Black Magic Battle

Part 4 - Vietnamese Black Magic Guy #3

Time to fight the 4th most powerful Black Magic Guy in Vietnam (#1 in South Vietnam)

AKA "Vietnamese Black Magic Guy #3 " ... AKA "The Young, Stupid Guy"

Once the first two black magic guys gave up and resided to their fate that they'd be dead soon, Hong found another guy whom I referred to earlier as "Vietnamese Black Magic Guy #3". This guy was mixed, according to Jasmine, and was in his mid-twenties. Jasmine said she thinks his grandfather was French. This guy had a strong reputation throughout the deep south of Vietnam as a very powerful voodoo guy and was about a 2-hour car drive from Hong's village deep in the mountains. Jasmine warned me that he was very powerful and that the attacks would be much stronger than what I was used to. She said I didn't need to worry too much, but that my great-grandmother didn't want me to drink alcohol during the full moon for the first few months, he was attacking me. As usual, Jasmine was right; the first attack from this guy was off the charts. It was during the full moon in March 2017, and as I was lying in bed, I heard a loud sound of banging on what seemed like my front door. I jumped up to check, but no one was there, nor did my Ring Doorbell catch any movement. I thought, damn, W.T.F. was that? I would find out soon enough because 20 minutes later, as I drifted off to sleep, it's as though a theatre curtain ripped open over my eyelids. Everything became bright, vivid, and insane as I found myself in a different dimension of sorts. Several human-looking evil people were in my face looking either angry or laughing as weird energy swirled all around me. It was pure chaos. I remember a western-looking guy within inches of my face as I choked him while screaming, "Do you think you're going to kill me mother-fucker"? After a few minutes of this, I woke up with my heart beating a mile a minute as I heard a fast-crackling sound coming from my nose. The rest of the night, I kept hearing the banging sound "4 knocks" every few minutes, but nothing happened once I fell asleep. The audio clips below are discussions regarding my battle with this guy from the start until his death six months later.


This audio was recorded 2 days after the first attack from the young black magic guy mentioned above.

The Audio Clips below all deal with and discuss this same "Vietnamese Black Magic Guy #3" and were recorded within a few months of the audio clip above. Listen to each row at a time before going to the next row. The oldest audio is on the top and chronologically proceeds along the timeline as you advance to each row.


The audio above was the brunt of the fight with the Vietnamese Black Magic Guy #3. The audio below was recorded after the audio above and shows how this guy isn't a threat anymore.


The Vietnamese Black Magic Guy #3 is now Dead! The audio below was recorded after the audio above. It shows how this guy is dead in addition to the #1 and #2 black magic guy.



The Ghost Pigeons


The audio above talks about the masses of spirits I had in my house in Vegas in 2017. It was a real-life haunted house. The pigeons on the left were on the neighbor's house behind my backyard (They were facing my bedroom window and stayed there all day, even into the night sometimes). Jasmine said that both good and evil spirits controlled these pigeons and used their bodies to park their energy near my house. Spirits just can't float around forever; they need a living organism to take shelter in. It can even be an insect or a plant, but it makes it much easier for them to remain near someone if they can take over a living creature as a shelter of sorts. The amazing part is that there were no pigeons to be seen in my entire neighborhood except for the house next to mine. My friend Yanni heard the neighbor chasing the pigeons away and struck up a conversation with the guy when the guy said that these pigeons just arrived a couple of months ago and haven't left since.