Black Magic Battle

Part 3

Vietnamese Black Magic Guys 1 & 2

Vietnamese Black Magic Guys 1 and 2

In early 2011, Hong hired a powerful black magic guy in HCMC to help her since everything the Triads she and her family did was not getting the job done. The first guy they hired was the same guy who put several curses on the stolen necklace I had in my possession during the airplane scam on April 14th, 2011. This garbage bag was behind the scenes working on me from 2011 to 2017 until he died due to me sending everything he did back to him when Zulfiya cleaned me. In late 2016, Hong hired a 2nd guy that lived near her village in the deep south of Vietnam near Vi Thanh, Vietnam. This guy only worked on me for about a year before dying, and the most powerful guy of the 3, "the 3rd guy Hong hired in March 2017," ended up only working on me for six months before he died.

B-The-1st-2-black-magic guys.mp3

In this audio, Jasmine explains details about the 1st two black magic guys and some of my ex's problems because of me sending everything back to them.


In this audio, Jasmine explains how the 1st black magic guy knows death is coming


In this 1st audio, Jasmine explains how she thinks one of the first two black magic guys died and how the 3rd guy wrongfully assumed I died since I moved, and he couldn't find me with his spirits in Vegas anymore.


In this audio, Jasmine explains how the 1st black magic guy is dead for sure. She also tells me that Hong's Aunt is very sick. I found a picture below a week after this recording when I was snooping on Hong's cousin's Facebook account. The lady in the picture is Hong's Aunt that Jasmine said was very sick and dying just the week before during this recording. She took the picture at a hospital near Hong's village in Vi Thanh, Vietnam.


I met the first black magic guy in 2011, even though I didn't know it at the time.

This is Hong's Aunt mentioned in the audio recording above. She helped take care of my son in addition to the Nanny when my son was born on 12-2-2010. Hong told me that we needed her also since the Nanny was never a mother before. Jasmine told me this woman was evil even though she seemed sweet and that she was staying at my house to help Hong practice black magic on me. Jasmine said she also helped care for two other kids Hong had before she met me and that Hong killed the fathers with poison. Jasmine said one father was from Australia and the other was from the United States and that both were love scams like mine where the dogshit triads helped in every way and profited the most. Jasmine said that Hong gave the kids up for adoption before she met me. Hong indeed was a black widow, unbeknownst to me at the time.

There were two other guys that Hong didn't kill but instead framed them for serious crimes. Jasmine said that these two guys are both in the prison next to her village to this day and that their family sends extra money to them for better living quarters, half of which goes to the Triads.

The picture of the dead guy below is Hong's uncle and was taken at his funeral. This guy is the husband of Hong's Aunt above and was the guy that the Vietnamese Psychic predicted "in April 2011" would die in 2011. He did die "as predicted" in November 2011.


In this audio, Jasmine explains how all of them are constantly sick and vomiting. The devils they send to me go back to them within a couple of weeks now without needing to get cleaned anymore. My power is now stronger than every devil they send, so it automatically goes back to the sender once it fails to attack me.

The Black Magic #2 Guy Hong hired in 2016 throws his "Hail Mary"


One night in February 2017, while lying awake in bed listening to YouTube on my iPad, my iPad crashed and rebooted the very moment my neck made a bone creaking sound like when a chiropractor adjusts you. I was admittedly concerned and called Jasmine. In this audio, she explains how they killed a tiny pig in Vietnam and severed its spine that very moment to send a kill shot vibration to me in Las Vegas. This was the most potent attack I noticed up to that time because the 3rd guy was two weeks away from being hired. The 2nd Black Magic guy knew he would die soon, and this was his last significant attempt to kill me.



This audio is where I discuss with Jasmine the different things that happen during my dreams where the dreams I was having went from my Ex being naked to my dead dog biting a severed crocodile head while a childhood friend of mine ripped my dead dog's skin off her skull. Crazy shit, but it's all part of evil's strategy when they cause you to have different dreams, hoping it will open a portal into your soul. Fear and other strong emotions can open a portal into your soul that evil spirits can enter through.


This audio is where Jasmine and I discuss how my ears are popping at night while I'm in bed. It was the result of bad energy "evil spirits" trying to enter my body.


Jasmine explains how I fought a fire devil while in Vegas in 2017. Demons don't like to lose and will even recruit other demons to help them if you defeat them. She also explains how incarnated humans have more power than spirits since they benefit from "matter."


In this audio, Jasmine and I discuss Hong's dead father and how his spirit is constantly trying to attack me. We also discuss how I defeated their family and how angry they are as a result.


In this audio, I discuss with Jasmine the only time I got sick from the black magic attacks, which she said resulted from the 3rd black magic guy in Vietnam.


Jasmine explains how my son absorbed the black energy until I was strong enough to fight it myself.


Jasmine explains the spiritual knock-out blows the black magic guys were sending me that only manifested as loud sounds in my house since my power was strong enough to defeat what they sent.

Farting Devils!


In this audio, Jasmine tells me that the black magic guy #3 is coming in 2 weeks and also touches on the state of my Ex's family and how they are fed up with the first two black magic guys.