I spent the remainder of 2013 and the first half of 2014 fighting Chinese hackers from my home in Pennsylvania, constantly being in a rage over what had happened to where I always fantasized about killing my ex and others involved in Asia. It was a very dark time for sure. Then, almost out of nowhere, in May 2014, I suddenly decided to forgive Hong and her family and wasn't angry anymore. It was almost as if God had flipped the hate switch off, and all thoughts of revenge just disappeared. I called Hong, and we started to talk again. In my mind, I somehow convinced myself that she was only evil due to pressure from the Triads and her family and that if I could just get her to America, it would be completely different. I had already written a book and had a blog detailing the information on the home page of this blog but decided I would stop selling the book and remove the blog also. I did that in June 2014 before making yet another mistake (going back to Vietnam)

Starting in May 2014, I began Face-timing Hong daily. I felt that my son needed to know who his mother is and that things would be "just perfect' if I could get her away from her evil family and the Triad scum controlling her over in Asia. After about a month of talking several times a day, I had the bright idea that if I was in Vietnam, I could move the process along with the State Department much faster. I bought a ticket for my son and me, and we flew to Vietnam on July 11th, 2014, with no set return date. I left my dogs at a kennel and set off to Vietnam with my son. Getting there was a nightmare. I missed the first flight and had to pay $1,000 extra to take a different flight, and worst of all, I wrongly assumed that I had a 5-year business visa for Vietnam when it was only a 3-year Visa, and the airline didn't notice that either whenever I checked in.

We made it to Vietnam only to be denied entry once we arrived. There was no internet in the HCMC Airport, nor did my sim card work there. I asked the guy seated next to me to locate Hong at the curb and tell her that we had a problem. Forty-five minutes later, I saw Hong walking towards us with a cop from the Airport. They wanted to send me back to Hong Kong until I could get a Visa, but Hong talked them into allowing us to stay at a government-owned and guarded hotel while we waited for the Visa to get approved. It cost me a $500 bribe, but that was much better than being forced to fly again to and from Hong Kong over 2 days. Two days later, I got my Visa and was allowed to leave the Government hotel and freely enter Vietnam.

The first five weeks there were uneventful and didn't include any drama whatsoever. We stayed at a hotel in District 6 near where her sister and husband lived and worked on getting Hong a Visa. On the 6th week, Hong said she wanted to get the drug "ice," and I said no. I told her it's not like 2011 when we had two nannies in a 7-BR house to care for our son. Still, she kept bugging me each day, telling me how her sister takes our son a few hours a day and we have plenty of time to do whatever while he isn't around, so after a few more days of her bugging me, I finally relented. I never did ice in the United States and never will, but Vietnam was so damn boring and miserable for me that it was easy to give in since I knew how fast time seemed to fly while doing ice. The picture below was taken around the time she started asking me to do ice with her.

About a week later, the bullshit started. I noticed I was being hacked, and the network settings I had manually set up on our devices kept changing (with the shadow help of Hong, of course). I ended up needing to buy a new laptop because I felt the one I had might have been firmware compromised. I randomly went to a big store and made sure to tell the guy I wanted the laptop I was pointing to on display. I figured it was safer to buy that than allow them to grab a pre-hacked one in the back. He sold it to me, but when I got it back to the hotel, I noticed the battery didn't work and that it needed to be always plugged in. Not good, since I already knew that they could access your computer through the power supply, so I unfortunately had to return it and be at their mercy as to whether they would give me a non-hacked computer. I played with the laptop for a few days but couldn't get it to run normally in a secure manner without strange processes running even when booted to a live Linux cd. So, I then decided not to use it but noticed that Hong kept plugging it in even though I had the lid closed and wasn't using it. Here we go again! Sleeping with the Enemy "Round 2".

Vietnam - July 2014

This picture was taken 3 weeks after I went back to Vietnam just before the bullshit games started again.

Surrounded on Three Sides

A couple of days after the store replaced the laptop, I started to hear random banging on the wall in the hotel from 1 to 2 AM. It wasn't just coming from one room either; it was sometimes coming from the room above, sometimes from the room to my right, and sometimes from the room to my left. It was becoming evident to me that the Triad trash was back. About a day or two later, I had an epiphany while fighting their hacks and changed the subnet on my device from to Don't ask me why; it just came to me as an idea even though I didn't understand its significance when I did it. I had five devices: 3 for me, 1 for my son, and 1 for Hong. As I changed this setting on each device, I heard a door slam or a chair get pushed from each of the three rooms within 2 seconds of me hitting "apply." I thought to myself, I don't know what that setting accomplished, but it seems to me that it cut them off from my computer, and they were reacting in anger as I "closed the door" for each device. I further knew this was significant because I kept checking my son's and Hong's machine and noticed the setting kept getting changed back to Hong was changing it back to help these losers. I now know that this setting changed my device from accepting broadcast messages from 254 devices and reduced it to only my single device communicating with the router. They were somewhere on the network in one of the 254 addresses serving messages and commands to my devices but were cut off once I changed that setting.

The next night, at around 3 AM, they started to bang on all three walls for 5 minutes straight simultaneously. The following day, I saw that one of their doors was open while the maid was in their room and saw a girl waiting for the maid to finish. I started berating her and told her to send her pussy Triad boyfriend out to see me. He was hiding in the bathroom and didn't come out. Typical Triad, leave the woman to do the heavy lifting. Anyways, Hong's sister asked us to come to stay with them, so we moved out of the hotel the next day.

The first couple of weeks at her sisters seemed to be OK. I couldn't tell if I was hacked at first, but whenever I set up OpenDNS and linked it to the I.P. address I was connected to, I waited a few hours, checked the OpenDNS logs, and saw thousands of connections only to 1 domain, which was http://meterserver.vn. WTF! I grabbed Hong's phone and started going through the settings to see if I could find anything out of the ordinary. She had an Android phone, and I kept ending background processes while using her phone as a hotspot. One of the processes I ended caused her screen to freeze, but the hotspot was still working. Within 2 minutes, she came into the room demanding I give her the phone to play some games. I told her no and to use the iPad instead. She became increasingly angrier and wouldn't take no for an answer, at which point I knew for sure that I broke their hack and escaped their sandbox. They didn't know what I was doing and who I was contacting, so it was of the utmost importance that they regain control of the network in case I was transmitting a distress message or divulging information. I knew at that moment that it was time to leave.

I called United Airlines and asked when the next flight was leaving. They said in 2 days, so I told Hong we would move to a hotel in the morning that was closer to the airport since it was already 10 PM. I didn't want to leave the building until daylight due to the dire situation I just discovered plus the remote location of her sister's apartment. 2 hours later, Hong said that her cousin "Mi" was leaving to go back to the country where her family lived even though she had been staying at Hong's sisters for a month straight. This was the first I heard she was leaving. She asked if I could give her a ride to the bus stop for her bus ride at 1 AM. I said, "hell no." She was adamant and kept asking. I told her to call a taxi, but she kept asking until I became visibly angry. The next day we took a cab to the Park Royal Hotel near the airport, and I left with my son the following day and returned to America on November 28th, 2014, after being in Vietnam for almost five months.

Vietnam Wasn't Finished

I spent the remainder of 2014 arguing with Hong via facetime, trying to get her to admit to scamming me. True to form, she denied everything again and again. For reasons I can't explain yet (coming later in the story), I decided to go back "yet again" to Vietnam. Hong told me that we can stay in the ex-pat section in District 1 and that it is safe there since there are so many Westerners, etc. On February 12th, 2015, my son and I went back to Vietnam just in time for Valentine's Day for the final time.

The 2nd week we were there, we were on a motorcycle en route to eat at a restaurant when a Vietnamese guy was following us close behind. When I slowed down, he slowed down, etc. I finally just stopped and forced him to go around me. As he rode past, he kicked me, and I quickly told Hong to hold our son as I dropped the motorcycle and ran after him. The traffic was dense, so he jumped off his bike, ran into a restaurant and the kitchen area, and grabbed a large knife. I picked up a chair and attempted to move in on him like a circus trainer approaching a Lion. Several westerners came over and tried to diffuse the situation, so I decided to let the guy leave.

The hacking started soon after, and I was again erasing and reinstalling operating systems every day to escape the persistent hacks. A few days later, Hong asked if she and her cousin could take my son to visit her mom for the day since he may never see them again for years once we leave Vietnam. I said OK. Her father was at our hotel the day prior, supposedly en route to central Vietnam to visit family, and Hong asked if he could have my luggage lock to protect his suitcase. I said no; what the hell does he need it for? He only has clothes. I now know it was a ploy to plant drugs in my suitcase that I always kept locked. Hong left with my son and returned the following afternoon. The next day Hong said that she needed to go to the store but didn't return for 40 minutes. She was going to a convenience store next to the hotel, so I knew something was fishy. When she returned, I took her phone and ran a scan with a security program that I just ran 2 hours prior, only to see alarms go off saying that there were spoofed certificates installed that could perpetrate legitimate sites like Google, etc. I started screaming at her. She grabbed a knife and came at me to stab me. I grabbed her arm, and my son ran up to me and hugged me. Hong became insanely angry and screamed, "You chose him!".

I immediately called Delta and asked to be put on the next available flight. The lady from Delta said it would be eight days later and nothing was available until then. I said OK, but the call dropped before we could complete the reservation. I immediately called back, and a different lady got on the phone and told me that something was available the very next morning. Awesome, I thought. I was so grateful for the shitty Skype connection that dropped the previous call since it allowed me to leave a week sooner. Hong spent the rest of the day crying and begging me not to go, but I knew I had to get the hell out ASAP. I had to leave at 5 AM to get a Taxi. As I was waiting for a Taxi, Hong told me how she didn't have enough money to pay the bill at the hotel and needed money to live. I decided to give her $500 but as I walked up to the ATM, I changed my mind and told her to F' off.

The taxi ride was surreal. I was overcome with anger and just sat there thinking about how I needed to get the hell out of here for good. Once we got to the airport, my son ran onto the curb and didn't even say goodbye to his mother, nor did she attempt to say goodbye to him. It was very odd, but I just gave her a dirty look and proceeded into the airport and returned to the United States. Goodbye Vietnam, Goodbye.

Time For a Change

After getting back to Pennsylvania, I decided to visit my friend Yanni in Vegas for a couple of days, and he and his wife kept telling me that I should move to Vegas and start my business again there. I decided to do just that and moved to Vegas on December 6th, 2015, with my son and two dogs. Get ready for a severe plot twist!