The Devil Prefers Livestock

Part 7 "2009-2013" (as written in 2013)

Triad Godfather Luis Lui

I knew who Luis Lui was while I lived in Asia but didn't realize that he condoned and benefited from underworld attacks against Westerners that patron his saunas until a few months after returning to the United States for good.  I escaped Asia for good on December 2nd, 2011, but still noticed that my computers were being hacked. Since then, I have been spending 50 hours a week over the past year (it has been my full-time job) trying to get my computers secure, but the hackers I am up against are the best I've ever heard of.  They found ways to have their hack stay intact even after I did a low-level reformatting of my hard drive from another computer.  I now know that they used a program called TrueCrypt in addition to embedding rogue file systems that remapped the sectors of my hard disks that allowed their hack to live safely outside of the hard drive. My computer saw the drive as the entire drive, even though it only saw 95% of it at best.  They had hidden, encrypted operating systems running that would load the moment the hard drive received power, which is before the bios is even loaded, so their hack was controlling my computer before the bios even loaded and was undetectable.  I thought it was the Vietnamese hacking me the entire time, but little did I know it was the Triads that took over after I moved back to America.  I noticed the hacks were more complex and survived operating system reinstalls where the ones in Vietnam didn't. I also discovered random Chinese language files in directories that contained no other languages.  I could see that the hackers were ten times better than the ones I dealt with in Vietnam also so that, plus the fact that there were always random Chinese language remnants on my computer, made me realize that my nemesis was now the Triads, not the Vietnamese as I had suspected.  I suspected only the people in Vietnam since they were hacking me from April 2011 to December 2011. I was already blogging and talking negatively about them after returning to America. I rarely ever mentioned the Triads in that blog, so I assumed it was the criminals in Vietnam until I started to analyze it, at which point I set a few traps to try to figure out who it was.  

I try to only talk about technology when I think I can explain it so that most people will understand at least in concept what they used the technology for in their plots against me. If you are a techie and want to read more about their hacking tactics, go to I have since learned more about how they are doing it, but this contains the general framework of their hack.  Only read the hacking link above if you are a techie; otherwise, you won't understand what I'm talking about.

I also uploaded their hidden operating system that I discovered through pure chance to if you want to check it out (computer nerds only, I don't even understand it).  I named it 666hack because it is 666MB once extracted, which I think might be a message that these people are the Devil! Ha-ha. Another funny thing was that you couldn't burn the .iso file that is 666MB because it will error out and get stuck at 69%.  I thought that was funny too since sexual desires got me to move to Vietnam (the 69), and that led me to meet the Devil (the 666) :-) See the videos below. The first video shows how the Hidden Operating System was 666MB, and the second shows how it errored out during copying at 69%.

The 666MB Video is at

The 69% Video is at

But why did the Triads care to hack me when I already safeguarded my money, I thought.  It took me a few months to figure it out, but luck was with me. I decided to search for a business card I previously saved on my computer and my online "Evernote" cloud account for some unknown reason. When I searched for it, I realized that the business card picture wasn't on my computer or in my Evernote account. I knew with 100% certainty that I saved it there more than once. The image below is that business card, which is the business card of Luis Lui, whose company is G&L Group in Macau.  I had a hard time locating it again on my computer even though I knew I saved it in several places.

The Public Face of Luis Lui

Everybody in Macau knows that the Saunas are all owned by the Triads. Still, most people don't know exactly who owns them within the Triads or what percentage they hold of the sauna market in Macau, but Luis Lui owns 95 to 100% of them even though his public company G&L Group makes no mention of Saunas. As of 2013, if you search him on Google, you need to add "G&L Group" to his name, or you won't find him easily but instead will find another guy that owns Casinos who is a different person.

The next thing I will tell you is comical in the way it takes the word hypocrite to a whole new level.  Luis Lui is a long-time member of an organization called Skal International Macau.  On their website at, they describe their organization with these exact words:

Skål is a professional organization of tourism leaders around the world, promoting global tourism and friendship. It is the only international group uniting all branches of the travel and tourism industry. Its members, the industry's managers and executives meet at local, national, regional and international levels to discuss and pursue topics of common interest. The first Club was founded in 1932 in Paris by travel managers, following an educational tour of Scandinavia. The idea of international goodwill and friendship grew and, in 1934, the “Association Internationale des Skål Clubs” was formed with Florimond Volckaert as its first President, who is considered the “Father of Skål”.

Skål International today has approximately 22,000 members in 500 Clubs throughout 87 nations. Most activities occur at local levels, moving up through National Committees, under the umbrella of Skål International, headquartered at the General Secretariat in Torremolinos, Spain.

After reading that, I had to laugh.  I was going to contact Skål and ask them if Luis Lui fits their member profile.  I don't think destroying people's lives, trying to steal all their money and sometimes killing them is a good way to promote "Global Tourism and Friendship."  My dealings with Luis made it 100% certain that I will never return to Macau, and I don't consider him my friend.  Can you believe this hypocrite? I also don't think human sex slave trafficking is a topic of common interest with other Skal members.  Luis Lui is the Antichrist of International Goodwill and Friendship, but this is just one of many examples of the level of hypocrisy displayed by this man and his criminal organization.  The Triads in Macau will treat you like family and smile at you in a convincing manner and wait a very long time until your guard is completely down and also after they studied you for months from hacking you before they will attack. Still, once they attack, they will never stop; they will keep coming and coming no matter how many times you escape their grip.  They are like Herpes; you can't get rid of them once they latch on.

The Luis Lui he doesn't want you to know.

In early 2010, I originally discovered who Luis Lui was through pure chance when I was having drinks with a Westerner in Macau that had high-end business and political connections in Macau and lived there since before the Casinos were built.  He showed me the business card (which I took a picture of) and said, "Do you know who this is?"  I said no, and he proceeded to tell me that this guy owns more than 95% of the Saunas in Macau and is the most powerful guy in Macau but that he likes to fly completely under the radar, so you won't see him flashing around like the Notorious Triad Gangster Wan Kuok-Koi nicknamed "Broken Tooth" that was just released from prison. He told me that Broken Tooth answers to Luis Lui.

I sometimes wonder if Broken Tooth is there as a diversion to protect the anonymity of Luis Lui.  If you Google "Macau Triad Broken Tooth," you will see that he craves attention in a way that seems excessive for somebody that is supposedly a criminal trying to keep away from the grasp of the Chinese Government who exerts almost absolute power over Macau even though Macau is its own separate sovereignty. Maybe the whole personality and power are designed by Luis Lui as a diversion, but that is just a theory. I don't have evidence of that other than a very educated guess.  I think it's odd that a guy supposedly as powerful as broken tooth doesn't own even one Sauna and these saunas pull in hundreds of millions in revenue per year. Add to that the fact that he is always in the media and drives a purple Lamborghini makes it look like the whole thing is staged to keep Luis Lui and others hid from the public spotlight. See where a N.Y. Times article from 15 years ago talks about how eager Broken Tooth was to jump at any opportunity to be in the spotlight. Here's a quote taken directly from that link:

"HONG KONG— When Henry Fong Ping first met the man who would become the subject of his latest film, he was so filled with fear he could not speak. Wan Kuok-koi, also known as "Broken Tooth" Koi, is said to be the top triad boss in Macau, the tiny Portuguese colony neighboring Hong Kong. Last fall, Fong approached him about lending his life story to a Hong Kong gangster movie. Wan, who drives a purple Lamborghini, wears smart three-piece suits and a diamond bracelet, and has a distinct flair for self-promotion, did not hesitate. The answer was yes. "N.Y. Times June 11th, 1998

Back to my conversation with the Westerner: He said everybody that "really" knows Luis Lui is scared to death of him, and since he likes to keep a low profile, he isn't listed publicly as the owner of any Sauna.  Publicly he wants everybody to believe that he is entirely legitimate and only owns a Restaurant, a Travel Agency, and a couple of Beauty Salons. Still, I would be amazed if these admitted businesses he owns account for even 1% of what he makes from the businesses he doesn't want anyone to know about, which include:

· The Saunas (More than 50 in Macau alone)

· Illegal human trafficking all over the world.

· Illegal drugs

· Blackmail

· Corporate and High Net Worth Individual Espionage.

· Extortion in many forms.

· Body-part Trafficking

I heard this from several different reliable sources that would be in a position to know, plus the fact that the super-hackers only cared about purging Luis Lui's business card picture from my Terabytes of Hard Drives. This shows me that these criminals only cared about protecting Luis Lui, the secretive Triad Godfather, probably one of the most Powerful Mobsters in Asia. I'm sure he wouldn't be able to corner the entire sauna Market and keep the Hundreds of Millions of Dollars a year that these Saunas generate without Broken Tooth or some other Gangster muscling their way in unless he had the power to keep them out.  Luis Lui is the Triad equivalent of John Gotti.

Below is a picture of Luis Lui in 2011, where he was on the Committee for the Macau Moto Speedway Race.  Like I said, Luis Lui projects himself as though he is an honest, productive member of society but the crimes he commits behind the scenes rival those of a serial killer as to their evilness and lack of empathy whatsoever.  He is a Narcissist with no conscious and anybody traveling to SE Asia needs to be aware of who these people are and how they operate to protect themselves.

I saw Luis Lui in person only one time from a distance back in 2010 in the Eighteen Sauna, and it was almost surreal to watch the workers as they scurried around very nervous the whole time. He was there but then relaxed and sat around a few minutes after he left.  Luis was the Boss all right; no customer would arouse such apparent fear in more than 30 workers as they strolled through.  I'm just amazed that he can keep who he is so private; I assume it is because victims are not lucky enough to know he was behind their demise (if they even lived), or they would be too scared to mention it even if they knew.  I'm very good with computers, and I almost didn't think I was being hacked.  I was a Lawyer before I started my own software company in California but needed to hire programmers for the coding part. Still, I know computers and have good computer common sense when trying to troubleshoot issues.  I was usually the one to steer the programmers in the right direction for every problem that arose. Still, their tactics are so stealth and hidden and never detected by any Virus Program, so discovering it was not easy, and the programmers I knew were at a loss for words when I tried to get them to help me solve it.

triad godfather luis lui


All it takes is for one of them to plug a USB thumb drive into your computer for 5 seconds, and they will own you:  Computers, Smart Phones, Routers, and anything that connects to the Internet.  Never leave your laptop or phone unattended in Asia, and use a locking briefcase to hold these items when you go to sleep, in addition to avoiding Wi-Fi. The safest route to take is to use your cellular connection for the Internet. That will shut down about 95% of the ways they have to get you infected initially, at least.  If you already think you may be infected after visiting there, save yourself the hassle and sell everything you have on eBay that connects to the Internet, including any USB flash drives you either had over there or plugged into a device you used over there because they use these to spread the infection to take over other devices you didn't even take to Asia. Once you completely stop using the devices, or sold them, start fresh and buy all new computers, routers, smartphones, and USB storage devices and create a new email I.D., Apple ID, etc. They are also using your Apple ID and email address to access new devices you set up by hacking Apple or your email provider.  I know this sounds extreme, but I've spent over 2500 hours trying to get rid of these leeches, and I wish I would have done what I'm telling you a long time ago.  My Ex suggested that I buy all new devices and get a new Apple ID when I was in Vietnam when she was more loyal to me than them, but I didn't listen or understand why until now.

Macau's Criminal Underworld

Luis Lui's Triad Soldiers are Sworn to Silence as to who he is and will go to any length to keep it hidden.  Anybody that doesn't protect the identity of this Godfather will simply disappear, as I was told by a girl he enslaves

I emailed John and "7" the business card of Luis Lui in early 2010 and said that this guy owns all the Saunas in Macau.  They didn't reply at all, which was strange because they were trying to kiss my ass the whole time to forward the scam up to that point and after, and would always reply to me within minutes.  Hong was loving me at the time and wasn't as loyal to the Triads like she usually was and told me that "7" and John would never admit who the Big Boss "Godfather" was, which I took as a tacit admission from her that he was the Boss.  Since I told her "7" and John didn't answer me on the direct statement I made to "7" and John about him being the big Boss, her response "in my opinion" basically answered the question, but to be sure I asked her directly and she just smiled at me and walked away.  Luis Lui obviously makes it clear that he doesn't want people knowing he is the Godfather because why else would everybody sidestep answering me. I asked 7 in person a month later when I was in Macau, and I watched as her face turned white, and she stuttered something and turned away and went and turned up the radio and started dancing right away to make sure I couldn't re-ask the question

I know you are probably wondering why they got so nervous and fell apart or were silent rather than say no and lie as they do about everything else; the reason for that is that they knew I had a good source telling me he was the Godfather. Not many people know that, so they were scared to lose their credibility by saying something that I knew was not true.  This also told me that Luis personally signed off on destroying my life since they would never have proceeded with the scam against me without making sure I wasn't off-limits since I had Luis Lui's business card.

They were clever and intelligent but not good under pressure; it was easy for me to turn the tables on their entire organization once I knew I was at war because they can't adjust quickly if their plan fails.  They are cowards, so they need to spend a lot of time going over details before feeling comfortable to execute, so once I added a fast-paced "chaos theory" based fighting style to the game, they were always on their heels. I was able to fend off over 100 of them over eight months because I wasn't scared to fight back and quickly reacted to threats as they occurred in a loud & aggressive way during that insane eight months from April to December 2011 after the Airplane Scam.  

I also taunted them the entire time to pull them out of their comfort zone.  I knew the Triads were listening to me through my computers because I could see a constant stream of Skype traffic being routed throughout my network. To taunt them, I did things like play "Chucky" by Bushwick Bill from the Geto Boys on repeat for three weeks straight since I knew they had to listen if they heard a noise to see what I was saying. It made their job 100 times harder, not to mention having to listen to that song on repeat the entire time, ha-ha.  I also put screensavers on my computers saying, "Get a job mafia loser," since I knew they had my computers hacked.  I did it both for pleasure and the mental warfare aspect of it.  I knew they had me in the computer area, so I had to even the tables in other ways to coax them out of the shadows to get a better idea of who my enemy was.  

Luis Lui doesn't want you to know that he owns the Saunas since a big part of their business is scamming the patrons.  Even though saunas are legal in Macau, Luis Lui hides that he is the owner because he preys upon his customers and tries to extract every dollar he can for his criminal organization.  The Saunas may be legal, but the way Luis Lui runs them is 100% illegal.  

Here are some more facts about Luis Lui that were told to me by one of the seven girls I talked about earlier:

  • Luis has many underage girls working there with fake passports saying they are 18 when some are as young as 15.  Hong used to run errands for her friend "7" and go pick up 4 to 6 passports at a time; now I know why she was doing it instead of these girls getting their passports.  The Passports Hong picked up were for the underage girls.  I didn't find this out until mid-2012, after I already moved back to America. Luis doesn't care if it is a Vietnamese Document that was forged since it's something that can't come back to him, like a document originating from Macau where he can more easily be implicated since that is where the business is located.  As you will learn about Luis Lui, he makes sure everybody but him takes the risk and will exact monumental punishment upon those in his organization that does not shelter him entirely from any involvement.  If they can get through customs with the fake documents, he feels safe and encourages these practices.

  • Luis Lui fully supports and advocates scamming the customers whenever the girls can. They are assigned "Scam Managers" (I BULLSHIT YOU NOT) like a sales manager that coordinates and motivates the girls to find ways to scam any customer they can.  But since they are cowards, they pick and choose their victims very carefully and sometimes wait years to execute their scams if need be.  It's not only westerners, but she also told me that they scam Asians if the Asian lives more than 100 miles away due to the risk of rumors spreading if it was a local person.  The basic approach is always the same, although the ending varies.  The girls are taught how to get mainly Western Men to fall in love with them where they attempt to get the guy to fall in love so they can hack his computers, learn about him and patiently wait until they scam or kill him for his money. They usually blackmail the guy, who is too scared to report it due to embarrassment and fear of the Triads. Sometimes they plant drugs on the guy or even kill them if they think nobody will notice, at which point they sell his body parts. She told me that they started doing this on occasion, starting back in 2009.  The amazing part is that Luis Lui started investing in Surgery Centers throughout China and Vietnam in 2010, which I learned through the grapevine from a reliable source at the time.  I didn't think anything of the Surgery Centers until the girl told me that Luis is involved in Black-Market Organ Trafficking.  She didn't know if he was getting surgery centers for that reason. Still, it makes sense given the fact that he can have the premises used after hours to chop up bodies or have his hackers monitor who is in the surgery center and what blood type they are, etc. so they can send a hit squad to go shopping should the need for a $100,000 heart arise.  I'm just guessing on that part, but I believe the Body Part claim from her because Hong told me she was scared our son would get kidnapped and that they chop babies up for their organs.  This was around the time she was helping me in July 2011, so it makes sense that they made that threat to get her to go along with the scam on me.  Luis Lui is the Devil; I have never even seen a monster portrayed on Television that is eviler than this guy.  The girl either didn't know or wouldn't say if that was the original plan for either my son or me, but given Hong's outburst on the subject plus the fact that my money was in cash form that they had access to makes me think that their plans for me were to harvest my organs to make even more money from me. There was no need for an actual body to allow Hong to get my assets from being my Wife via my estate since everything I had was in a cash form in Vietnam in my house. I could have disappeared forever, and their scam would still have been a success since it was all in cash. Still, my ex resisted since I was the father of our son, so they appeased her and tried to frame me instead on the flight from Hong Kong to HCMC, but I escaped that only to have several murder attempts against me in the months that followed.

  • The girl told me that Luis runs the Saunas like a concentration camp and has the sauna girls beaten and sells them as lifelong sex slaves in Mongolia, Korea, or Indonesia if they refuse to scam the western guys when called upon to do so.  Other girls had simply disappeared when they did something wrong, leaving all the girls that work for Luis Lui in absolute fear of their lives.

  • The girl said it's common to delay "showtime" at the Saunas from 10 to 30 minutes from its regular 30 to 60-minute interval (depending on the Sauna). Luis Lui wants to make sure his top English-speaking girls are there when the western guys come back and watch "showtime" to maximize the girl's chances of landing him as a scam target since some guys only come once and leave forever.  They want to make sure they have the best girls on the floor to increase the fact that the guy will fall in love. They don't leave any money on the table; they want it all.  She told me that there is a better chance of the guy loving a girl he can communicate with. If the top English-speaking girls are busy, they will delay ShowTime or not let the English-speaking girl go out for ShowTime if the Western guy doesn't walk back there. They want to make sure they are available if he decides to come and see the next ShowTime in 30 minutes since the girl spends 60 minutes with the guy that picks her.  Luis Lui's organization is lying in wait like a pack of rabid dogs waiting for any opportunity to scam everything from his paying customers, and this guy is already a Billionaire. This was all said to me by the girl he enslaved—one of the girls who cared about me. Keep in mind that I heard similar warnings from people who lived there and were able to know.  This was not just a random claim from one girl. Since publishing this information on a now-retired blog, I have had one Asian guy, and two Western Guys contact me, giving me information about how they were scammed while in Macau.

  • She also told me that Luis Lui has Wireshark (a hacking program at ) running in his Saunas on the free Wi-Fi network so his people can spy and gain access to a customer's computers.  She said they have a sauna worker signal when the guy goes online to determine which computer is his by connection time since sometimes more than 50 patrons are using the Wi-Fi connection at any time.

  • She told me that he has the girls beaten if they call off work for anything other than their menstrual cycle and forces them to have sex with up to 8 guys a day if they are popular enough to be picked that many times. The girls are beaten if they refuse. She said that if the Sauna suspects a girl is lying, they will force her to come into work, and a manager will physically put his finger in her and check that she is truly on her menstrual cycle.  She said that 25% or more of the girls always have black & blue marks from being beaten but that it is even worse than that since usually, the managers punch them in the head where their hair covers up the bruises. The beatings are so often that many managers get out of hand, throw them into walls, and cause visible marks on their bodies.

  • Every guy, not just westerners, is a potential mark when they enter the saunas.  Below is a pic of Kieu and an Asian Guy they scammed; notice how he has flowers for the girls.  This was inside 7's house; only scam targets (like me) get invited there! I was told by Guang Lin "AKA John Lam" that some guy gave Kieu $90.000 US just to give it to her and that Nhung had a guy give her $100,000 US just to give it to her and that the girls went back to Vietnam for a few months after getting the money.  The girl who recently told me everything told me that the money they got was the amount scammed from the victim; they do this all the time.  Aside from Blackmail & Extortion, which are their most popular scams, she said that they usually execute the "framing" scams that involve corrupt Police in Vietnam since there are so many willing participants. Luis would rather keep the "framing" scams away from Macau to assure he doesn't attract publicity. Still, she said "framing" scams are executed there too, as a last resort.  The Blackmail and Extortion scams are usually perpetrated against the men when they return to the United States if the Triads can get hidden video or information that would embarrass the victim. These scams do not require police involvement to pull off, plus they do not need the guy to live in Asia, so keep that in mind when you visit Asia. It happens to people that only "visit" the most; moving there is not a requirement for them to target you; it just makes it easier for them because they have more options if you live there.

Geto Boys • Bushwick Bill - Chuckie (Horror Music Video)

This is the song I played on a loop for 3 weeks while the Triads listened. Imagine how much it must have drove them nuts. lol

Some of you are probably thinking, "Why Didn't You Just Leave?" Well, it wasn't that easy.  I had approximately $1.5 Million in Chinese cash total in my house ( in addition to about $120,000 US Dollars ) that my ex stole my customs declaration form for, so I couldn't leave the country with the cash without giving most of it to the Vietnamese Government. I had my entire household moved there. I had my dogs, and most importantly, my son that I had with her after moving there.  The reason I had $1.5 Million in Chinese Yuan was that the Yuan was undervalued by 40% according to some reliable estimates at the time and, back then, the Bank of China wouldn't allow a non-citizen to keep Yuan in the bank, so I had to take the U.S. Dollars I had in the Bank of China account and exchange them for Chinese Yuan and keep the money in my house since Bank of China wouldn't let me keep Chinese Currency at that time.  It has changed since, but that's why I did it, to begin with.  There was nothing illegal about the money or that I had it in my house; it was an investment.   I claimed the cash with Vietnam customs when I brought it from Macau to Saigon "HCMC" on December 17th, 2010. The law in Vietnam allows you to leave the country with money you claimed when you came into Vietnam, provided you had proof that you claimed it upon arrival. The Triads knew this, so they instructed my ex to find and steal my custom declaration.



tumblr_lyddfdEOaT1r9pe5eo1_500 (1).png

The guy I circled to the left was a Triad Boss that worked directly under Luis Lui. I was told that he would take out the sauna girls that they trafficked whenever one of them pulled off a big-money scam with the Triad's help and guidance, of course. He rewarded them with an expensive night out anytime they helped accomplish a significant scam on one of the clients that went to the Sauna. The girls only got about 20% of the take even though they did most of the work.

Shadow Enemies Everywhere

I had tons of derogatory evidence against them everywhere on my computers. Even though I blogged about only Hong and her friends from December 2011 to November 2012, none of the derogatory evidence I had on Hong and her friends in my Evernote account or on my computers was ever missing. Only Luis Lui's business card kept disappearing.  I decided to experiment and searched my 30 or so hard drives and was able to locate that business card in an encrypted hard drive.  I started saving it in different folders on my computer and would make a note to check those drives every few days.  I stored the business card with evidence I had on the Vietnamese and other random files and noted how many files I had in each directory.  I monitored and repopulated these folders over the next three months from March 2012 to July 2012 and even changed the file's name that was the image of Luis Lui's business card and noticed that only the business card kept disappearing but nothing else.  I even saved it with different dates, and no matter what date or name it was under, it would disappear.  I realized that the reason the Triads waited so long to hack me was that they didn't think I would ever escape Vietnam, so their Elite Hackers didn't get involved until I left Vietnam because it wasn't until then that they were scared as to what I knew about their Boss. They put the best hackers on the job to make sure I wasn't going to expose the guy who has somehow kept secret that he is the Triad Godfather who owns all of the saunas in Macau.  

The fact that I wrongly assumed that only Hong's criminal gang in Vietnam was scamming me while still in Vietnam saved my life. Suppose I was mumbling that Luis Lui was the Godfather behind the scam on me while still in Vietnam. In that case, I assure you that they would have made sure I died and not allowed the low-level criminals to do a job that the Triads didn't feel too strongly about at the time since it seemed Luis Lui's identity would be protected.  They still wanted to kill me but didn't put too many people on the job since Luis Lui seemed protected.  My ex had a hit-squad come for me only one week before I returned to America. Still, I sensed the danger when she tried to lock me in the house to prevent me from going to a hotel and then even had the hotel give me a room off the property, saying that the main building was full when it wasn't even the busy season.  I kept protesting until they gave me a room in the main building at triple the going rate hoping I would say no, but I said yes. Even though I was in the main building of a 3-star Hotel in Mui Ne, Vietnam, the whole night people kept coming and knocking on the door, and my ex received a phone call from her sister at 2 AM that night even though I never saw her sister call her after 10 PM in the two years I knew her.  Below is my room card from that evening.  Even a 3-star hotel was easily talked into helping scam an American. The hotel was dead, but they tried to put me outside of the main building at the request of the people scamming me.

This is the 3-Star Hotel I stayed at in Mui Ne where the employee helped my enemies by attempting to put me in a bungalow on the edge of the property that wasn't in the main building even though it was the slow season and they had plenty of rooms.

The War Games Continued After I Got Back to the U.S.

July 2012-Their Deception Has No Limit

After being home for eight months, I used on the Internet and was contacted by an attractive Chinese Graduate Student.  I wasn't aware that they had me hacked as bad as they did, but they knew I was on in Pittsburgh even though they thought I lived in Florida (so I thought).  They had the girl pose as somebody interested in dating me.  I thought it was too easy to bring that girl home after we had dinner because it was her that suggested driving an hour back to my house after we finished our first date when I was saying goodbye, which was weird given how far it was and the fact that it was only the first date.  Her name was LeHong (so she said), her picture is below.  I went out with her one more time after that night when the following day, I caught her in my backyard taking pictures with her phone while returning from taking my dogs for a walk.  She was doing recon for the Triads.  I figured out what was going on and said to Hong on a Video call using Yahoo Messenger that I was thankful for the Chinese Girl they sent me a few weeks ago so that I could see her reaction.  Hong froze and went completely silent for 10 seconds and then acted like she didn't even hear me and tried to change the subject.

The Chinese girl in the picture above also wrote down my MAC ID on my Cable Modem when I was in the shower because, after that day, the hacking was so bad that every Windows or Apple update I downloaded was corrupted.  I called Comcast and spoke with Tier 2 support in the Security Department and brainstormed with the guy until he discovered a 2nd cable modem on their network with my same Mac ID that was a different model Cable Modem altogether. Still, when I had him send a refresh signal, it didn't work until he sent it the 2nd time because the Triads had the Cable modem clone between my house and Comcast main connection and spoofed Comcast's I.P. Address for the DNS. Hence, my router looked to their rogue servers for all web page requests, which they routed to fake Google, Apple, and Microsoft servers containing update files infected with their hack.  This caused the first refresh signal to knock their modem offline long enough for my connection to grab DNS from Comcast to be directly connected to Comcast, which explains why the second refresh signal worked on my modem the way it should have.  They were intercepting every bit of internet traffic coming to and from my house; the guy at Comcast was in awe as we pondered about how clever and impressive the hack was.  He was in the security department and never heard of such a thing in his years at Comcast.

I went out with a girl a few times with a broken laptop that I fixed for her and updated at my house. They had my cable modem cloned during that time, but I haven't talked to her in months but recently said hello, and we started chatting. Within 24 hours of us conversing, she told me how her computer and iPhone were going crazy and took screenshots of what was occurring. It was the same stuff that was happening to me before I got it under control and replaced my cable modem. The Triads must have had a built-in alert set-up on her computer that looked for websites I frequented or had specific keywords or phone numbers entered with the keyboard, sending them a message alerting them that a computer was either being used by me or somebody that talks to me. We decided it was best not to speak anymore, and I instructed her on the steps she needed to do to eradicate the hack.

My love affair with the Triads on didn't stop with the Chinese Girl; they also had a Vietnamese girl contact me that I gave my phone number to about a week after I figured out that the Triads planted the Chinese girl but before I gave Hong a heads-up that I onto their games. I gave her my number to see how they would handle it because I assumed they sent her since I didn't call the Chinese girl back for about five days, and this girl contacted me out of nowhere. She called me three times a day for a couple of days until I finally answered, and she told me she was at the Airport, but can she call me later when she landed. I said yes, and she called me that night around 10 PM when I was out with my friend, and I didn't answer but waited until 2 AM and called her and just let the phone ring once and hung up. She immediately called me back four times, one after the other, since I wouldn't answer. I sent her a text message that said, "tell the Triads that I said…. Du Me …" which means "Fuck your mother" in Vietnamese, and she didn't reply or call me ever again.

Here Comes Thunder Turd!

About a month later, a guy contacts me on and starts talking shit right away and said something that was meant for me to know who he was the messenger for since only the Triads knew what he told me regarding an iPhone I had over in Asia. Still, the guy was blonde-haired and had a complete profile talking about how he has two daughters with pictures of them too and is looking for the right girl. This goes to the level of deception they employ in their scams when they take the time to fill out a profile to make sure it's not apparent that it's coming from the Triads in Asia. Even the guy's screen name is related to the Triads because the Triad's code of conduct, "which you can Google," says that anybody violating their secret pledge will be struck down by 36 Thunderbolts or something along those lines. Still, the word Thunder is mentioned dozens of times, so this losers' choice of the screen name Thunder Buddy was no accident. I just referred to him as Thunder Turd because it popped in my head when I saw his screen name, and it stuck after that, so I called him by that name as we threw verbal blows back and forth for about a week before I lost interest. Remember, they are a secret society, and they play that role to the tee. The guy mentions in the message that he sent me "pictured below" that it's not too far to drive to Mountainview to let me know that they knew where I lived. It was right around that time I decided it was time to go to war with these assholes. Their attempts to scare me only empowered me and gave me the resolve to fight them. I don't scare easy, especially on my home turf. I told him to get ready for Phase 2, at which point I quietly took down my blog about Hong and her criminal conspirators in Vietnam and started to write the complete story that includes both the Triads and their partners globally.

Getting Stalked on eBay!

A couple of months after they hacked my cable internet, I finally stopped being stubborn and decided it was time to get rid of everything I had over in Vietnam as far as electronics goes. I always had a sneaking suspicion that they implanted some kind of Nanodevice in something I had over there that would secretly send out Wi-Fi and Bluetooth malicious code. No matter what I did, every computer and phone I had were hacked within a day of having it. When I was still in Vietnam, there was an Apple Reseller store I went to that fixed my laptop and ended up giving it back to me with NTFS3G already installed on it. I didn't realize this until months later. Still, originally, they controlled my Apple Computers via Windows Operating System, but Windows runs on an NTFS formatted drive while Apple runs on HFS+ formatted drives. NTFS and HFS+ can't see each other unless you install a fuse file system that allows the two to interact with each other by sharing the same directories etc. There was no reason for that program NTFS3G to be on my computer because it is not included in Apple's Operating Systems and is aftermarket software. Like every other business I went to in Vietnam, the guy at that store helped the corrupt police and installed the hack before giving me the computer back. The guy at that store, out of nowhere, said that he heard they are hacking power supplies now. I realized later that he did that to see my reaction because that's how they were reinfecting me. They had a "Trasp Device" as I mentioned earlier with Hong's friend Hanh when she was searching for that word on Hong's computer that sent pulses throughout my electric grid in my house and somehow hacked into all my devices and radioed home to their rogue server so they could access it. They spliced my firewire port on my Apple Computers, and anytime I got a new Apple Computer, I would see a firewire connection become active out of nowhere. I ended up figuring out which device they planted it in but still sold everything just to play it safe.

The crazy part is that 75% of my items for sale on eBay were purchased by Asian names that just signed up for eBay that week. I thought it was more than a sheer coincidence that three different Asian people felt compelled to sign-up for eBay for the first time just to buy my used junk that was three years old or more. UPS called me after I shipped one of the items and said the address was wrong, so I called the guy for the correct address, and he stuttered and got very nervous. He said he would email it to me later and that he didn't know it. I emailed him the next day and said that UPS has his "Trasp Device." That's all I said, and he replied with the text message telling me that I still need to send the item even though the address was wrong. I laughed and responded by asking him why he thought I wouldn't send it? I didn't say anything that would have aroused suspicion with a non-guilty person because 99.99% of the population doesn't know what "Trasp" means, and even if they did, they would have asked what I meant by Trasp device if they were innocent. This guy was working for the Triads, and I easily set him up to clarify that fact. This guy had the nerve to say he wanted to return it because parts were missing. I told him that they are speakers that I unplugged from my computer with the cables still attached and put right in the box I shipped it in. I then told him how I know he is with the Triads, and he started to laugh nervously. I told him to fuck off, and he never asked to return it since, nor did he file a claim with eBay. Maybe they would put anthrax in the box, hoping I would open it; who knows. The picture located HERE is the text he sent me. I saved his name as "Triad Loser." The phone is an old phone because I got tired of them hacking my iPhones, so I went to a 6-year-old non-smartphone that I knew they couldn't hack.

As of 2013, I had gotten the hacks somewhat under control, but they always seem to gain access to my computers, so I don't want to say I won yet.  I will tell you this though; one of the ways they gain access to your computer is by using USB Flash drives formatted as FAT16 with a boot flag that executes DOS code from 1998. I was shocked when I realized that the MBR on my hard drive was read-only. The only thing that could overwrite a read-only MBR is a DOS Based Floppy drive where you can overwrite the MBR on the infected hard drive by replacing it with the DOS-based MBR that is almost like modern MBR's. MBR stands for Master Boot Record and is the code that is initially referred to when a computer receives power.

NOVEMBER 6, 2012 - Time to Poke the Devil

On November 6th, 2012, I decided I would contact Luis Lui just before I released the blog about him. The email pictured on the left below was my first direct communication with Luis Lui, to which I got no response. I then waited for more than a month to contact him again, which I did after that girl told me everything, of which I already knew 80% of, but she confirmed the stuff I knew and told me things I didn't know, like how they initially planned on killing me and threatened to kill my son if Hong didn't play by their rules. She also confirmed that they did get the approval from Luis to scam me after they knew I had his business card, to which Luis said it's ok to scam me because he didn't know me or care who I was. So, after finding out this additional information and validating the things I already knew through undeniable circumstantial evidence, I thought about it for a few days and got extremely angry and sent the email pictured on the right below, on December 15th, 2012. I got no response to that email either.

Ten days after the second email, I decided to start sending him text messages. I used Skype to send the text messages since they were international and not able to be sent by my cell carrier at the time. I know he got them because if Skype can't deliver the SMS, it will say "failed," but every message I sent to Luis went through within 15 seconds of me hitting the send button. The messages said the same type of stuff I said in the two emails. See a record of those messages below.

I never got a reply to the SMS messages I sent in December 2012 either. I sent Luis another SMS message on January 10th, 2013, and three more the very next day on January 11th. However, on the 11th, I decided to call Luis since he still didn't respond to me, so I called four times on the 11th, but you can't see the calls listed because the phone just rang and rang until I hung up after the 10th ring or so. Cell phone service in Macau doesn't have voicemail and will just ring 10 to 15 times before you get a recording from the cell phone provider that says the person is unavailable. I didn't wait to get that recording and waste paying for a call, so I hung up after 8 to 10 rings and just called back a few hours later on the 11th. The next day I called and was surprised to hear an answering service pick up the phone. Either it was sheer coincidence, or Luis got an answering service not to have to worry about answering the phone if I called. I'm sure he got a new phone and just gave that phone to the answering service to answer for him.

Luis never once replied to an email, a text message, or returned a phone call. If Luis wasn't the Godfather and didn't have a guilty conscience (not that he feels guilty about anything), why didn't he at least reply once, even by email or text message, and say, "Who are you? Don't you find that strange? I don't actually; these people are cowards that do evil things if the spotlight is not shining on them, but once you pull them out into the open, they are predictable and hide inside any crack they can find.

Skype Call Record #1

Skype Call Record #2

Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 7.44.19 PM.png

I was able to hack the Triads myself back in 2012. I started to obtain tons of evidence on how they operate, even though I didn't realize the significance of some of their communications at the time. As I said before, Hollywood's portrayal of Asian Gangsters is inaccurate. The gangsters at the top wear suits and don't look like criminals at all. Luis Lui was a serious criminal with his hands in every illegal business under the sun (including organ trafficking). Luis Lui operated his illegal businesses in plain sight. Notice how his assistant "Erling" even had a Yahoo account. The part you do not see, though, is that Luis was buying medical centers throughout Asia. Luis had no experience in the medical space but started buying up facilities and starting new facilities throughout Asia. According to my reliable sources, he bought these centers to expand his organ harvesting business. Hearts and Kidneys alone fetch over $100,000 U.S. each. While legitimate medical procedures may have happened during the day, this trash bag had disco-drugged, passed out people being brought in at night to take out their organs and sell them on the black market. The Triads even threatened my Ex once when she wasn't playing ball with them by setting me up by saying they would cut up and sell my son. The thought of these cretins touching my son at all, let alone killing him, angered me to no end. My Ex told me in a roundabout way by saying she was scared for our son because they do this in Vietnam, and she saw it on the news, but her fear was evident. I knew someone must have threatened her for her to be panicked the way she was instantly. I have solid contacts in addition to the email proof to support this claim about organ harvesting. Pay attention to this lapdog Erling's wording in this email. He even capitalizes the word "VERY," which is a wink-wink that means, "You know Luis is a powerful Triad and can get anything approved." Remember that Luis only owned a small Chinese restaurant, a travel agency, and a hair salon on paper. This guy Erling is signaling that Luis is a powerhouse that can get anything done. The recipient of this email knew that too. Sole Chinese restaurant owners don't have that kind of clout; read between the lines.

How I came up with the "turd" nickname for the triads

I made the video on the left in late 2012 and sent it to Triad Underling John Lam. Keep in mind that I went back to Asia 2 times after this video! If you don't understand by now why they hate me so much, this should convince you, lol.

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