Black Magic Battle

Part 7 - Voodoo Army

Once the Triads failed in killing me again, they decided the best way to attack me was to pour hundreds of thousands into hiring Black Magicians from throughout Asia. The latter part of 2017 through 2020 was unreal; the events discussed below focus on that. I also pissed off a few people from Vietnam that weren't with the Triads but tried to kill me with Black Magic nonetheless.

About a month after the #4 most powerful evil guy in all of Vietnam died, I had two months of pure bliss. I was able to sleep through the night every night, and I didn't hear sounds, nor did I have any dreams. Then out of nowhere, just before Christmas 2017, things started to heat up big-time.

Just before Christmas of 2017, I started feeling powerful energy on me as I laid in bed in addition to having insane dreams. I also started to hear my nose making those cracking sounds as I woke up from an intense dream. I knew I was under attack again, but unlike before, the attacks were every day, not just during the full and the new moon. I called Jasmine to ask what was going on. She told me that the Triads hired close to 20 Black Magic Guys throughout Asia to kill me but that none of the 20 were nearly as powerful as the young guy that just died "Vietnamese Black Magic Guy #3" (see audio below) ... Given that there were 20 though, Jasmine said they all have different styles and that not all attack during the full moon, etc. OK, here we go again.

When I say "powerful energy," I mean that I almost feel as though I am in a low-energy microwave oven where some kind of force or radiation is penetrating me. My palms would always get very warm, and my stomach would constantly groan and make noises during these times. These were the black magic attacks playing out. Jasmine said that I was too strong for them to really hurt me but that I would still feel some effect from the attacks, which was this energy and stomach grumbling I was constantly having.


Jasmine told me that not only did I have 20 Triad hired Black Magic Guys working on me, but I also had several Vietnamese hired black magic guys hired by people who were angry that I said my son was Huynh Phu So reincarnated. The audio on the left discusses this.


This audio makes complete sense. Earlier in the story, I told you how Giang froze whenever he was holding the sword. My Ex came after me with a knife and was in motion to stab me, but her arm stopped just before connecting. I didn't even try to stop her that time, but I did try to stop her on a different occasion when my son was there. Please pay attention to how Jasmine said that they are not allowed to kill me. This was destiny and part of the life path I have. Jasmine said I am on a critical mission and have a spiritual wall up that they can't cross when it comes to killing me.

The Triads hire the 2nd strongest Voodoo guy in all of Asia to kill me!

After almost a year of fighting every night with the onslaught of evil people the Triads hired, in addition to the several sent by the Vietnamese I angered, I had a few months of calmness and thought everyone was either dead or gave up. Then I started to get attacked like never before. Unlike the other attacks that dealt with intense dreams and sounds while awake, these new attacks were different. I felt something that I can only describe as an invisible blanket of energy laid upon me all night as I tried to sleep. I would wake up feeling not only the radiation type of energy but was just exhausted in addition to that. I started to have to take a 2-hour nap every day just to function. I called Jasmine and asked her what the deal was. Jasmine said that the Triads found a terrible old guy in Cambodia who looked like a Monster, that was stronger than everybody in Vietnam, and the 2nd strongest in all of Asia, with maybe 1 or 2 people from Africa being stronger also. According to Jasmine, I had the 3rd or 4th strongest Voodoo guy in the world trying to kill me with black magic. I even had to stop drinking altogether and eat very healthily just to feel good during the day. Thankfully, I adjusted and got used to the attacks. Jasmine said the guy would be dead in about six months, but I just had to see it through. I played my usual head games on Facebook and posted things that mocked the guy attacking me by telling him that he's weak and needs to send me more energy. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

This video on the left was a video I posted in the comment section of a Facebook post that I knew the Triads monitored. About a month after I posted this video, I knew the very moment the Evil Cambodian Guy died because my entire room was swirling with energy, and I would start dreaming while I was still awake and kept drifting off and coming to all night with a non-stop intense dream that I could see happening while I knew I was still awake but just had my eyes closed. Jasmine said that this was due to all this guy's demons releasing from his body the moment he died and that they all came to me since his focus was only on me for over six months. This was in November 2020. Jasmine said the guy would never have dreamed that his death would come at the hands of a white guy. He killed hundreds of people throughout his life. He was plucked straight from Satan's ass-crack

The next and final section for the Black Magic Battle deals with Hong (My Ex and Son's Mother) and her family. Jasmine told me that her family is the evilest in ALL of Vietnam. She said that her family has done nothing but kill, steal and rape for many generations. They rape all of their children starting at age five, and Hong even told me that her father killed an American guy in Cambodia once and shared his liver with three other people. This was when I could tell she loved me and was trying to warn me that her father was dangerous.