The Triads - Part 1

In ancient China, the Triad was one of three major secret societies. It established branches in Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese communities. Known as "mainland Chinese criminal organizations," they are of two major types: dark forces (loosely organized groups) and black societies (more mature criminal organizations). Two features that distinguish a black society from a dark force are the ability to achieve illegal control over local markets and receiving police protection. The Hong Kong triad refers to traditional criminal organizations operating in (or originating from) Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and south-east Asian countries and regions, while organized-crime groups in mainland China are known as "mainland Chinese criminal groups." ~Wikipedia

My battles have always been with the Macau-based Black Society Triads that have connections globally. They have people on the inside at all major corporations and telecoms in addition to having blackmail on people in politics throughout the world. They can pretty much do whatever they want, but like most scumbag organizations, their Achilles heel is that they fear being exposed. They would love nothing more than to see me dead, but I've been lucky to date and don't think God will allow them to kill me anyway, so my level of concern is low even though I do proceed through life with caution. My war with them continues to this day and will probably continue for the rest of my life. As you'll learn later, I signed up for this and have no regrets.

By now, you should have already read the numerous battles I've had with the Macau Triads from 2009 to 2015. I wish I could say that it ended in 2015, but "true to form," the Triads are like Herpes and don't ever go away no matter how many times you deliver a solid "L" to them. That said, let me continue detailing the many other battles I've had with them from 2016 to the present, in addition to straying from time to time to add context to the 2009-2015 period using the additional information gathered from Jasmine.

Jasmine warned me that the Triads were having people follow me, especially when I was at the gym since I didn't go anywhere but the gym or pick up my son from school. Sometimes I went out, but for the most part, I was a hermit that stayed home from 2015 to now. Whenever I thought someone was possibly following me, I didn't just take Jasmine's word for it, but I made sure I randomized the times I went to the gym, and if I saw the same person arrive after me, I was able to put two and two together and knew that they were tailing me. The guys below were at the gym at least 90% of the times that I went, even if I went at 9 AM on some days, 11:30 AM others, and 2 PM on others. I went at different times constantly and knew who was following me. Not only were they following me, I knew the Triads sent them, but I also knew by the way they behaved. They would change the guys every few months but always had 1 or 2 guys at the gym whenever I was there that would always arrive a few minutes after me. Jasmine told me many times that the Triads feared I would expose them, so they also wanted to scare me in hopes I'd shy away in fear. They would have these different goons follow me around the gym and get on a treadmill two treadmills away from me, and their timing could not be ignored. They always seemed to get on the treadmill at the 10-minute mark of me getting on. They did this to send a message. They didn't confront me or do anything like that; they always did subtle things that made it obvious who they were sent by. Below are pictures of guys the Triads sent that passed the 90% or more test I used above and people that got on a treadmill or elliptical two machines away from me at the same 10-minute mark every single time. Jasmine also confirmed each of the people below as being sent by the Triads.

This guy also passed the 90% test and randomized times I mentioned above, but the way that I discovered him was unique. If you pay attention, you'd be amazed at how much guidance you receive from your guardian angels. I was pulling into the gym and saw a spot, but I missed it by 5 feet to the point where I needed to back up to pull into the spot. For some strange reason, I instead chose to drive all the way down the parking section and come back down the other side to where I parked in a much worse spot but felt drawn to the guy in this car. This guy was waiting for me to arrive, and it was my friend Jett's spirit that somehow pushed me toward him to see the enemy.

This guy here nearly shit himself when he saw that I knew he was filming me while he was on a back rowing machine as I was on the treadmill. I saw him aim his camera towards me while I stared at him as he looked up. He instantly got nervous and stopped facing his camera towards me.

Above are only 6 of the people. There were many more than that, but I didn't take pictures of them all because I grew tired of it after awhile.


CLOSE CALL - In 2019, I went to watch a football game with relatives. The route I took home was desolate and only had a vehicle go past every 5 minutes or so, but it was the fastest route according to Google Maps, and the Triads knew that and plotted accordingly. About 10 yards before a sharp left bend, I felt my wheel give way, and I had to hard-pull the steering and overcorrect as I went into the curve. I barely missed hitting the telephone pole that was located very close to the road. The Triads had someone put a spring-loaded device on the road that punctured the sidewall instantly. I didn't see anything on the road as I was driving. It was the perfect place to do it too. This was the 2nd time they tried to make me have an accident. Tire sidewalls don't just bust like this, and I couldn't see, nor did I feel myself run anything over.


This strip mall has a Chinese Restaurant on the far right and a laundromat on the left down a ways. This is not a busy strip mall, and there is always plenty of parking for every business. After I sent Jasmine this video, she (via my great-grandmother) told me that the Chinese Restaurant is a local business in my area where the Triads meet (probably owned by a Triad, but I forgot to ask Jasmine). Jasmine said that the reason these guys parked next to me and went to the Restaurant, only to come back a minute later and wait there the entire time I was there (1-hour 10 minutes total), was that they feared I discovered their secret meeting place. They stupidly panicked and sent these goons to watch me, which gave it away in addition to the Fat Mexican guy I explain in the next section. The Chinese Restaurant was the first business when you entered the strip mall also, so they needed to pass it and drive an additional 100 yards to park next to me only to walk back 100 yards to go to it, and then return 100 yards to their car and wait over an hour until I left.

PLEASE NOTE: I tend to label people and give them "rude" nicknames. I also tend to use colorful, crass language against those that I know are my enemy. You won't see political correctness in this story because I am talking about men and women that tried to kill me. I give the absolute least amount of respect I can to these people when I describe them in the story. Please keep that in mind and excuse the language I use for these cretins because they all deserve the least amount of respect possible!

The Fat Mexican - AKA "El Gordo" - God works in mysterious ways. The place I currently live has a school bus stop at the end of the development, and my son was the only kid in our development, so he was the only one waiting for the bus to go to school at that bus stop the first year we lived there. I always drove to the bus stop and stayed with my son until the bus arrived. A year later, a new kid started showing up at the bus stop. I didn't think anything of it at first. Still, the same day I saw the Asian guys at the laundromat in the above video, I also saw that same kid's father walk into the Chinese Restaurant alone. He didn't leave for 15 minutes but left without food and didn't return either the remaining hour I was parked at the strip mall. This guy was hard to miss. He was as big as a house, and he was Mexican. Not a lot of 400-pound Mexicans where I live, so it was hard not to notice him. He worked for the Triads, and they moved him into my housing plan in hopes that he could befriend me and have me possibly invite his wife and kid to wait in my car on the cold days as we waited for the bus since 75% of the time, they walked to the bus stop and stood there in the cold. Jasmine confirmed this and said they would stuff drugs under my seat and have someone call the police to frame me as a drug dealer. Typical triad bullshit. The amazing part is that this laundromat wasn't the closest to my place. Whenever I needed to use a laundromat, I would go to one only 1/2 mile away. The only reason I went to this one was that I told my mother that I needed to wash my comforter and her husband suggested that I go to a new laundromat that I never heard of before. The very fact that he suggested this place was divine intervention, in my opinion, meant to shed light on where my enemies operated and even who my enemies were since I just happened to go at the perfect time and pull up as "El Gordo" was entering the Chinese Restaurant.

Meet "C.C." (short for "Cambodian Cunt")

On the left is a picture of a woman I labeled CC. My Thai girlfriend said she thinks the lady is Cambodian from hearing her yapping on her cell phone when she came home one day. CC always seems to be walking outside the very moment my girlfriend or I come home. In the winter, she always seems to be walking out to her car to get something the very moment we are pulling up. We can leave the house four times in one day, and three of those four times we come back, CC is just walking outside. The timing couldn't be more obvious. She lives in the front of my building but could not get outside that fast whenever we come home just by watching from her window because you can't see a car coming until it is 50 yards away from the apartment. I knew the Triads sent her to live there in hopes she could cause me to argue with her, upon which she would press charges to get me in trouble. The Triads know that I have a bit of a temper, and they try to exploit that to their benefit. Jasmine confirmed this even though I instinctively knew what they were up to, given my vast experience fighting the Triads and understanding how they operate. CC has two cars, one with PA plates, another with CA plates. CC doesn't have a job that she goes to and is home 99% of the time. These garbage bags fund her entire life. They pay her to live there to have a set of eyes nearby in addition to a hacking center nearby.

How did CC know that my girlfriend or I were coming home? See below for that explanation. But keep in mind that she was never outside whenever we randomly left the apartment, but only when we were returning or during easy to predict times like when I had to take my son to the bus stop or go pick him up since those times were predictable. They knew that schedule, and CC was there, being the annoying eyesore she is nearly every time. They also use CC's apartment as a hacking base where they attempt to hack me wirelessly by remotely connecting to the devices in CC's house and using them as a launch point to try and break into my wireless network.

CELL TOWERS AND HOW CLEVER HACKERS CAN TRACK YOUR EVERY MOVE JUST BY KNOWING YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER - Most people don't realize that whenever you are driving anywhere, your cell phone connects to a cell tower that is closest to your location, and depending on how far you go, your phone may connect and disconnect from dozens of different cell towers along the way. The Triads know my phone number in addition to my girlfriends, so it's easy for them to have a general idea of when we are coming home since we connect to our local cell tower, and they can monitor when we are pinging off that tower. Once we ping off that tower, they send "CC" an automated message using some app that lets her know that we just pinged the local cell tower and will most likely be pulling up in 5 minutes. That's why she can always be walking out the door the very moment we arrive, even though the view of us approaching is only 50 yards away and impossible for her to even be watching and exiting the front of the building that fast. My son and my girlfriend noticed it; we laugh every time we see her walking out just as we are pulling up. It happens more than 75% of the time we come home but 0% of the time when we are leaving unless we are leaving at an easy to predict time, like when I have to drop off or pick my son up from the bus stop.