Black Magic Battle

Part 1 - Jett

My friend Matt "jett" that died in 2009

The guy on the left was a good friend of mine that died in January 2009. His name is Matt, but we all called him "Jett" because he was a pilot in addition to being an actor and a model. Jasmine told me that without him, I would be dead. She said it was his spirit that fought the hardest to save me in the many near-death experiences I had. Jasmine said that since he died an angry death that he could have prevented, his spirit was stuck in the Earth realm for a few years, "Hell for spirits," and that he was a spirit that my enemies couldn't see in their card readings since they were always looking up to see what my great-grandmother was doing. Jett was my brother two times in a past life, and Jasmine said he gave every ounce of his soul to help save me. I owe the most credit for my survival to him. Jasmine said he fought demons constantly to protect me and even brought me back to life when I died for a few minutes due to the harmful drugs they gave me to kill me. Jett's website before he died was I keep that site up in his honor but also made a memorial site for him at

Jett on Magazine Cover. He died 6 weeks after this picture was taken

Me, Isa & Jett just after he beat Leukemia

Jett on Magazine Cover

The BLACK MAGIC BATTLE explained...

Some of you reading this believe in Black Magic, some are open to the idea, and some don't believe at all. Hopefully, I'll be able to convince even those that don't believe at all, but black magic is not just Voodoo Dolls and evil spells, there are many ways to fight a war with black magic, but you need to understand how it works before you can strategize.

Everything comes down to positive "good" ... & negative "bad" energy. Jesus and Buddha were examples of perfect spirits that are the epitome of positive, white "good" energy, while Satan and people like Hitler are examples of negative, black "bad" energy. In between Satan and Jesus are spirits of different levels of good and bad mixed energy "everyone else." The Dali Lama is very close to the level of Jesus and Buddha, while Hitler is very close to the level of Satan. People who murder people, commit suicide, or die from drugs are very low vibrating spirits when they pass onto the spirit world. This means that they are pretty much stuck in the Earth realm and cannot freely travel throughout the solar system or the universe as a spirit. The higher the level of spirit you are, the more freedom you have once you die. Jesus and Buddha are free to travel pretty much anywhere throughout the universe. At the same time, people like Pol Pot are stuck in the Earth realm (or below) until they can work out their base-level desires and pay back their karma, which may take dozens of reincarnations to work out "if ever." The Earth realm is considered hell to spirits that are in between incarnations. There is no such thing as burning in hell because spirits don't feel physical pain, but those stuck at the earth realm do suffer mentally from misery of many forms.

The more negative energy your soul is hampered with, the more easily you are tempted by things like the seven deadly sins. Until you can resist these sinful urges, at least, for the most part, you are stuck in the wheel of reincarnation. Think of sin and these base urges like doing drugs, infidelity, and committing crimes as magnets holding you at the earth realm. Once you can resist these urges plus overcome ignorance, you can ascend and escape the endless cycle of reincarnation like Jesus and Buddha. If you want to learn more about spirits and God's rules, check out a book called "The Spirit's Book" by Allan Kardec. You can read the eBook for free HERE. This book was written 170 years ago and is unique in explaining how things work and our purpose on Earth. You'll also notice how the book references Jesus many times because the Bible is legitimate the same as most religious texts are, but misinterpretation and incorrect translations make things confusing. The Spirit's Book is unique because it is written in clear English. It was written over four years in the 1850s when a man asked over 1,000 excellent questions to 2 mediums connected with near Jesus-level spirits that answered them. If you are both intelligent and flush with common sense, you'll instantly understand that these questions are being answered by a higher power and make 100% sense as coming from what God really wants. You need to have common sense and intelligence to appreciate this book, but once you do, it will change your life and answer tons of questions you want answers to, in addition to solutions you didn't even realize you needed until reading them.

If you like to listen to audio, another gem of a person is a guy that died in 1973 named Alan Watts. He is very popular on YouTube, and people had uploaded hundreds of hours of his recordings that he made in the '60s and early '70s before he died. Learn more about who Alan Watts was at:

Two of the three videos below were taken on 11-27-2017, while I took the 3rd in January 2017. I have a water bottle that says "Always & Forever"... Jasmine told me that Jett and my Great Grandmother make the lid move on the water bottle. They chose this particular bottle due to the wording on it to let me know they are there. After about six months of this bottle lid moving, they started making other bottles move that I have.

Jett "in death" as a spirit saved my life in Vietnam in 2010, 2011, 2014, and 2015. I met my Ex Hong in Macau in 2009 and fell in love with her only eight months after Jett died. Jasmine said that Jett was constantly battling evil spirits and directing me to keep me alive when I moved there in 2010. Jett is my hero; according to my psychic, he saved me many times.

The Water Bottle above was empty and contained flat water in it before I drank it. There was no carbonation, and it doesn't move every time. It moves 75% of the time when I hold it and only about 25% of the time when I don't hold it. Sometimes it moves after sitting idle for 3 hours. Jasmine said it moves whenever Jett and my Grandma are present; sometimes, they are busy and aren't there. It moves more when I hold it due to my energy exciting theirs more and allowing it to happen. According to Jasmine, it's not easy for them to move it.

I saw Jett once in my house in 2016 as I was almost asleep. I felt energy sweep through the room and looked up and saw him waving at me. Jett is still among us, and he's a formidable angel, a true warrior that has helped me and many others since he died. Jasmine told me that Jett and I were brothers two times in a past life.


This clip is where Jasmine explains how Jett was the #1 factor I survived.


This audio clip is where my psychic explains how my ex and her family were doing tons of black magic on me and how Jett protected me. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the 50-second mark and the 1:12 mark where you can hear Jett. She never met Jett, but you can hear that it's him talking. That's exactly how Jett talks if you knew him well. It gives me chills every time I listen to it.


The audio clip below is where my Psychic confirms it was Jett that visited me in late 2016

How Jett helped me in Vietnam

Below are several examples of what happened to me in Vietnam that I escaped and survived. My Psychic Medium told me that I had several relatives helping me from heaven but that Jett was by far the X-Factor. Jett's unexpected passing caused him to be caught in between Earth and Heaven, where he could foil and prevent many things they did to me without them being able to see him in the tarot cards. To say it was a spiritual war of epic proportions is an understatement.

  1. After I knew I was under attack by the Vietnamese where I lived, I was in my home office at 2 AM and had the strangest feeling that I needed to go to the garage for some reason. As I stood there in the garage confused, within 30 seconds, I heard the window open a few stories up and heard keys drop onto the street. Seconds later, a motorcycle pulled up, grabbed the keys, and took off. My ex-wife was giving someone the keys to come in and kill me. I stayed awake all night fighting with her before taking refuge at a hotel the next day for a few days. MY PSYCHIC TOLD ME THAT JETT PLANTED THAT SEED IN MY HEAD TO GO DOWN THERE AND THAT THEY WERE GOING TO ENTER THROUGH A PAD-LOCKED WINDOW AND KILL ME ONCE I FELL ASLEEP.

  2. I was doing drugs in Vietnam, smoking ice, which my Ex claimed was designer ephedra at first. I wouldn't say I liked it over there, and the drug allowed me to have time pass quickly. My psychic told me that my Ex was trying to kill me with poison and that the drugs and the food I was eating were poisoned many times. Still, I was very resistant and didn't die "obviously" except for one time where I actually did die for a moment, but my psychic said Jett did something to wake me up and bring me back to life. The amazing part is that she told me it was the time I was in a hotel and that when I woke up, people were going through my wallet looking at my credit cards. I never told anyone that, not even my friends and family, but she was right. She said Jett brought me back to life that night

  3. After barely escaping Vietnam in July 2011, I went back in August 2011 because I had to try to get my son out of there. I hired a Vietnamese Lawyer that ended up secretly helping my ex when she "the Lawyer" told me that I could more easily get a Visa for my ex if I were to give her $20,000 US in an account of her own. This would show that she has money to return to and is less likely to overstay her Visa. It made sense to me, so I had my lawyer friend in America wire her $20,000, but it was sent back because the account number was wrong. I ended up not sending it again because I got in a fight with my ex where she said she was going to take that money and disappear with my son, never to be found again. My Psychic told me that Jett made the banker screw up when entering the wiring information. If not for that, my ex would either disappear while I was sleeping or would have me ambushed and killed. Jett saved me there again.

  4. I touched upon the video below in the "Triads Part 2 section," where Jasmine explains in more detail the entirety of the police scam my ex was attempting to do against me. I had a 4-camera security system with a hard drive that recorded several days of video. A little voice in my head told me to destroy it. I didn't know why I was destroying this system that I paid $1,000 for, but I decided to put it in the microwave for 5 minutes to make sure I ruined the hard drive. After I finished, my ex came downstairs and went ballistic on me. She never lost her composure like that before, but for some reason was beside herself because I destroyed that security hard drive that I bought with my money. It didn't make sense. I later rationalized that she must have had her Triad losers in the shadows hack it and possibly splice frames into it where it looked like I was perhaps selling drugs or something. MY PSYCHIC SAID IT WAS MUCH MORE SINISTER THAN THAT. She told me that young girls were coming into my house that were underage and doctored the video to show them walking out of my room naked. I wasn't in the room at the time, but they edited the video to look like I was. They were trying to set me up as a pedophile, and the edited video would have shown me going into my room with them following and walking out naked. I didn't do any of this; it was all cleverly edited. My psychic said that the police would raid my house in 4 hours when Jett and my great-grandmother planted the intuition in my head to destroy that hard drive. That's why my ex went insane. They were planning it for a whole month, but I foiled it without even realizing what I was doing when I did it. Look at the video below that I recorded minutes after I destroyed the hard drive. She went insane. Jett, with the help of my great-grandmother, saved me yet again.


The Drugs Actually Saved my Life

The pictures below were taken by me in Vietnam (left pic) and Macau (right pic) on one of my many drug binges with Hong and her friends. Jasmine told me that being on drugs saved my life since my ex and her family were practicing so much black magic on me to kill me and that if I weren't on drugs, I would have died. She said that the drugs took me to a different dimension and gave my soul a much-needed break from the constant spiritual battles that were taking place, even though I may not have been consciously aware of them at the time. Jasmine said my body was very strong and able to handle the drugs but that my soul at the time, while strong, was not strong enough to fight the onslaught of spiritual attacks. Jasmine said my soul is much stronger now, "almost three times stronger," and that I could easily defeat those attacks without being on drugs. Drugs are not the answer 999 times out of 1,000, but in my unique case, they saved me, and I believe it.

Drugs helped.mp3

Here's where Jasmine explains how the drugs saved me!

The fact that evil spirits were constantly attacking me from 2009 to 2016 manifested differently back then than it currently does. As detailed in the 2016 section, I wasn't aware of black magic or that I was under attack in any way until after Zulfiya cleaned me. God blessed me by ensuring I had a "spiritual" firewall up that prevented me from seeing the truth "and the demons" until Zulfiya cleaned me in 2016. After I was cleaned, I instantly started to have vivid dreams and battles in those dreams and was finally ready to fight the fight that was there the entire time since 2009, even though I was blocked from seeing the truth until late 2016. I currently don't have this "firewall" and can fight them without it, but back then, I was constantly miserable and angry but didn't know why. The attacks resulted in severe depression, but I didn't have the scary dreams and spiritual battles in my dreams until after I was cleaned.


Black Magic battles mainly occur while you are just drifting off to sleep or when you are asleep, but the effects of these attacks are 24/7. If someone puts a curse on you to have an accident, the black magic will affect you by causing you not to pay attention at a critical moment. If the curse is a death curse other than accident-related, it will usually manifest as a horrible dream that seems like it's real, and you'll be so scared that you'll have a heart attack. Another attack is for you to get sick and die from cancer or something, in which case you'll feel tired and drained of energy while the evil spirits do their thing over months or years until you get cancer. There are thousands of ways to die from evil spirits; I'm just giving you a few examples to open your mind to the possibilities.

While I was fully awake but lying in bed at night, I would hear the wall creak in succession many times in a few seconds. Jasmine told me that this was the evil spirits showing up or was an actual attack while I was awake even though I wasn't aware of it. God blessed me again in the fact that he gave me my dog "Louie." Louie just passed away on January 18th, 2021, at the age of 15 years nine months. According to the UK Kennel Club, he would be the oldest Boston Terrier ever since the oldest they have on record was 15 years, eight months. Anyways, Louie was a special dog, according to Jasmine, and was a gift from God. Louie had this uncanny ability to snort three times in quick succession whenever black energy was a second or two away from arriving. Whenever I heard Louie snort, it caused me to pay attention, and I would notice the creaks in the wall, etc. This alarm helped me a ton in understanding how the spiritual world worked pertaining to energy. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, including us.


Jasmine explains the frustration of my Ex and the people she hired to kill me with Black Magic. She also describes how spiritual attacks are much easier at night and easier to do on someone if they drink alcohol or do drugs. Spiritual Attacks are like hacking into a computer network. The demons want inside and can't hurt you until they are inside your body (your network)


This audio is where Jasmine explains my dog Louie and my female American Bulldog "Ginger", and how it works with animal spirits.

Louie & Ginger in 2009

Ginger 2004-2017

Louie 2005-2021