The Devil Prefers Livestock

Part 5 "2009-2013" (as written in 2013)

The Dogs are at the Door

The next few nights after I kicked her friend Hanh out of the house were brutal. Hong and her family kept unlocking padlocks on the doors and windows every two hours (like the one pictured below) and acted innocent when I would scream at them. I would find more Windows unlocked and had to keep locking them. Hong's sister was going to take my son to visit her mother for a few days, and when I came out of my office to say goodbye, my son saw me and started screaming and reaching for me as though his life depended on it. I went for him and hugged him, and he squeezed me with a grip that was so hard that I could have pulled my hands away, and he would not have fallen off me. He was only five months old at the time. I watched as Hong's Aunt buckled over as though somebody hit her in the stomach because she knew what the plans were for me, and the fact that my son sensed danger and was trying to help his Daddy was too much for her to take. She ended up leaving our house for good the very next day even though she stayed with us for five months to help the nanny with my son. She had enough, but all the while, Hong stood there stoic with her poker face on as usual. I said, "FUCK YOU," nobody is taking my son anywhere, and I wouldn't let them take him. My son effectively accomplished his plan and caused me to prevent them from taking him, and he calmed down immediately. I think they would have come in for sure that night if my son wasn't there. Still, I believe Hong stalled them after that since my son was in the house. Still, it didn't stop them entirely because at 1 AM, even though the neighborhood is usually tranquil due to everybody sleeping, motorcycles were driving by every few minutes with guys screaming like some sort of war cry.

I tried to call the Police that night from all three cell phones I had with three different providers that all had full bars, but every call dropped. I now realize that they were outside of my house with a cell phone jammer pummeling my house, which prevented my phone from connecting. I kept every light on in the place and stayed up all night. Even my dogs helped that night because they slept in spots that they usually don't sleep at that had perfect vantage points of the garage and staircase. Every time I walked out of my office, they were sitting there and keeping guard and never moved all night, nor did they ever sit at those same spots ever again after that night. They sensed the evil. I needed help from my son and my dogs to make it through that night.

I took the video below while lying in bed that same night on May 5th, 2011, with Hong just one day after I kicked her friend out of the house. At the time, I was still confused about what was happening and thought that maybe I was being set up as somebody who talked bad about the Vietnamese Government since the guy on the airplane also told me that he hated the Communists and asked what I thought of them. I didn't know what was going on, but you'll see that I was pretty much onto their scheme but wasn't sure exactly what they were plotting. I now think the Communist bashing set-up was just one more layer to assure I wasn't helped after they arrested me with Police that weren't corrupt since I would have been somebody talking bad about their Government.

The following day, I had the neighbor kid, a 14-year-old kid that I trusted, buy me all new locks. I trusted him because he was visibly sad when guys would say things to me in Vietnamese that I'm sure were insulting. He was a good kid and wanted to learn English too. The packages of the locks were unopened when he gave them to me, so I knew copies weren't made, plus he came back within 15 minutes, which I timed as being just about how long it would take to buy the locks and return. There wasn't time to make copies of the keys, so I felt that I was safe.

I replaced all the locks on every window. The windows all have padlocks like the picture above. I didn't give anyone in the house a key. You couldn't leave the house without a key since every door, window, and garage door had these padlocks on it. I was finally able to sleep, which I did in my office with the door locked. I kept the keys with me and told Hong to let me know if anybody needed to leave and that I would open the door for them.

Not even a day went by, and the bricks barrage started again, but now with more frequency than before. I called the U.S. Embassy several times, but they just kept telling me to go to a nice hotel and that they couldn't help me other than that. After a few days of the brick bullshit, I was up for almost three days. I felt that I wasn't safe enough in the house even to sleep anymore, so I decided to make a 5 mile run in my car to a 4-star hotel in District 1 with my money and safely made it to the Caravelle Hotel. I dead bolted the door and slept for 14 hours before going straight to the airport to take my chances at smuggling my money to Singapore. The route I drove that night from my house to the Caravelle is illustrated in the picture below. I left $50,000 US in my safe before going to the Caravelle Hotel just in case my Chinese Yuan got stolen or confiscated as I tried to get to the hotel or as I left the country the next day. I made it through airport security without being stopped, only to have two cops walk up to me at the gate asking me to get coffee with them because they saw my money as it went through the x-ray. I bribed the guy with $1900 U.S. and was able to get most of the money I had safely to Singapore before returning to that nightmare in Vietnam, where I fought every day to protect the $50,000 U.S. and close to $70,000 U.S. worth of Chinese Yuan that I also left behind in the ceiling.

Once I returned from Singapore, I noticed several guys outside my house that I never saw before across the street at a coffee shop six days a week using handheld smartphones to control my computers that Hong helped them infect.   Over the next month and a half, I came within minutes of either getting killed or arrested by the corrupt Police in my neighborhood that were also in on the scam. This continued until I left for America on July 14th, 2011, when my Buddy came to help me move my belongings and my Dogs back to America. I would have to leave my son for now but returned within three weeks with only three suitcases and an ATM card ready to fight for however long it took to get out of there with Hong and my son. This ended up being another five months before I left with only my son on his 1-year birthday.

MAY 5, 2011

The Locks i bought

The Money Route

My Dog Ginger Posted In Front of My Office Door!

I took this picture when I was under attack to send to my friend to show how my dog knew I was at war, and she stayed in this spot for almost a week and slept there too.

Hong's own cousin admits hong was bad

On the left is another rare admission I got from one of Hong's family members. She admitted that Hong used to be a bad person but lied and said she was good after my son was born. Bi means "baby" in Vietnamese. We were talking about my son.

The God Factor

It wasn't until I moved back to America that I switched from being Agnostic to being a Christian "sort of" even though my whole family was always Christian and went to church several times a month. I never bought the story and always thought the Bible was a marketing tool that allowed people to feel included and "Big Religion" to extract money from them in excess by abusing their trust. Nobody ever gave me a logical reason that I could believe, and the High Rolling Television Evangelist every other month being caught in a scandal plus the Priest's with the young boys sure didn't go unnoticed in my mind. I wanted to believe, but inside I thought it was bullshit until I had time to process all the events that happened to me in Asia, which didn't sink in until three months after I got back to America. If anybody knows of a more convincing story than mine as to why I know God is real, please enlighten me because I think my account makes the best argument that I ever heard of for proving God exists when amongst the company of people that doubt.

Let me give you a few preliminary concepts that I believe even though it departs from conventional wisdom. Once I concluded that even though some things were way overinflated regarding Christianity, I realized that it is still authentic, and most concepts stay intact. That helped me logically conclude God and Jesus are real. Here's what I'm saying: First off, I don't think God is as powerful as organized religion makes him out to be. But God is good, and yes, he does care, but I think he is only a little stronger than the devil "Evil," and every day is a struggle. Just like my battle with these losers, you win some; you lose some. Do you think God would allow evil to exist if he could wipe it out like that?

I saw a movie that made me think that the truth is probably like the plot of this movie. Watch "The Adjustment Bureau" with Matt Damon if you haven't seen it already. I can see how I was helped in subtle ways over in Vietnam, where it would lead a logical person to believe that God can only sway things so far here on Earth and must pick and choose where he will put his energy in his never-ending battle to fight evil. Even when I was growing up, I escaped certain situations that could have led to my downfall had God not got me out of it through his subtle orchestration he can apply to our lives. I believe that God, unfortunately, can only interject into our lives so much, and even though I'm sure he wants to save us all, he can't and has to use his intervention powers wisely. I believe God helped me more than many people because he knew I would fight against evil and take some of the burdens off him for the battles that need to be fought on Earth. If you want to worship and love God more, try praying less and asking him for things and put that energy towards making God proud of what you are doing on this Earth. It's like dating; nobody wants it too easy; God doesn't need a billion lapdogs; he needs a few million "at least" people that really want to serve him and proactively fight evil. I saw the devil in Asia; God would not allow evil at that level to exist if he could help it. He needs our help. You have no clue what it's like over there when you live amongst them as I did. I could feel the weight of their eyes as they started to close in on me. People that smiled at me for a year turned into heartless zombies that only cared about getting my money no matter how long it took. Anyways, back to my journey to Jesus and God.

From the time I had my first pager when I was 16 years old, a popular thing to do with your girlfriend when pagers were around was to send the digits 143, which stands for "I love you" since "I" is one word, love is "4," and you is "3". The strange part is that I do not watch the clock or cares about time unless it's work-related, so I rarely glance at the clock, but if I do glance at the clock 20 times in 1 week, I swear that at least eight times out of 20 the time is 1:43 AM or PM. I have noticed this since I was 16, and it always was in the back of my mind, but I didn't overthink what it meant if anything for that matter. But recently, even though I have always had Cinemax, I never watched it even once, but my son was playing with the remote and changed the channel recently. It switched to Cinemax, and the movie "The Adjustment Bureau" was starting. I was relaxing on the couch and didn't feel like getting up to grab the remote and change the channel, so I just left it on, which is an example of how God can intervene in our lives. I don't think he can part seas as the Bible says, but I think he can nudge us like a steering wheel driving on a snow-covered road; he can only steer our direction so much before the forces of human nature hold and keep us going toward whatever path we are conducting ourselves. God's hands can only run so many steering wheels at one time, which means he needs to choose based on what will help assure the survival of "Good" in its never-ending fight against "Evil."

I was never an angel, but I never tried to hurt people and always met injustice head-on, whether for me or somebody else's benefit. I think God forgave my quirks for what he saw in me on my strengths that benefited the cause of protecting good against evil. I'm not just pulling crap out of the sky; I mean, I am the first person I can find on the internet that is going after the Triads monumentally, but that isn't an accident. God knew my fearlessness and absolute hatred of injustice long ago and everything that has occurred and every situation I escaped, both leading up to Vietnam and after, was meant to give me the ability to do what he knew I would do once confronted with and exposed to pure evil. This is why he chose to help steer my wheel more than most people, in my opinion. I have many examples, but here are a few that stuck with me over the years:

  1. When I was 28, I got into a fight with a guy that ran into an alley and grabbed a gun he had planted there and started to chase me with it. I stopped and stood there as the guy began to pull the trigger, and I could see his face change from pure determination to absolute fear as he dropped his arm down and fired just as I jumped. The gun was a huge .45 caliber that would have blown apart whatever it hit, but he missed and then ran off. The part that always puzzled me was his face and how it changed from aggressive and determined to frightened in a split second. I know how emotions work, and they don't change in a split second like that; they move along a scale and slowly change unless somebody is unaware and gets startled or finds out they won the lottery, which the complete changing of circumstances can explain. Still, this guy was already chasing me with a pointed gun; there wasn't anything that monumentally changed that explains how he went from one extreme to the other in a split second. I think he saw something meant to startle him and change his mental state, which was a spirit or angel doing God's work to assure I lived on to fight the more significant battles ahead.

  2. Another time was when I was 28, some asshole ex-boyfriend of my girlfriend was making threats to her and calling her constantly. I didn't put up with that shit and saw him in a bar, kicked his ass, and got arrested, although I got the charges dropped later. My luck wasn't good that night because this guy had a few friends that were cops, and they made sure they took their time on my paperwork. I ended up being in jail for 24 hours, even though it should have been 8 hours. The way jails work in Pittsburgh is that nobody goes out until the following day once they do a shift change at 11 PM. I knew my Buddy was upstairs bailing me out, but the guard told me that it was too late and nobody ever gets out after 11 PM. I was going insane and was ready to start punching everyone when suddenly, I hear a guard on the intercom asking if I was down there, to which the guy said yes, and the guard on the intercom said, well, get him up here, his bail is posted. I don't know why I was supposedly the only person ever to get released after 11 PM, but let me tell you, I was about to explode, and I was really into lifting weights with my testosterone levels higher than ever at that point in my life. I guarantee you I would have possibly got in a huge fight and caused myself to get in a position I couldn't quickly fix later. I think God nudged that guard upstairs to call for me even though it was past the time of complete lockdown.

  3. A year later, I was still a fitness fanatic, and the supplement that was supposed to release Human Growth Hormone called GHB was still legal and sold in Health Stores everywhere. If you know anything about GHB, you would know that it is essentially the same as the "date rape" drug if you take too much, and no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to keep yourself from falling asleep if you take enough to fall asleep. My girlfriend and I took it a few times, and both fell asleep at the same time while having sex, Ha-ha. You can't fight it; you can operate on somebody without waking up if they fall asleep from taking too much, which is why it is used as a date rape drug. Anyways, one time I took it and decided to go driving, and I fell asleep at least five times and woke up just as I was ready to smash off a wall without a second to spare. God was busy that night, that's for sure.

The age of 28 and 29 were two crazy years for me, that's for sure. I gave God a break after that for a while. I didn't require his help too much until I moved to Asia. In 2006, God did try to help me believe in him in a big way, but I found a way to logically dismiss it even though the writing was on the wall. My Dad died in 2006 at 4:301AM, and precisely one week later, at 4:31 AM, I was having what seemed to be a dream but was much too intense and real to be a dream. My Dad was on one knee and looked weak as my mother (who is still alive but was in the dream) talked and said, "all the years of gambling and drinking took their toll" (My Dad drank six beers every night and was good at handicapping horses, which was a full-time Hobby for him, but a stressful one since winning and losing money was a daily part of the hobby. He made money over the years, though, not much, but he was ahead in the end). The dream instantly changed to where my Dad was standing directly in front of me and was strong as he held out his arms and said, "My Life with Jesus Christ," as he leaned forward and hugged me. I could feel he was strong like he was before he got cancer, and I could smell him and everything. I instantly woke up with my heart beating like a drum, and my dogs were going crazy the moment I woke up. My ex was sleeping next to me and told me that she felt the wind in her ear just before I woke up and that she rubbed her ear from the wind hitting it because it caused her hair to tickle her ear when the wind blew. The windows were closed, and the furnace was off, so nothing could have caused a breeze. I couldn't get that out of my mind but still denied God's existence by thinking that people die and go to another dimension of sorts and that the people that believe the same as them get grouped similar to a Country and its better to be with a big group to defend against whatever is over there, so my Dad wanted me to believe to assure I wasn't an outcast after I died when I entered this other world. That's how I logically concluded the meaning of what happened until after I came back from Asia, where God showed me many more examples of proof that a hard head like myself needed to believe since I was a natural skeptic and strictly adhered to logic on the topic of whether he exists or not.

God Shows

Here are examples of things that happened in Asia that I believe God either did to help me or prove to me that he is real since he knew I struggled with that.

  1. The first thing that happened in Asia that I think God's hand was involved in showing me he was real was when I kept singing "Rooster" by the band "Alice in Chains," which I discussed earlier.

  2. The Airplane Plot has God written all over it to successfully guide me through all 5 phases they had set up in that extremely clever set-up.

  3. Their mastery of deception over in Asia is off the charts; God knows that and he knew I needed powerful evidence to prevent me from getting sucked in and believing Hong, so he made sure I saw a few things that would always stick with me whenever I was weak and started to believe her lies. God made sure I saw Hong's sister Tuoi's hatred towards Hong after the Airplane Plot to let me know that Hong could have done more to protect me because if Hong didn't have a choice, her sister wouldn't be angry at her for helping scam me. Other aspects that are too many to name are laced throughout this book, where too many coincidences of dumb luck add up to be something that dumb luck cannot explain.

  4. When my son screamed for me and wouldn't let go to get me to say they couldn't take him anywhere. God knew they were going to attack me, and he knew I needed another day before I would be ready to admit it was more than I could handle and go somewhere safe, and he knew Hong would stall her conspirators for at least a day if my son were still in the house.

  5. A few weeks after that, there were only two friends of Hong's that I didn't think were involved, and Hong wanted me to come to say hello and hang out, but I couldn't leave the bathroom because I was constipated for 5 hours. I never get constipated, and nothing happened as far as me eating differently that would have caused it, but I wasn't constipated anymore as soon as they left. I later found out from the girl who did love me, who told me all the dirty secrets on how the Triads run things in Asia, that they were involved. She told me they were going to say they bought drugs from me while the Police waited to storm the house, but they couldn't do it since I never left my office. So, you tell me, was my first constipation episode in history a coincidence? I don't think so.

  6. I had a strange feeling about my video surveillance system. I felt I needed to destroy it due to suspicion that they hacked it and were going to use it to set me up at any moment, so I grabbed it and put it in the microwave for 5 minutes, to which Hong came and asked me what I did. When I told her, she went crazy and kept asking me strange questions which I could tell were meant for me to answer so they could use it to set me up, but I just stood there and looked at her. The girl I mentioned before that told me everything confirmed that they were going to arrest me the next day because they had a guy come up to my house and act like he was handed something from inside the gate where the camera couldn't see but that he was going to claim he bought drugs from me. She told me he did this every day for a week and that they had all the visits recorded on my security camera that they had hacked. Only God could have got me to fry that system because I didn't think anything about why I was worried except that they hacked it to watch me only and not to set me up even though I guessed this later and then had the girl confirm I was right. She told me the whole plan they had, which I foiled by frying the security system. The following day, that Corrupt Cop looked at me angrily for the first time when he made the smoking gesture as he peered straight through me with a frustrated, angry look on his face.

  7. One night in early July 2011, I had a strange feeling and felt like I had to go down to the garage at 2 AM even though I never did that before. Within 30 seconds of me standing in the garage at 2 AM, I heard a window open, and keys drop on the street, and a motorcycle picked up the keys and drive off. I ran upstairs and started screaming at Hong. Hong first said she dropped them to her brother, but once she realized that made zero sense since we always physically let anybody in the house because you need keys and a garage door remote to let somebody in and the keys wouldn't be enough by themselves, so she instantly changed her story and said the neighbors must have dropped keys for somebody. I couldn't believe that she so blatantly lied and changed her story like I was a complete moron that would believe it. The keys could be used to open upstairs windows where they also could have got in the house. I had to stay up all night listening to see if somebody was coming, and the whole time, I would press the button on this Taser Stick I had that made a loud noise when pressed to let any would-be attackers know I was awake and ready. I went to a hotel again the next morning since I knew I wasn't safe there.

  8. Before I went back to the United States on July 14th, 2011, with my dogs for three weeks before I returned alone, I had a moving company come to pack my entire house to ship back to the United States. This company was anal about packing every item and wrapping every item. They even wrapped disposable pens and half-used toilet paper rolls, and the house was completely empty when they left. Still, I went through to make sure they didn't miss anything, and there wasn't anything in the entire house but garbage except for the room directly above my bedroom that Hong used to say she heard pounding from late at night and would say it was the Ghost. I did hear banging upstairs once at three in the morning, so I believed her. In that same room, the banging came from there was only 1 item which was the only thing left in the entire 7-bedroom house. The cross pictured below that my grandmother gave me as a gift that I told her not to buy me any more religious gifts because it wasn't my thing. Still, since it was from my grandmother, I kept it along with the Bible she gave me even though both items were always packed and not out on display. This cross obviously was a nice item and wasn't meant for the trash, and it was already packed in a box somewhere in the house but somehow made it out of the box and ended up in the same room that Hong said the Ghost occupied that scared her and her family. I remember looking at it and thinking that I still don't believe, but I'm sure as hell not leaving you with these evil people, so I picked it up and put it in my backpack and took it home with me to America. I think God was trying to test me and ask me if I will still deny him after everything he has done to shield me from this pure evil I was facing. Thank God I protected the cross even though I didn't believe it yet.

  9. My friend Jett that I did the memorial site for at, had a favorite hat his mother gave me after he died. My grandmother gave me this ugly camel a long time ago that many girlfriends I've had through the years have tried to throw away more than once, but I always saved that stupid camel for some reason. While I was in Vietnam, Hong and I stopped at a place to eat while driving to her mother's, and they sold Displays with Cobras inside them posed in different ways, and I decided to buy one. It just so happens I bought it on the way home from the visit when I killed the pic, which was meant to be my goodbye party and just 2 ½ weeks before they attempted the Airplane Plot that sent my life into a tailspin. Other than what I just mentioned, there wasn't any meaning to these items other than the first two were sentimental, and the third one was cool-looking. After I turned to the United States for Good, I was trying to clean my house. Still, I couldn't find a place to put those three items, so rather than box them up, I just put them on top of the refrigerator the way you see them in the picture below, and it has remained that way for months since I never moved them. Then one day, I happened to look on top of the refrigerator and stared at those three items when something hit me. Remember how the fortune teller guy said that I had a protector on the other side that was a guy about my age that I assumed was my friend Jett? You can also see that I protected and kept that camel since it was from my grandmother, and only me and my grandmother liked that camel. Well, my grandmother died in late 2011, and I still had to escape Vietnam when she died and couldn't come back for two more months when I finally got out of there with my son. The Snake display made me start to think, and I began to believe this whole display was symbolic of my situation in Vietnam and epitomizes the big picture of my entire struggle. Look how two giant cobras are trying to kill the little snake, but the little snake is still alive. You need to look closely, but there is a little snake in the Cobra's mouths. I think this arrangement shows how my friend was on top of things and protecting me, which symbolizes the hat, plus the fact that Hong heard the Ghost upstairs. My grandmother symbolizes the camel watching over me too, as I defy the odds and battle the Triads on one side and Hong and her family on the other. They represent the two snakes trying to destroy me, obviously, but I'm still alive. I thought that was amazing, even though some of you might think I have too much time on my hands to ponder into what it all meant.

  10. The hidden file that was being used by the Triads that was 666MB and erred out at 69%, that has God written all over it in the sense that he is trying to tell me who the devil on Earth is and the forbidden fruit that lured me over there to see firsthand!

  11. In September 2011, I was trying to get Hong a Visa to come back with my son and me to America when my Vietnamese Lawyer said it would be best if Hong had $20,000 US in her own account in Vietnam because the U.S. Embassy would see that she had assets in Vietnam and would be less likely to stay in America and violate her Visa. It made sense to me, so I had $20,000 wired to Hong's account. The day the wire took place, Hong and I were fighting, and I told her no less than five times to not screw it up and make sure she got the correct account number. The wire was rejected because the account number Hong gave me was wrong. Hong later admitted that she planned on taking my son somewhere in Vietnam and hiding forever if she had that money. I think God prevented that and made sure the account number was off a digit or two. I can't stress enough how I badgered Hong that day to make sure she got the correct account number because I was frustrated since I knew they were still coming after me at the time. I wouldn't have my son right now if the account number were correct.

  12. In November 2011, while in Mui Ne, I was in the bedroom alone, and Hong was in the kitchen on her computer when a girl I haven't talked to in almost a year sent me a message on Skype. I was tired and didn't feel like getting into it about the story when she asked how I was doing, so I quickly thought of a reply that would let her know I'm not doing well but at the same time give me a reason not to elaborate when she asked for details so I said to her that I couldn't talk on Skype about further information because the FBI told me not to. Within 2 minutes, Hong burst into the room saying, "Who were you talking to" while screaming at the top of her lungs. The girl I spoke with was through Chat, not a voice call, so I realized that Hong was involved in the plot and that they have my communications wholly hacked. I think God got that girl to contact me, knowing I would reply with a white lie. I called that girl a few days later and told her I lied because I didn't feel like getting into it, and she was shocked when I told her my ordeal.

  13. A week after the Skype incident, I had a stupid moment and thought once again that Hong was innocent, and her friends set her up. I called my mother while Hong was there and told her that I believe Hong is innocent. Hong left the house a few minutes later and came back in when I told her I had an awful feeling and thought we had to go to a hotel. The internet wasn't working, and my sim card was out of money even though I just added $30 U.S. that morning and barely used the phone. Hong said that she ordered me food and we need to wait because she felt bad since she already told the lady to get it. I told her that I didn't care, and we needed to leave. The front gate was locked, and I asked Hong for the key, to which she replied she doesn't know where she put it even though she just had it 5 minutes before when she left the house. I kicked the gate open as I noticed the neighbors sitting quietly on their porch, watching in the dark as the drama unfolded. I think they all had a front-row seat and were all aware that my end was near. Hong went outside to call the Calvary once she heard me tell my mother she was innocent. She didn't waste a minute before calling in the troops. My money was in Singapore, and she could have got it if I died, and she wasted no time. I think God made me have a stupid moment because he needed me to see who she was without any doubts whatsoever. After that night, I decided I was going to America without Hong, and just me and my son would be going, so I fought her over the issue for a few days until she relented and said yes. God didn't want me to bring Hong to America; he showed me what I needed to see. The next day I called my mother and told her I was wrong and that Hong was involved 100% as I told her about every plot in detail that Hong and her people did. That saved me because Hong backed off since she knew my family would protest her getting my money if I died since they knew she was involved. That was the straw that broke the camel's back and caused Hong to give up and silently admit defeat. She helped me a lot in getting my son's Visa to leave the country. She was tired and couldn't battle me any longer.

  14. After I moved back to the United States, I met a girl that I dated a few times before becoming friends with her since I moved away from Florida. This girl was very religious, and at the time, I was Agnostic, and we would have civil conversations about the whole thing, and she got the chills and said, "OMG, I don't know what it is when I'm around you, but my spiritual energy goes crazy. I asked her what she meant and if she meant something as far as physical attraction, and she said it has nothing to do with that, but it's her spiritual energy she feels when she is in touch with God. She then told me that God has huge plans for me. I started to think, wow, why is she predicting God will have huge plans for a guy that telling her he doesn't buy the whole God story I thought. Well, about a month after that, I came through the fog after piecing together everything that happened in my life and made a few core tweaks regarding the facts that I think may have been a little exaggerated regarding religion, and I saw my purpose and now believe in God and Jesus Christ 100%

I admit I have rough edges and blaze my own trails on almost everything in life, but that's who I am, and I will do what I think God would want me to do to help him while I'm here. As I said, God is Good, but he needs his people to do his work here on Earth because he can't just press a button like many people are taught to believe to scare them into believing as a shortcut rather than truly convince them. I asked my family why they believed many times, and the only answer I ever got was "I just believe." Or "it's in the Bible." Well, that wasn't enough for me, and I thank God for giving me concrete proof. As of 2013, I didn't know what his overall hopes were for me; maybe it's for me to explain how I came to believe in him because I think my story is more convincing than any I've heard as far as getting a skeptic to convert goes, or maybe its multiple purposes which I'm meant to struggle and expose these evil men in Asia and save the poor girls that are treated like livestock. I think God is Good, and the way they treat their woman is anything but good, so I guess it's safe to say God would be thrilled I'm doing this. I have so much more to write about God but need to keep the theme of this book going, so I'll go back to 2011 in Vietnam.