Black Magic Battle

Part 2 - Tiger

Meet "Tiger"

The girl on the left was a true sweetheart. She was only 16 when I met her in 2009. She was a girl from my Ex's village who always hung around my Ex's house. I nicknamed her "Tiger" because she snapped at someone in Hong's family one time, and I was impressed at how such a young girl could hold her own like that. Tiger was fond of me and always smiled when I saw her. She seemed to follow me whenever we visited Hong's parents. One time my ex's family was bringing a pig to slaughter, and I observed the men as they carried the pig upside down while it was tied to a bamboo stick. There were two guys on the front and 2 in the back, but the pig was a good 160 pounds and fighting for its life, so the two guys in the front were struggling as they carried it since they were older than the guys in the back. Tiger was there, and she gave me this look like W.T.F.! I didn't want to show off or anything, which is why I didn't jump in and grab the bamboo from the guys in the front that were older, but after Tiger gave me that look, I felt like I had to do something, so I reached in and grabbed the front from the two guys and lifted it to where they had to let go. I easily held up the front of the bamboo and even refrained from resting it on my shoulder, which my ex told me made me the talk of the village as though I was superman. OK, I'll take what I can get, lol. I was informed by my Ex 2 months after I moved back to the U.S. in January 2012 that Tiger died of cancer. I cried when she told me that. Tiger was such a sweet girl and always made me happy when I saw her even though I couldn't speak to her. It wasn't until five years later that I learned what really happened to Tiger with the 3 Asian Demons.

This video was the pig I helped carry. I didn't kill this one, I just helped carry it. You'll see "Tiger" walking out of the house carrying a large pan at the 42-second mark. She was such a sweet girl; I still can't believe my Ex killed her.

The 3 Asian Demons - As I wrote in the 2016 section, I saw the 3 Asian-looking demons walking "floating" out of my house after I lit the first candle of 7 at midnight after Zulfiya killed the black chicken and cleaned me. Jasmine told me that the same three black demons my Ex used to try and kill me were the same three demons that my Ex sent to kill Tiger. Jasmine said that my Ex was jealous of Tiger and gave her a cursed drink containing the same three black Asian demons that she cursed me with. Unfortunately, Tiger wasn't as strong as me, and the 3 Asian demons killed her within a year of her drinking this cursed drink. Once I was cleaned in 2016, these same three demons returned to attack Hong and eventually killed her three years later. See the four audio clips below that explain this.


The Black Monster in 2011 in my house in Vietnam- This audio is impressive. Jasmine talks about a black monster "evil spirit" that my Ex, her cousin, and the Nanny saw on the ceiling in 2011. After talking about this in the audio on the left, I remembered when this happened. I didn't believe my Ex when she came to tell me about it. My Ex told me that there was a huge demon on the ceiling and that my big dog was barking at it, but my small dog was terrified. Even though I didn't believe her, my little dog never walked down the stairs again after that night and needed to be carried downstairs from that day forward. Jasmine also said that my ex was scared when we made love. I remember that right around that time, we had sex, and she kept gasping out in fear. It was the oddest thing. I guess she thought I was going to kill her. Jasmine said that my family in the sky sent the monster to scare her in hopes she would stop trying to have me killed. In a different recording, Jasmine said that the monster showed my image to my Ex with a fire ring around it and shook its head in disapproval.

88 Devils - To understand how evil works, you must first realize that almost everyone in the world has demons attached to them or come whenever the person drinks alcohol or gets angry. Evil spirits aid in emotions like anger and fear and amplify them. This explains how some people become violent whenever they drink. Those kinds of evil spirits come and go, but the worst spirits of all are the ones that come but don't go. These spirits are usually the spirits someone sends to you as a curse using black magic. A black magic spell may or may not expire after a certain period, but the way to get rid of the spell is that you need to be "spiritually" cleaned. You all have seen movies like the Exorcist, where a Priest does an Exorcism to expel demons attached to a person. Britannica defines "exorcism" as: an adjuration addressed to evil spirits to force them to abandon an object, place, or person; technically, a ceremony used in both Jewish and Christian traditions to expel demons from persons who have come under their power.

In my case, a regular ol' exorcism wasn't enough due to the gravity of the curses my Ex, her family, and the two black magic shamans she hired put on me throughout the years, starting in 2009 until I was cleaned in 2016 (talk about 7-years bad luck, oy vey!) Zulfiya said she didn't need to sacrifice a chicken in over four years because the usual prayers and candles were enough to clean 99.9% of the people she saw. Jasmine said the job they did on me was huge and complex and required a sacrifice to counter it.

88 devils- black-returns.mp3

In this audio, Jasmine explains how I had close to 100 demons on me "88 to be exact, which also happened to be my Ex's birth year".


Jasmine told me that the first time I went to Macau, Hong put a love spell on me the 2nd time I saw her that first trip. She said that Hong saved my sperm and used it to put a powerful love spell on me, making her irresistible. This made sense; even though I was very spontaneous, it was odd that I decided to go back to Macau only three weeks after the first trip. I had a business to run in addition to the fact that I was still casually dating other girls in Los Angeles. I also loathed flying.

The second time I was in Macau, only three weeks later, Hong sealed my fate and made sure I would do anything she wanted. According to Jasmine, make no mistakes about it; my Ex was a very powerful witch, more powerful than everyone in her entire family. Most of them were evil witches, murderers, and rapists, as I learned in 2016 after hiring Jasmine. Jasmine said she became physically sick when she watched the video from my wedding because the evil that was present was off the charts. She said it was a party of devils like she never saw before.

The picture from 2009 below was taken the morning after we woke up from a party at her friend's house. I remember waking up and feeling as though a truck ran over my leg but didn't give it another thought at that time. It wasn't until Jasmine explained what happened to me that night that it all started to come together. Shortly after returning to America from that 2nd Macau trip, I began to get a small growth on my right knee that I thought was a wart. I never paid much attention to it after that because it didn't grow more, nor did it hurt, but Jasmine explained how her friends drugged me that fateful night in Macau, and once I was out, Hong injected cursed ashes into my leg (which is why my leg hurt in the morning). Jasmine said that Hong used my knee as a spiritual portal to easily send demons to control me from that point forward. I know this sounds crazy, but Jasmine was dead on as far as the timing. I remember how her friend told me to take off my jeans and to get comfortable just before I passed out the night before. They wanted to assure my leg was exposed to inject their evil cocktail into my leg. The pic below from 2014 shows what it looked like, the 2016 pic was the day of the operation, and the 2018 pic is what it looks like today. I remember how the nurse blurted out that it looked like an eyeball when they cut it out. Talk about a real "evil eye" I didn't even look. For an entire week after the operation, my entire body tingled as though my body fell asleep like how your leg becomes when you sit in an airplane seat too long. Even more strange, my orgasms for the past several years were watery and clear, but they "instantly" became white again after that operation. Sorry for the visual, but this is important to understand. Jasmine said my ex had a powerful curse on my sex that prevented me from having regular sex or loving anyone but her. Everything went back to normal once that growth "eyeball" was removed from my leg. Jasmine said I needed both the chicken sacrifice and needed the operation to be fully clean from the seven years of constant Voodoo they did to me. She said my power began to grow at an amazing rate from that point forward, which was needed, given that only three months after the operation on my leg, Hong hired a black magic guy to kill me that Jasmine said dwarfed the people before him and was the #4 most powerful black magic guy in Vietnam, and #1 in South Vietnam. The next section is mainly about this evil "now dead" guy, and all that took place during my 6-month long battle with him until he eventually died.






Jasmine explains the effects of my leg being operated on and how good it is for me.


In this audio, Jasmine explains how the black chicken was needed and how much Zulfiya helped me.


In this audio, Jasmine explains how I'll never need a black chicken again now that my power has grown. She said my anger alone can easily send bad energy towards my enemies.