Black Magic Battle

Part 5 The Facebook Wars


Some of you may be thinking, "what the hell does Facebook have to do with Black Magic?" Everything (in my case, at least). My God-given skillsets include the ability to drive people crazy when I want to. I am very adept at mind games and always have been. I didn't do black magic on anyone; the only thing I did was get spiritually cleaned, which essentially caused all their attacks to return and attack the person(s) that sent it. Once Zulfiya cleaned me though, my power grew at an accelerated rate, and from that point on, I didn't need to be cleaned anymore. My power alone was now high enough to almost instantly send back all of the attacks. I had more power than the demons they sent to attack me. Once those demons were sent back, the best way to assure the demons succeeded in attacking them was to make them scared and to make them less confident.

I used Facebook as a weapon to accomplish both of those tasks. I started by friend requesting everyone in Hong and her family's Facebook friends list; then I requested their friend's friends. Within a month, I had 5,000 friends, with at most 2 degrees of separation from Hong and her family. Over time, I had three fake Facebook accounts created only to harass my Ex and her family in retaliation to what they did to me and the black magic they continued to practice on me. All three accounts have since been banned, but I caused absolute hell for my Ex and her family while they were up. I exposed all of their secrets, from how her father and uncles raped many children in the village, to the scams they ran against people in the village, to the young girl they killed in the village that everybody loved.

The posts were a true shitshow "mash-up" meant to get people talking and sharing, with the ultimate goal being to expose who this evil family was. I posted taunting videos to intimidate them plus show how their attacks using black magic were ineffective. The mocking nature of many of these posts was meant to be entertaining for those who knew Hong and to drive her family nuts. My goal was to get everyone talking and sharing. The benefit of this was that it made it much easier for the demons attacking them to penetrate their souls. A fearful or angry person has many more attack angles, "open doors" that a demon can take advantage of to wear that person down.

Below are just a few examples of what I did on Facebook to drive my Ex and her family insane! The audio clips below are sorted by time. The Facebook War lasted over a year. The audio clips towards the top were towards the beginning of the Facebook War, while the ones towards the bottom of the page were recorded near the end of the Facebook War.

This video was taken the day after the first attack by the Vietnamese Black Magic Guy #3, supposedly the strongest voodoo guy in all of South Vietnam. Please forgive my broken English in the video; my Ex spoke very broken English and understood broken English better when talking to her. I posted this on my fake Facebook account in 2017 that her whole village followed to drive her nuts and show the guy attacking me that he had minimal effect on me.

Don't ask me why I hated this disgusting woman the most. Maybe it's because she hand-fed me a poisoned spring roll "twice," perhaps it's because she nicked my son with a razor blade several times when he was four months old, saying it helps expel the sickness, who knows... Jasmine also said she was the strongest next to my Ex, so I wanted to wear her ass down mentally. This video was one of many posts I did to strike the fear of God in these devils.


Hong's Sister Tuoi


This audio discusses the Facebook account and this picture on the left

The Videos below speak for themselves, lol. Pure Madness, but each got over 10,000 views and accomplished the job I set out to do: get people talking in her village.


I sent Jasmine this picture after receiving it from Hong's friend that was involved in the scam against me. As you can see, she was petrified. Don't feel sorry for this girl; they are ruthless "Sirens" that help the Triads kill people.

The Audio Clips below all deal with what I did on Facebook and how it affected my Ex and her family


Jasmine explains how Tiger's family now believes that Hong killed Tiger with Black Magic in the audio above. The image on the left was another image I pushed on Facebook in Vietnam to expose my Ex and her evil family. I referred to Tiger as "the sweet girl" because I didn't know her name and didn't trust Google Translate to explain with clarity why I called her Tiger.


Mind Games can kill!

The next section goes into what happened after the 3 Vietnamese Black Magic Guys died. The Black Magic Battle was far from over; it was just getting warmed up.