The Triads - part 3



The Cattle Prod- This audio is where I tell Jasmine how I tormented my pursuers that were constantly harassing me by smashing bricks off my house.


The Motorcycle Chase - This audio is where Jasmine details what happened the day I was chased by three motorcycles across town as I tried to get the remaining $100,000 US out of my house. This chase occurred only days before I left Vietnam with my dogs when my friend came to help me hire movers and get the hell out of the country.

December 2nd, 2011- I escape Vietnam with my Son


These three audio clips bring chills to my spine to this day. I left Vietnam with my son on his 1-year birthday with the full consent of his mother. I got to Pennsylvania to my mother's house 24 hours later and called Hong immediately on Skype. I thought it was extremely odd that she was panicked and going crazy when she answered the phone. She was screaming and saying, "where are you? Where is my son?" to which I replied by telling her that she knew it would take 24 hours for me to get back. Jasmine blew my mind when she shed light on this in the three audio recordings on the left. I remembered after these recordings the thing Jasmine kept saying my grandmother wanted me to remember about an envelope. Hong gave me a big manilla envelope with Vietnamese food inside it and told me to give it to my mother as a gift. I remember thinking it would spoil by the time I got to America, so I threw it in the trash before going through security at the airport in Vietnam. Hong supposedly had a cop working on the inside at the airport that was supposed to check my luggage and find the drugs she had hidden inside the food. The plan was to arrest me and bring my son back outside to Hong, but since I threw the food away, there were no drugs to find when I went through security, so they had to let me pass. That explains why Hong was so crazy when I called her on Skype once I got to Pennsylvania. What a Bitch!


Surrounded in 2014 on 3 sides- Jasmine explains the real reason behind why they had three people banging on my hotel walls in 2014 in Vietnam. They wanted me to move somewhere else to more easily be able to kill me since the hotel was on a busy, well-lit road.


The completely controlled Internet - Jasmine told me what I already suspected. Jasmine is not a computer geek; this was my great-grandmother explaining what happened and how isolated they had me to be able to kill me without messages for help reaching anyone. The Triads' had my entire internet environment isolated and running on their own servers. They even had English-speaking customer service reps answering local Vietnamese numbers for Google Suite support. They had vast parts of the internet cloned that they use to push their targets onto just before they go in for the kill. The purpose of this is to intercept all emails and messages because you are not connecting with the actual website; you are using a fake clone that they host. They spoof SSL certificates and trick your devices into thinking they are at or when you aren't.

Airport Escape 2015 - Only God could have pulled this one off


This audio clip details how Hong was trying to lie to the police and have me arrested in Vietnam in 2015. Listen to the absolute level of detail Jasmine gives. It's insane.


Jasmine explains how impossible it was for me to get on the airplane. When I first called the airline, they said they had a ticket in 8 days, but the call disconnected. When I called back right away, they said they had a flight leaving early the following day. Jasmine said it was a miracle because the airplane was full. I remember confusion at the ticket counter once I arrived, but they still issued the ticket, and I left. Even the aircraft took off 10 minutes early. Everything was working in my favor, even the impossible!


These two audios on the left do a deeper dive into the amazing escape in 2015 at the HCMC Airport. Unbeknownst to me, Hong was waiting for the police from her hometown to show up at the airport with arrest papers to stop me. The amazing part is that Jasmine said I didn't even have another 5 minutes to spare, and my flight just happened to take off 10 minutes early. She said that my guardian angels were busy at work, causing people not to notice things or make keystroke mistakes when checking me in. She even said that my Great-Grandmother and friend Jett caused an accident on the freeway to slow down the cop delivering the arrest papers. My ex didn't say goodbye to my son because she knew he wouldn't be leaving the country (or so she thought). Hong's sister was calling me non-stop once I got back to the States. I now realize that she did that to see if I made it back to the U.S. Notice how Jasmine also says that Hong was mad because I didn't give her money as I pretended. Before we got in the taxi, I remember walking up to the A.T.M. machine but then stopped and thought, "Fuck Her," and turned around without giving her a dime. Jasmine knew this; she knew every detail. My family in the sky was there the entire time and saw it all.

Time for Jasmine to shed light on my battle with the Triads for the time period 2016-2021 (see below)


CATCH ME IF YOU CAN - In this audio, Jasmine guides me through what the Triads know about me and the different ways they try to kill me. The first audio was recorded a month before the one below it. Notice how she even knew that I canceled my Sprint service. She explains that they will never kill me because I am protected, and my karma doesn't allow me to die at their hands.


HATERADE - In this audio, Jasmine explains how badly the Triads and my ex's family in Vietnam hate me.


Hacked Firmware- In this audio, Jasmine explains how the Triads still had my computer hacked even after I did a complete reinstall of the operating system. I surmised in this audio that they had my computer chip hacked but later discovered that it was the hard-drive firmware that they had hacked. Once I replaced the hard drive, the computer ran as expected without strange processes running in the background or unexplained firewall logs. Jasmine was right again, as usual.


In this audio, Jasmine discusses and explains who this guy is that I posted about earlier.


AMATEUR LOCKSMITH (Me) SAVES THE DAY - In this audio, Jasmine explains how the fat white girl tried to enter my house again when I was visiting my mom in Pennsylvania.


The Triads Are Coming! - This audio explains the calm before the storm where Jasmine said I would be hacked. She was correct; I made a mistake a week later and went to a local MetroPCS where the girl working there was paid to give me a cloned sim card. It was a nightmare. I ended up erasing my iPhone and driving an hour away to buy a new sim card.


This audio shows Jasmine telling me how I changed everything on my computer and escaped the Triads (a.k.a "The Chinese"). I didn't even tell Jasmine about the big moves I made, but she obviously knew without me telling her because my great-grandmother talked through Jasmine. What I did was monumental because I not only changed my iTunes account, but I enabled restrictions on the iPhone that prevented account changes once I had the account set up. This crushed their hack because it was impossible to enable game-center while that restriction was turned on, and they were tracking me using game-center. I knew I had a breakthrough once I figured that out, but Jasmine knew without me telling her a thing.

Below are three different links (click each box to view) to a blog I wrote in 2012 detailing the different ways the Triads were hacking me back then, which still work to this day, so be careful. I replaced all my devices in 2015 at one time and essentially defeated those hacks, but it shows you how screwed you'll be if they can get physical control over even one of your devices. Scary Stuff!


The Turd Father - This audio discusses Macau's #4 most powerful Triad Luis Lui. I used to think he was the most powerful in Macau but discovered later that he was only #4 in Macau. This guy looks like a Monkey and is a prime example of how pathetic the typical Triad is. Below are pictures of him where he tries to act as a productive member of society. In reality, he is a criminal piece of shit that hides in the shadows while masquerading as a legitimate businessman.

The funny part is that the middle pic below (Luis' business card) is a business that doesn't even exist anymore. I harassed this piece of shit so much that he changed the name of his company, changed his phone number, and took down his website, lol. (try to visit the website on the business card or call the number; you'll see). The Triads are trash; they will buckle if you know how to isolate and identify the top guys. I mastered fighting these dirtbags over the past decade. They are very predictable at this point.


THESE 2 AUDIOS ARE UNREAL - In the first audio, you'll hear where Jasmine warns me that Thanksgiving will be a dangerous time and that I'll be hacked around Thanksgiving. The 2nd audio was on 12-8-2017, where I tell Jasmine that I discovered the hack on Thanksgiving Day. They somehow added a malicious A.D.S. file "alternative data stream" to my Windows folder in the root directory of my computer. This was an amazing prediction by Jasmine. I discovered this A.D.S. "alternative data stream" hack on Thanksgiving Day.


THIS BITCH HERE!!!!!!!! - Jasmine nailed this 100%. After this recording, I remember that when I took this girl home, I needed to stop on the turnpike and use the restroom due to a huge stomachache and diarrhea. The Triads sent this P.O.S. Woman to try and poison me. I met her on, and the rest is explained in the audio.


This girl approached me at a bar in Vegas and sent me this picture of herself the next day when I asked for a photo. She took 10 minutes to send the pic because she didn't want me to have proof of who she was since she was hired to scam me.



In this audio, you'll hear me on a facetime video call with Jasmine where she is telling me where the Triads implanted a tracking device on my car. After I got off the call with her, I jacked up my vehicle for a better view and was able to find the device in the general area she referenced on the call.


I made this website live around July 10th, 2021 but didn't advertise it or even list it with any search engines. Below are statistics for the domain that points to this site. Notice how the traffic exploded on Monday, July 19th, 2021, in the image on the left below. Also, see how Hong Kong and China have the 2nd and 3rd most visitors in the image on the right below. The Triads obviously got news about this site. Not that I'm surprised, but about a week later, starting July 26th, 2021, I didn't see any more Asian guys at the gym when I was there. Not even one. The Triads saw this site, instantly shit themselves when they realized that I've been gathering evidence all along, and then decided they better crawl entirely back into the shadows since they know I'll post every move they make. The same happened with that "beauty" I called "CC." CC hasn't been outside at all when I came home for over a week now since July 26th, 2021. This was about the same time the Chinese guys disappeared from the gym.

The screenshots below are typical of how the Triads try to instill fear in me (except it never works, lol). I have a family member that lives near Uniontown Hospital. The Triads are trying to send me a threat meant to say they will put this person in the hospital if I don't back off. In the image on the bottom right, I answered it. I cheerfully said hello, knowing already that it was them, and got the same loser response as usual when they spoof phone numbers to try and send me subtle threats. They just say nothing and hang up after a few seconds. These clowns are so easy to predict.

Missed Call on 8/5/21

Missed Call on 8/6/21

Answered Call on 8/9/21

This is a cable bill I received that stated I ordered a movie called “Murder.” I didn’t order it; my girlfriend didn’t order it, and my son didn’t order it. The Triads somehow hacked into Comcast and added that movie to my bill to try and send a message and scare me.

Today is August 10th, 2021. My war with the Triads continues to this day. Jasmine informed me that the Triads would attempt to make me have a car accident soon by either sabotaging my car or running me off the road. They seem to think that if they can at least injure me, it will give them a chance to kill me with black magic. I will update this section once I have more stories to write about, but now it's time to read about a much stronger opponent than the Triads "Evil Spirits summoned by Evil People." Click the button below to proceed to the "Black Magic Battle," which is still happening at this very moment!