Black Magic Battle

Part 6 - My Little Buddha

Phật nhỏ của tôi

My Ex's friends, my Ex, and My Ex's family all "supposedly" belonged to a militant sect of Buddhism in Vietnam called the "Phat Giao Hoa Hao." Phat Giao Hoa Hao Buddhism is like all religions in the sense that they have a few bad apples that are hypocrites that do anything but follow the founder's principles. After studying Phat Giao Hoa Hao Buddhism in 2018, I now believe 100% that my Ex, her family, and her friends were hypocrites that did not abide by the doctrines set up by the Hoa Hao founder Huynh Phu So. That said, when I initially moved back to the United States in late 2011, I noticed the book below (on the left) was in my belongings when I unpacked and must have gotten packed by accident since it was Hong's and not mine. The strange part was that it was the only thing of Hong's that got packed in my belongings. I did a quick Google search in early 2012 on the book's title because I was curious about the book, and I read about the founder Huỳnh Phú Sổ (on the right) and what it was about on Wikipedia but didn't give it any thought after that day in 2012.


This Video details the Phat Giao Hoa Hao founding by Huynh Phu So in 1939 and its explosive growth and impact on Vietnam

While living in Florida in 2018, I was on the treadmill at the gym when a powerful thought entered my head and would not go away. I guess you could call it a voice. Still, whatever it was, it kept saying, "your son is Huynh Phu So." I tried to dismiss it as random daydreaming, but it persisted the rest of the day and the next day until I finally messaged Jasmine with this LINK and said, "Is this my son reincarnated?" Jasmine replied after a few minutes and said, "YES, how did you find out?" Keep in mind that it was my great-grandmother there giving her the answer, but the only question I presented Jasmine with was if it was my son or not. My great-grandmother only answers questions asked "BY ME" and can't give a narrative.

Jasmine called me a minute later because Jasmine was as curious as I was at this point. As we talked, Jasmine was able to get more information from my Great-Grandmother and find out that it was a gift from the sky, "an information download," where unnamed spirits in the sky felt that it was time for me to know who my son was. Once I knew who he was, it made complete sense because both Jasmine and Zulfiya kept telling me that my son was very special "even referred to him as a little Buddha before I knew who he was" and that he was pure, white energy. This also coincided with my uncanny luck that allowed me to escape unscathed from every imminent disaster I faced my entire life, let alone the past decade. My son's spirit and his nearly unlimited guardian angels helped my guardian angels make sure I survived to complete this mission I had with him.

Millions of people still follow Huynh Phu So to this day. Many still believe he is alive somewhere even though he disappeared in 1947. The article on the left was written in January 2021. Huynh Phu So would be 101 if he were still alive. Although most people believe he died in 1947 when the Viet Minh abducted him, many hold out hope that he is still living and have not accepted the idea that he died. Those people are not happy with me since not only am I saying he died in 1947, but I'm also claiming he lives again as my son in America.

For this reason, several of his followers hired black magic people to kill me, in addition to the dozens hired by the Triads. The three images below are recent images posted by people on Facebook that belong to the Phat Giao Hoa Hao religion. They celebrate and honor Huynh Phu So in a big way to this day.

*Click the image on the left for a larger view

I know, I get it 100%, everyone thinks their kid is special, but in this section, I will prove to you why this wasn't just some typical "unconditional love" B.S... You be the judge after I finish making the case below.

This picture was taken only minutes after my son was born and before my Ex allowed me in to see him. Is it me, or is he saying, "Who the Hell is this evil bitch?"... lol. He knew right out of the womb whose side he was on and who he had to protect. He was looking at his mother when this picture was taken. The nurse took the picture from what I was told, and the hands you see are Hong's Mother's hands. At the time this picture was taken, Hong's evil cousin Kiwi was guiding me on a goose chase around HCMC, waiting for Hong's call to say if I was the father or if it was Hong's Vietnamese Husband Cuong Nguyen. If I wasn't the father, the order was for Kiwi to take me to a waiting hit squad that would kill me. Fucking BITCH!!!

P.S. I guess Pink "not blue" was the only hat they had available, lol... I only paid around $2,000 U.S. to the hospital for the entire birth, so no complaints here.

P.P.S. I later found out from Jasmine that Hong was never married to a Vietnamese guy. I found passport photos with Hong's first name and his last name on them because Hong was trying to change her name in hopes she could escape her police record.

The audio clips below were recorded BEFORE Jasmine and I knew my son was Huynh Phu So. As you'll see, all we knew was that he was a very old soul, was very religious in past lives, and was a Singer, a Writer, a Monk, and a Priest in several past lives, and that I met him while in the Army in a past life.


CLARIFICATION: Jasmine refers to my son both as a Priest and as a Monk. In later conversations, she clarified that he was a Priest a few hundred years ago but was a Monk when I met him in the 1940s and a Monk before that. Those were all different incarnations.


Jasmine explains how my son's mother is attacking my son with Black Magic ( See the video of this below also )


In the audio on the left, Jasmine and I again touch on how my son screamed for me when he was only five months old and wouldn't let go of my neck as he hugged me when my Ex tried to get him out of the house to allow people to come inside and kill me. I didn't let her sister leave the house with him after that incident. He saved my life that day.

my-son-chose-me copy.mp3

In the audio on the left, Jasmine explains how my Ex's family knew that my son was very special, and she describes how desperate her entire family was to get him back to Vietnam.

I shot the video and the picture below and sent it to Jasmine in 2018. My son was waking up at precisely 3 AM on the dot every single night for almost two weeks. He would start dry heaving and acting like he would vomit but rarely did anything ever come out. Jasmine confirmed my worst fear: my son's mother was trying to kill him with Black Magic. I wanted to fly to Vietnam and rip out her throat. Jasmine said that my Ex knew that we were never returning to Vietnam, so she figured it was better that my son died if she couldn't have him. I asked Jasmine how his mother, who was much weaker than my son, could hit him so hard with an attack since my son had double her power. Jasmine said that it's because she is his mother and has a special connection that can also, unfortunately, be abused.


In these 3 Audio Clips, Jasmine goes into detail about how my Ex is attacking my son

In one of the three audio clips above, you'll see where Jasmine said that my great-grandmother was crying when my son was being attacked. This audio is very significant because it was when I drove from Florida to Pennsylvania to visit my mom for Christmas in 2017. Jasmine also said that my power moved from 8 to 12 instantly during that trip, making me equal to my son. I now believe (and Jasmine recently confirmed when I posed the question) that the reason God gave me that instant boost "4 levels" that 99.999999% of the population doesn't get their entire life was because my great-grandmother saw something where I was going to die. Still, the fact that God gave me that blessing in the gift of power that trip, I was able to escape death as a result. The crazy part was, the night before I left, the moment I closed my eyes, Hong instantly appeared in my consciousness and was talking to me while I was wide awake. She was still alive, and Jasmine later said it was a demon pretending to be her. The people attacking me with black magic found a demon that could enter my consciousness. My great grandmother saw them entering my consciousness while driving back to Florida and causing me to drive into a wall, killing both me and my son. The four levels of power boost I got made my spirit that much stronger to the point that the demon couldn't pull that trick on me, and I lived because of that huge blessing from God. I went to sleep at my mom's a few minutes later at 10 PM, but for some odd reason, I woke up at 12:30 AM full of energy and felt it was time to go. I remember that it was only 8 degrees when I started to drive back to Florida. Jasmine said that the Triads had people waiting for me that started driving past my mother's house at 6 AM. They never thought I would leave before 6 AM. I needed both the power boost and to leave early to avoid the asshole Triads.


This audio is where Jasmine explains how my son's mother is attacking him, but Jasmine also says that there is music I can play at night to help fight the attacks. The image on the right is a message I got from a Vietnamese guy only days later that believes my son is Huynh Phu So. Notice how he recommends I play a song when the evil comes. The sky helps us in so many ways that we don't even realize. Jasmine says I need to play music, and only days later, a guy recommends I play this song. This is divine intervention

I still find it hard to believe that a girl that looked so sweet could be so evil as to attempt to kill her child with black magic over a period of weeks. This wasn't just a momentary lapse in sanity; this was a considerable effort done every day for weeks.

I later found out that once she failed to kill him, she found a way to plug into his energy to extend her life.


This audio discusses how everyone thought my Ex would die that week, but since she was able to plug into my son, she was able to extend her life. She indeed was a talented Voodoo Princess.


Jasmine explains how my son was perfect at the airport during our escape from Vietnam. His spirit knew it was time to go, and he assured everything went smoothly. She was right about everything; it's as though my son wasn't even there the way he didn't make a sound or go to the bathroom either in Vietnam, during the flight to Tokyo, Japan, at the airport in Tokyo, and even well into the flight from Tokyo to Chicago. Notice my voice and how amazed I was because as she told me this, I remembered how he didn't ask for anything. He quietly tagged along and didn't bring any attention to us the entire way back. The guy sitting in front of my son even commented that he never saw a kid travel like that where his seat wasn't kicked once and not a sound was made. The guy felt the urge to tell me that as we got off the airplane in Chicago, which is why I so quickly remembered as Jasmine told me.


This audio is where Jasmine explains how my friend Jett and my great grandmother didn't know my son was special right away until he was a few months old.


In these three audio clips, Jasmine explains how my son acted as a sponge to absorb a large portion of the black magic they were sending me while I was in Vietnam and the States until 2017, when I became strong enough to handle it all by myself. Jasmine also said that my little black dog was special and also helped until the day he died.


In this audio, I tell Jasmine how she predicted that my son would have an I.Q. over 132. Only 2% of the country has an I.Q. over 132, and Jasmine said he would have that and be in the gifted class. I post this because it shows how Jasmine was again correct about something that only happens in 2% of cases.


Here's where Jasmine tells me that my Ex was told my son would be one of the most powerful spirits on the planet. Jasmine also says something I already knew: my Ex wasn't even sure my son would be mine until after he was born because she had sex with her Ex that same week before I arrived in Vietnam on February 24th, 2010.


In this audio, Jasmine explains how my son is unique, and it's like having a little Buddha. REMEMBER, this is all before I had the treadmill epiphany that my son was Huynh Phu So. After the epiphany, I researched Huynh Phu So and found that he is considered a Buddha by millions in Vietnam. All the signs were there and support the fact that my epiphany was accurate once you factor in Jasmine and Zulfiya both agreeing my son is Huynh Phu So. Many Vietnamese people believe it also; I'll discuss that evidence later.


All the audio clips below were recorded after discovering that my son was Huynh Phu So reincarnated. A couple of months after I found this out, I decided to start a new Facebook account where I friend requested only people that were followers of Phat Giao Hoa Hao "PGHH" currently. At first, most people were pissed and angrily reacting to my posts. Still, after the initial shock of someone claiming that their leader was reincarnated as half white, many started to believe once they had the chance to check with Shamans and other spiritually gifted people that they trusted to be able to find out the truth through meditation or mediums that could find out the answer. Over time, the Facebook account I set up went from regular likes and angry face reactions to regular likes and "love" reactions. Below are a few examples of these posts and how the mood changed over time.

Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 12.28.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 12.27.57 PM.png

This post was on November 16th, 2018. As you can see in the reactions, the angry reactions outnumbered the love reactions with even a couple of laugh reactions.

Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 12.27.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 12.26.25 PM.png

This post was two months later, on January 14th, 2019. As you can see, the likes and loves are way up while only a single angry reaction happened. The 99 in the picture was meant to symbolize that it's been 99 years since Huynh Phu So was born in that reincarnation when he founded the PGHH religion.


In this audio, Jasmine explains how some people believe me on Facebook while others don't. She also discusses my Ex.


In this audio, Jasmine tells me how my Ex's family knows who my son was in his past life and how angry they are because they think I have the "Gold".

REGARDING THE DEATH OF HUYNH PHU SO IN 1947 (taken directly from Wikipedia HERE )

The southern Việt Minh leader, Nguyễn Bình, realizing that Sổ would not subordinate himself to the Việt Minh, set up a trap. Sổ was caught and executed in April 1947 . His body was dissected into many small pieces and scattered so that his followers could not gather them and turn it into an object of veneration or as a shrine. According to Vietnamese police documents, Huỳnh Phú Sổ was arrested and executed on December 22, 1947 by the Viet Minh in Long Xuyen.


After Huynh Phu So was executed in 1947, he reincarnated again right around the time I was born in 1972. Jasmine said that he died though as a teenager around 1984. This audio discusses that.


In these audios, Jasmine explains how I was always in the Army in my past lives. She says that I died in 1946 in Vietnam after meeting my son. According to Jasmine, I was a spy for the United States Government that was sent to spy on the French and what they were up to in Vietnam at the time. I somehow got killed in Vietnam a year before Huynh Phu So was murdered in 1947. In later conversations, Jasmine said that I reincarnated again around 1950 and went to Vietnam again as an American Soldier but died around 1970 or so before being born in this current life in 1972.

In the video on the left, Jasmine explains how Huynh Phu So died at the hands of the Viet Minh in 1947.

The audio clips below talk about how many people believe that my son is Huynh Phu So.


The guy in the middle pic below sent me the message on the left below (which I translated with Google). He believes 100% that my son is Huynh Phu So. Keep in mind that my son truly was born into a devil's house. Hong and her family were evil; I was doing drugs and devil shit at the time, while the only decent person was my son's Nanny, a 55-year-old virgin (below right pic). Hong's cousin Oanh was good too, but it was pretty much a devil house with those two exceptions. Even though the Nanny and her cousin Oanh were good, they still knew that I was being scammed and sort of went along with it even though they both tried to help me at times.

Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 1.56.52 PM.png

Just when I thought I finished my Black Magic Battles, it then heated up worse than ever. Click the "Voodoo Army" link below to see how.