The Triads - Part 2

Time for Jasmine to shed light on my battle with the Triads for the time period 2009-2015 (see below)




Many of you may remember earlier in the story that I went to Vietnam for seven weeks in 2009 to decide if I would move there but mostly to find a place and move there since I wanted to be with Hong. These two recordings on the left are jaw-dropping in my opinion because I remembered after Jasmine jogged my memory that I became deathly ill when I was at 7's wedding when she married the Triad, where I was supposedly the best man. Jasmine is explaining exactly what they did at that wedding. The picture below shows Hong with Nhung only moments before Nhung offered me a sip of a drink that had poison in it. I seriously thought I was going to die that night but chalked it up as Jungle Fever. Jasmine said that they didn't believe in me because I gave them the impression that I still might change my mind and not move there. Jasmine was 100% correct. I didn't realize what had happened until she told me, but it makes 100% sense now that I relive the events that took place while I was there at that wedding.

Hong & Nhung

I took this picture in November 2009 in Can Tho, Vietnam, just moments before Nhung gave me poison. I became deathly ill, and Hong didn't even accompany me back to the hotel because she thought I was going to die and made the excuse that she needed to stay at 7's house all night to help prepare the wedding. Pure bullshit. They thought I would die that night, and I almost did. You can practically see in Hong's eyes that she thought she would never see me again. Fuck these conniving bitches.

Ho Chi minh wannabe

This scumbag on the left that looks like Ho Chi Minh was the guy that Jasmine said wanted to have my passport and gave the order to poison me that night. He is triad scum and is now dead, according to Jasmine. The guy on the right was his driver. Enemies in Asia always come with a smile; keep that in mind. Jasmine said he wanted to take a picture with me because he was impressed that I didn't die from the poison they gave me the night before. They tried to poison me again right after this pic was taken by my ex because I became deathly ill again but recovered within 30 minutes this time.



I bought Hong's family nine motorcycles in January 2011. This is where Jasmine explains how they tried to poison me a month after that. I remember getting extremely ill around that time too. Jasmine jogged my memory about things that I almost forgot but remembered once she brought up the subject. It was truly amazing how the information she gave me caused me to remember things I almost forgot.


The Chinese Ogre - Jasmine explains how the Triads had guns at a nightclub in Macau where I almost got into a fight with a tall Chinese Guy and that I was lucky not to get killed this night.

Smuggling $350,000 US worth of Chinese Yuan to Singapore


Remember the 1.5 million Chinese Yuan above that I had to smuggle out of Vietnam after my ex and her friend Nhan acted as though they were cleaning my office but were only doing it to search for and steal my custom's declaration for when I brought that money into Vietnam? Jasmine explains what went down there while I was at the airport in the audio on the above right.

HCMC Airport Scam on 4-14-2011 (Jasmine clarifies below and adds to what really happened)


This audio on the left is where Jasmine confirms that Zulfiya was correct when she said that the necklace her friend gave me was cursed and would have gotten me killed had I not flushed it down the toilet on the airplane. I thought it was a drug set-up, but it was a set-up for smuggling a stolen necklace from a museum that had serious black magic added to it to give me serious bad luck in addition to it being a stolen necklace. Notice how Jasmine reminds me of what I forgot because it was my great-grandmother talking through her. I also discuss with Jasmine how I destroyed my home security hard drive because I feared that they hacked it and made it look like I was a drug dealer. The truth of what they had planned was much more sinister. They wanted to set me up as though I was having sex with kids (I wasn't, but they were going to make it look like young girls were coming into my room even though they weren't).

I took this video only minutes after Hong realized that I just microwaved the surveillance hard drive containing the fake video that they doctored to make it look like I had young girls entering my room in Vietnam.


The audio on the left explains how Hong lied to the Black Magic Guy and explains exactly why Hong was so furious in the video above. Jasmine didn't see the video above at all but notice how everything fits and gets pulled together as far as what their sinister plot for me was.


This audio is where Jasmine explains why they chose the necklace that they chose. It was ancient and had ancient stones, making it easier to infuse black magic into the necklace.


These audio clips are where Jasmine explains to me about the cop that walked me outside and even tried to take my passport at the airport on 4-14-2011 but relented after I wouldn't release my grip on my passport. The cop was in on the scam but now supposedly views me as a folk hero since I was able to get away that day. The mentioning of Facebook in this audio was Jasmine referencing a fake Facebook account I had where I exposed Hong, and her family and friend requested all of Hong's friends in addition to their friends to the point where I had 5,000 friends. Everyone involved in the plot to take me down from Vietnam watched that Facebook account when I pushed it in 2016. The account has since been removed for community violations, lol.

Poison, Poison & more Poison - The many attempts to kill me with Poison


That BITCH!!!!!! (Hong)

This is also the point where I realized that Jasmine meant my "Great-Grandmother," not my grandmother that she was talking to 99% of the time.


Once I was back in the United States, I noticed flyers that were left on my door from time to time. I walked around the neighborhood and saw that the flyer was not on any other door, even not on the door of the upstairs apartment that I knew was vacant. I surmised that the flyer was left for me in hopes I would order and that they would send me poisoned food. It was always a Chinese place a few miles away but not close to my home either. It didn't make sense, and Jasmine confirmed that it was a plot to send me poisoned food.

May & June 2011 - Two Months in True Hell

After escaping the airplane plot detailed above and on the HOME PAGE, my enemies became bolder and bolder and started to do things like smash bricks off the wall where I spent 90% of my time in the house. There wasn't a window on the side where they smashed the bricks, so I had no way of knowing who was doing it. This was also when Hong brought Giang into the house and made up the story that he wanted to complain to her about his wife, but he was there to kill me in reality.

As detailed earlier in the story, Giang brought me a gift of Japanese Swords (below) but held the swords tightly after my ex left the room, which I now know was supposed to be the moment for him to kill me with the sword. God made me very naive at that time because if I caught on to what was happening, I would have killed that piece of shit and ended up in jail with my money confiscated. I will never forget how Giang stood there breathing hard but didn't try to swing the sword. I now realize that it was God blocking him and that I was protected from being killed. The naive cluelessness I had subsided two days later after a second kill attempt when he brought four guys to my house, but they all just sat there arguing before two of the guys got up and left. That too was a block move by God that prevented me from being killed. Only about an hour after all four guys left did the fog clear, and I realized what just happened over the past two days, and I went into a rage against Hong by accusing her of helping them try to kill me. As luck would have it, the interpreter that I hired from California just so happened to be in Vietnam at the time and came over after I requested that he moderate an argument between Hong and me since Hong did still speak broken English. It wasn't easy to explain details to her. Below is the audio where Jasmine explains that he was a good guy and knew Hong was scamming me but didn't know how to come out and tell me.