong since we were supposedly flying together to Vietnam.  The next day when I went to the Airport, John called me after I was on the Ferry for 10 minutes to tell me sorry and that he and all the girls were scamming me since day one and that he and "7" were not meeting me at the airport because they got into a fight.  He said Hong and her entire family were in on the scam and that they do this all the time but that he only helped on this scam against me but felt terrible and wanted to clear his conscience.  I didn't realize it at the time, but they were already tracking me by GPS since they had my iPhone cloned and could access it remotely.  I even got off on the wrong Train Stop to the airport after exiting the Ferry but didn't realize it since I was going crazy after what John told me that they all did to me and was arguing with Hong on the phone and not paying attention to my stop on the train.  John asked me if I was at the airport and I said yes, thinking that I was, to which he replied, are you "really" there already?  I now know that he knew precisely where I was and was scared I would miss my flight.

I barely made the flight and was the last person to board the airplane when I saw two people sitting in the seats meant for John and 7.  The guy sitting next to me instantly started talking to me and asking me questions.  He asked if I was seeing the girls in Macau; I knew he was a conspirator right away because only 5% of the flights out of Hong Kong are people coming from Macau, most are leaving from Hong Kong as the place they visited plus he was sitting in the seats reserved for "7" and John.  I could see that the guy had an earphone in his ear and was squinting as he tried to listen to somebody that was telling him what to say.  I then proceeded to tell him how I knew how he was involved, upon which he just laughed. I then asked him if he was a powerful guy, to which he replied "Yes" with this evil smirk on his face.  I then asked him how much it would cost to let one girl go free to which he replied, "$1200 US".  This guy was a snake; you could see the evil in his eyes.  I then began to tell him that I may be naive and have a big heart but that when I know I have an enemy, I will win 100 times out of 100.  I told him to fuck off and proceeded to take my suitcase into the bathroom, thinking that they already planted drugs on me, which was an idea that just popped into my head as I talked to the guy. (Phase 3 of the scam to frame me... Make sure I was visibly rattled to assure that more than one person could say I was acting strangely to give the Police good cause to arrest me and find the drugs on me that they could not plant yet). The problem with this phase here is that they never prepared for the possibility that I would cause such a huge scene and make everybody, including the flight attendants, watch very closely. This heightened scrutiny made them hesitant to execute, knowing somebody other than me was suspicious of them.

Below is a picture of the receipts for United Flight 0869 on April 14th, 2011, that I purchased for John (Real name Guang C Lin) & his Wife "7" (real name My Phan) & myself, along with a seating chart that shows you how we were seated together. The Triads needed to make sure they had their people sitting next to me to forward the scam. Hence, they had John and "7" act like they wanted to fly with me to keep those two seats open to allow their conspirators to sit there who were ticketed with different seats since the ones next to me were reserved for me John and "7".

Within 30 seconds of entering the bathroom, a flight attendant started knocking frantically on the door, asking if I took my suitcase in there because somebody said they saw me enter the bathroom with my bag.  I said "Yes" and that I would be out in a minute.  We were in the air for about 10 minutes at the time I went into the bathroom.  They kept banging on the door as I frantically searched for drugs that I assumed they already planted in my bag.  I couldn't find any though and finally exited the bathroom after 3 minutes. I quickly apologized to the flight attendants and explained that I was being set up and then told them about everything that happened in the past day. They were very friendly.  I asked them to have the Police waiting in Vietnam, and they said they already called because they were required to in situations like this.  

THE AIRPLANE SCAM - PHASE 4 (Strategically plant witnesses)

The flight attendants told me to stay in the back of the airplane to keep me away from the guy sitting next to me, but a strange thing happened, and three guys gravitated towards the back of the aircraft and sat around me almost as though they were plotting something.  The Flight Attendant even mentioned that he thought it was odd and agreed with me that something was going down, although he couldn't say precisely what.  When the airplane landed, the flight attendant told me to wait until everybody exited the plane, but two guys dressed as Phat Giao Monks waited in the exit row for me to go before them.  I could tell they were involved; why would they be waiting in the exit row with no luggage or any other reason to remain behind?  I told them to get the fuck off the airplane, and they angrily looked at me and then exited before me. Phase 4 of the scam to frame me was to have conspirators behind me as I left the airplane that could say they saw me take something out of my pocket upon which the corrupt Police could have even planted it once they took me to a private room. I essentially foiled that part of the scheme by forcing the fake monks to go in front of me.   Hong also admitted afterward that they were Triads and were in on the scam. The fact that I forced the guys to leave before me in full view of the flight attendants prevented them from bearing false witness, and they knew it.  

THE AIRPLANE SCAM - PHASE 5 (Assure I took the cloned iPhone)

I wasn't in the clear yet though.  15 cops were waiting for me as I exited the airplane, and I proceeded to tell them what happened, and the one cop kept telling me that I needed to take the iPhone and money that I left behind on the airplane.

(Phase 5 of the scam to frame me… Make sure I take the cloned iPhone that most likely had fake text messages between me and somebody in China telling them I am sending the money to buy the drugs etc.  I know the phone was cloned because a week later John was at my house trying to say he was innocent when I glanced at his phone and saw my contacts.  I said, what is that? and he quickly tried to think of a reply and said it must have happened when he used my iTunes account, which I let them use to save money and not have to buy programs I already bought)

Anyways, I told the cop no and that it wasn't my iPhone, and I think it's part of a plot to set me up.  He kept insisting that I take it, but I remained adamant and even told him to fuck off as the other 14 cops laughed since their colleague was not bending me to his will.  I now know that the cop was involved in the plot and wanted me to take the phone as additional evidence to support the fake monks' observations and complete the scam so they could take me to jail forever and walk into my house and take all my money.  Hong would have tried to make me think she was innocent and that the crooked Police took my money.  But, given the fact that I made the fake Monks exit first, in addition to the fact that I wouldn't take the iPhone and the money along with the considerable scene I created that made the airline very aware of a suspected plot against me, it must have been too much. They decided to abandon the scam since I effectively knocked out all five branches of the plot they planned to execute in framing me.  I was fortunate to get out of there that night.  They planned this thing for months.

AIRPLANE SCAM OVER - Now I'm home and know my wife is evil

Hong and I got into a huge fight when I got home, and I threw her across the room, and she started to bang her head off a concrete wall on purpose because she was angry and said she wanted to die. The whole time this was happening, Hong's sister Tuoi watched and looked at Hong with hatred. She didn't try to help Hong and didn't even stop her from smashing her head off the wall until about the 10th time. About a month before that night, Hong talked with Tuoi upstairs, and Tuoi was crying and moved out of the house a few days later. I now realize that it was then that Hong told Tuoi of my fate, and Tuoi cared about me and couldn't live near me anymore because it hurt her too much.