Black Magic Battle

Part 8

Hong & Her Family

Jasmine told me that Hong's family is the evilest in ALL of Vietnam. She said that her family has done nothing but kill, steal and rape for many generations. They rape all their children in addition to other people's children starting at age five, and Hong even told me that her father killed an American guy in Cambodia once and then cooked and shared his liver with three other people "Cannibalism." This was when I could tell she loved me and was trying to warn me that her father was dangerous. The entire family was dangerous, but they all smiled and used deception to the fullest. Below are several examples of how evil this family is (was, since many have died in the past five years)

All the pictures below were taken by me. Now you can see why I trusted this evil family. They all seemed so loving and friendly all the time, but every one of them knew that the plan was to kill me eventually, even if they didn't help directly. This is how they rolled.

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Listen to Jasmine "Once Again" tell me something I already knew but wasn't thinking of until she told me.


This audio explains how Hong put 2 of her western Ex's in prison near her father's house in Vi Thanh, Vietnam. Hong was only 22 when I met her, but she managed to kill two guys with poison and imprison two more before meeting me. Hong also had two kids that she sold before having my son. Her body was perfect though, and she didn't have any noticeable scars or stretch marks. She knew how to take care of herself since that was needed to make money. She was the ultimate "Siren"...


In this audio, Jasmine explains how my Ex was a devil even as a child, and was the strongest in her entire family.

(Whenever I say "Strong," I mean that the spirit is strong and that the person is very hard to kill, the stronger they are. A strong spirit is different than a strong human. A strong human may have a weak spirit and can be easily killed with black magic, while a small woman can be very hard to kill with black magic if she has a strong spirit. The character we play in life does not always mirror our spirit as far as strength)


Jasmine explains the obvious here when she said all the men in Hong's family were lazy and women have the power. I noticed that right away after I moved there.


This audio explains the lady and the baby I circled in this photo. It's incredible how much Jasmine, "actually my great-grandmother," knew. These were details I noticed but never spoke about because they were petty, in my opinion. My great-grandmother indeed was there every single minute, studying everything to protect me. My friend Jett was the same. They were my top 2 guardian angels.

Hong's Sister Tuoi


Zulfiya and Jasmine confirmed that Hong's sister Tuoi was in jail in 2018 and would return again.


This audio discusses Hong's sister's Australian Husband and her Ex-husband, that was Vietnamese. The Vietnamese Husband died in late 2017 because of Hong's family doing black magic on him. In Vietnam, her sister and their criminal connections isolated their email accounts to prevent emails from going out that they didn't want to be delivered.

The audio on the right was recorded six months after the one above that talked about Tuoi living in Vietnam with the Australian husband while still being near the Vietnamese ex-husband. As you'll hear, the Australian husband went back to Australia, and the Vietnamese ex-husband is now dying.


The guy's name is Cuong in the pic on the left "with Tuoi" and was Tuoi's Vietnamese Ex-husband that is now dead. Tuoi doesn't look like a killer at all, but just like her sister and Father, they were ruthless and had no issues killing people. Tuoi wasn't this evil when I first went to Vietnam because I saw her upset with Hong once whenever she knew Hong tried to kill me (I did spoil her too, though). Still, the demons in this family take over eventually, and Tuoi blossomed into a ruthless black widow, just like her sister.

The audio on the right was recorded in late 2017. In this audio, Jasmine discusses Hong's fate and what her life will be like for decades in the spirit world once she dies.


The audio on the right discusses the image below


The audio below discusses Hong's Mother, who is pictured in red on the left. This audio was recorded at the beginning of 2018, and Jasmine predicted that Hong's Aunt would die 1st, Hong's Uncle 2nd, Hong's Mother 3rd, and Hong 4th. I posted this picture on Facebook in early 2018 before anyone died. In the end, Jasmine correctly predicted 1st, 2nd, and 3rd but was off on Hong passing that year since Hong didn't die until September 13th, 2019. Remember how I told you that Hong somehow plugged into my son's soul and energy and was able to prolong her life.


The audio to the right discusses the uncle listed above the subtitle "2ND - 2018" above.


The audio on the right discusses how Hong missed the funeral on the Aunt above because she was too sick to attend. The audio below that one on the right outlines how Hong is sending me spirits, hoping that I'll stop sending everything back to her and her family.



This audio is so sad. I remember how he wasn't at the Father's house the last time I was in Vietnam in 2015. Hong's piece of shit father threatened to kill him because he wanted to help me.


In this audio, Jasmine explains how Hong only ever loved me and will die with my memory.


In this audio, Jasmine explains how my Ex hired a Lawyer in an attempt to get my son back to Vietnam.


In this audio, Jasmine discusses how the Chinese "Triads" are trying to steal my money and how they are trying to purport me as an "unfit parent" to help my Ex... I didn't realize what would come about six months later, but as usual, Jasmine "via my Great-Grandmother" was prophetic.



After everything that happened, part of me still loved her until the end. Jasmine said she was dying in September for sure, even though some of her prior predictions regarding Hong's death were off since Hong somehow spiritually plugged into my son for power to stay alive by doing some ritual in addition to non-stop meditating on him. I knew she died the moment it happened. I felt a jolt of energy, and the walls creaked from corner to corner. As I was falling asleep, I started to dream a minute before falling asleep; it was like being in the twilight zone. The dreams were intense and non-stop all night. In my dream, I saw an ugly witch that wouldn't come closer than 20 feet but kept trying to spit on me as she scowled. The dream's setting was in my apartment complex, and I was walking down the street at dusk and saw red eyes peering from all the apartment windows. It was crazy. I called Jasmine the following day and asked if she died, and Jasmine said yes. Jasmine said that the witch I saw in my dream was a witch that lived inside Hong and that when Hong died, the witch was expelled from her body and came to attack me out of anger since I essentially evicted her, lol. It was ten years, one month, two weeks & 3 days after I first laid eyes on her that she died.

Goodbye, my little "em yeu." I truly wish things could have been different. I waited a day before telling my son that his mother had died, but he was OK. He didn't cry; he didn't see her (even via FaceTime) for over four years at that point. She has visited me five times in my dreams since she died; The whole thing is just sad. Destiny is not always fun, it was either her or me though, and she drew first blood in this battle. I forgave her so many times, only to be betrayed again and again.

After my ex died, we started to smell a very strong smell of death for minutes at a time every few days. Jasmine said it was my Ex showing up as a spirit inside my house. Exactly two months after she died (the full moon in November 2019), my new girlfriend said she smelled her presence and I smelled it too. Something told me to look outside and I saw this creepy black cat already staring inside my house before I even opened the slider. I then started to record the video on the left.


I started receiving calls from the F.B.I. in December 2019 but ignored them at first, thinking that it was the Triads spoofing their number to play games until they finally left a message and it sounded like a legit white lady. I finally decided that it may be a good idea to call them back rather than risk a B.S. search warrant with my son in the house having to experience it. I called the lady from the F.B.I. back in January 2020 to ask why they are calling me. The F.B.I. Agent told me that she was following up on an international abduction case reported six months prior. I told the Agent that this was a family court issue and that my Ex needed to come here and challenge that. She said, "No, this is something that is under the jurisdiction of the criminal court at the Hague." OK, I said, but I assure you the woman is lying, and not only is she lying, but my son's mother died three months ago on 9/11/2019, and given that the complaint was six months ago, I assume that the F.B.I. wasn't aware of this. I then proceeded to tell the F.B.I. the hospital she died at in Vi Thanh, Vietnam and told her to call me if she has any more questions. Needless to say, they never called me again!

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