Conversations (via psychic medium Jasmine) with my great-grandmother from 2016-20, who died in 1997 at the age of 101

The audio recording snippets below were taken from one of the many phone sessions I had with Jasmine from 2016 to 2020. The conversations will reference my time in Asia and afterward here in America. In total, there were 30 plus hours of recordings out of the 50 or so total hours I had conversations with Jasmine. I spliced the highlights of those 30 hours to help tell the story. I recommend that you listen to these recordings from the perspective that Jasmine didn't know my story or anything about me. Jasmine knew more about me over time because we talked for hours, but if you view these conversations with an Orwellian Eye, you'll see that the things she tells me are not anything someone could guess. They aren't easy to predict things like, "you'll get a new job", or "you'll find love soon," but they are detailed events that happened to probably no one "except me." You'll notice that I am very animated and overly excited for most of the calls. Keep in mind that I knew I was talking directly to my great-grandmother that died almost 30-years prior that was also my guardian angel that had a front-row seat to everything. I had so many questions and couldn't get them out fast enough. You'd be amazed at how many details you miss about your life that someone with a Truman Show perspective can shed light upon. After about 10 hours of sessions with Jasmine, I knew with absolute certainty that the information was legit, so I began to give her leading questions to save time since she was $300 an hour after all. I needed to speed the sessions up to ensure I could ask all of the questions I prepared before each call. Still, I didn't ask leading questions until after she hit the bullseye on topic after topic, where she shed light on things only I knew or something that I assumed but wasn't sure about.

While most of the conversations dealt with what already had occurred, Jasmine also told me about future events. That was my great-grandmother telling her these events, but they were amazingly accurate. The only thing she was sometimes incorrect about were things that dealt with time.


Some of the future predictions I was told by Jasmine that came true are:

  • In December 2016, she said my son's mother would die of cancer in 4 years, but in other recordings, she changed the prediction to say she would die in 1 year or even the next month when she still lived another whole year from the revised forecast. She ultimately did die two years and ten months after the original 4-year prediction on 9-11-2019, so her prediction was a little bit off but impressive nonetheless. Who predicts the death of a young woman as dying from cancer that is perfectly healthy when they make the prediction? Even when she was not 100% correct, she was impressive because no one would assume a healthy, young woman will die from cancer in her early 30's. She also predicted several other deaths down to the day, which I'll discuss later in the Black Magic Battle section.

  • In late 2017, Jasmine said that someone would try and run me off the road soon and that I needed to be careful. (While living in Florida in early 2018, a friend and I were on our way to a sports event when a guy passed us at a high rate of speed, cut in front of us and slammed on his brakes, and played chicken with us for 10 miles on the Florida Turnpike. I didn't cut the guy off or anything; he appeared out of nowhere, targeting my vehicle. Jasmine said the Triads sent him to try and make me have an accident)

  • She also predicted that a friend of mine had a dishonest business partner trying to frame him and that his house would be raided by the FBI soon. He wasn't even aware that his business partner was trying to set him up at the time, but his house was raided by the Feds 2 weeks later, just as Jasmine had predicted. The dishonest business partner is currently in Federal Prison for a multi-million-dollar Ponzi scheme that will most likely be an episode of American Greed one day. My friend was never convicted of anything because he was also a victim of this guy and just made a mistake when he signed off on some papers he didn't read closely at the time.

  • Jasmine predicted that I would need a root canal on my rear molar (the #14 tooth). She said I would need it that year, and there wasn't anything I could do to stop it. I went to the Dentist, had a check-up, and even told him that I think the #14 tooth is having issues. I told him it hurt when the cold hit it rather than say a psychic told me, "Lol." He said the #14 tooth was fine; he even took x-rays. Six months later, I had intense tooth pain and went to the Dentist. He tried to fill the cavity that he could now see on the #14 tooth, but as he filled it, he said he is already into the root and that the tooth needed a root canal. This predicted event was all within one year, as Jasmine had predicted.

  • Jasmine predicted that someone would try and enter my house while I was sleeping and that I needed to be careful. A month later, at 5 AM, I woke up to hear keys jingling as if someone was trying different keys to open my door. I ran towards the door screaming WTF, and when I went outside, a girl was quickly walking away, saying she had the wrong apartment. The girl was close to 300 pounds, and I never saw her before. Jasmine said the Triads sent her to check if any of the several master-type keys they had would work and open my door to give them the ability to quickly enter during the day when I took my son to school.

The above examples are not nearly as convincing as the audio recordings themself, but I wanted to give you a few small examples (there are many more, which I'll post also) of the amazingly accurate information I was getting from Jasmine. I'm a Lawyer that is very analytical, I didn't just believe in God automatically, the same way I didn't believe in psychics and black magic. I truly was that guy who would need to see undeniable proof to believe anything that is spiritually related. I believe in all 3 now after what I've seen and I think most of you will feel the same after I'm done making the case. Click below to listen to each of the audio recordings as I write about the context of each and also detail the The above examples are not nearly as convincing as the audio recordings themself. Still, I wanted to give you a few small examples (there are many more, which I'll post also) of the amazingly accurate information I was getting from Jasmine. I'm a Lawyer that is very analytical. I didn't just believe in God automatically, the same way I didn't believe in psychics and black magic. I honestly was that guy who would need to see undeniable proof to believe anything spiritually related. I believe in all three now after what I've seen, and I think most of you will feel the same after I'm done making the case. Click below to listen to each of the audio recordings. I will write about the context of each and detail the events that have happened to me from 2017 to the present in 2021.


The audio where Jasmine predicted a police raid on my friend by the Feds!


Tooth Audio #1 - This audio is where Jasmine not only predicts that my #14 tooth will need a root canal, but she also predicts that the Dentist won't find it during my next visit. She was 100% correct on both. I needed to get a root canal on that #14 tooth months later, even though I had zero problems with it during this audio recording.


Tooth Audio #2 - This audio was a few months after I got the root canal predicted in the above audio. Jasmine told me that the root canal wasn't done correctly and that I will have an infection soon. I didn't go to the Dentist right away as she suggested, but the tooth did become infected two months later, and the Dentist needed to redo the root canal on the #14 tooth (Just like Jasmine predicted in this recording)


Jasmine predicts in early 2017 that Hong will die in 4 years in this audio. The picture in the background was a picture of Hong a year after the prediction in 2018. Does this look like a girl that is going to die in a few years?

View the full background image that shows Hong in 2018 HERE


This audio clip was cool. I grew up in a housing complex in Clairton, PA called The Woodland Terrace that changed its name to Century Townhomes, which is now condemned, but my grandmother lived there from the late 1950s until 2002 while we moved out in 1984 when I was 12. The last ten years of her living there were unique because the demographics changed from what used to be 99% white to more than 80% black. This audio clip is significant because it was so random where Jasmine chimes in and says she sees many black people around my grandmother. Before she moved away in 2002, my grandmother fed the kids on the street, and it wasn't uncommon for her to have 6 to 8 black kids sitting at her table eating Pasta.

  • Picture of Century Townhomes in the background taken in 2016


The Gay Uncle - This is one of the most convincing audio clips, in my opinion. In this clip, I discuss one of Hong's Aunts and her Husband that got very drunk and tried to smack me while he was drunk in 2014. Jasmine instantly went on a narrative where she explained to me how the guy was actually gay even though he was married with a kid. Notice how I immediately laugh and am astonished as Jasmine explains what happened as though she was there with a front-row seat. She was there with a front-row seat because it was my great-grandmother channeling through her, and my great-grandmother was my guardian angel the entire time and saw everything that happened. Not only that, but spirits in the sky understand all languages so she could hear everything they were saying. Please pay attention to how I agree with her in a heightened animated way because she told me things I already knew that I never talked about and told me something that I didn't know, but that made perfect sense to me after she said it. Jasmine filled in the blanks on so many things. I made the picture on the right below to torment Hong's family when I posted it on a fake Facebook account in Vietnam in 2017 that I created to harass Hong and her family. The guy's face was her uncle, while the woman's face on the pig was his wife. The wife gave me poisoned food in 2014 in Vietnam and practiced black magic on me many times.

I circled the Gay Uncle and his wife in the picture on the far left. The pic on the left was a picture I made to torment Hong's evil Aunt. I posted it on a Facebook account that I set up in Vietnam that Hong's family and entire village checked regularly. You'll learn more about this later in the Black Magic sub-section titled "Facebook Wars."


This audio recording was in 2018, where I told Jasmine I haven't felt financially secure in 9 years to where she corrects me and says, "10 years". She was correct. I knew the money party was coming to an end in 2008 but just said nine years to Jasmine since I was still making good money even though it was 65% less starting in 2008. She was correct; it was ten years, not nine years. One may dismiss this saying, "big deal, 9 or 10 years is basically the same", but this shows you the kind of precision information I was getting to where she corrected small details about my life that I lived. It was ten years to the month when I knew I would not retire from my current software company once the revenue dropped 65% over 30 days. She was more accurate than I was.

The Cursed Cologne, Shoes & Shirt

Whenever Jasmine and I did a facetime video call in late 2016, Jasmine told me that I had several items in my house that my ex Hong did voodoo rituals on that put severe curses on me whenever I wore them. I had 15 pairs of shoes in my closet, and Jasmine said that one of them was cursed. I turned the camera to the floor and asked her which pair she replied, the grey pair. The amazing part was that I left Vietnam "as far as moving out" 5 years prior, and the grey pair were the only pair I had left that was in Vietnam at that time. She then proceeded to tell me that I had a shirt with stitching on the front and that my ex wove a cursed thread into the stitching. Jasmine said that these curses on the shoes and the shirt were meant to get me killed by causing an accident. All my shirts were hung on hangers in the closet, and I had close to 100. I slowly walked my camera across the hanging shirts until Jasmine exclaimed, "that one, with the white sleeve." As I pulled out the shirt, I saw a logo on it like the Zoo York image below. The shirt is pictured below, along with the cologne and shoes, but the sleeve covers the logo in the picture. The Zoo York logo even looks like a Satanic emblem of sorts if you think about it. Here's another striking detail. The Zoo York shirt had stitching just like she said because the logo was sewn in, but the Zoo York shirt was also the only shirt of my 100 shirts that had any stitching on the front. You couldn't see the front of the shirt until I pulled it out from the shirts hanging there.

As I stood there in awe due to Jasmine (via my great-grandmother) picking the only pair of shoes I had in Vietnam and the only shirt that had stitching out of 100; I asked her was there anything else. She said yes, the perfume! Jasmine is French and calls cologne perfume. I said, "which one," she replied, "the big one." I then went to my bathroom, opened the cabinet, and saw three small bottles of cologne and one large bottle. I had just bought the three small bottles after moving back to the United States, but the big bottle was the only bottle I had over in Vietnam.

I was shocked for a couple of reasons, neither of which Jasmine knew, or that I even thought of until Jasmine said the big bottle was cursed:

1. I used to have close to 20 bottles of cologne in Vietnam before I moved back to America, but when the movers unpacked my items in Florida, there was only that one big bottle. I remember being furious, thinking that Hong stole the other bottles to give to some guy. Hong didn't steal the other 20 bottles to gift them; she just wanted to make sure that the only cologne I had to wear was the cursed bottle that they somehow removed the cap from and mixed in cursed ashes from an evil person that died.

2. From 2012 to 2016, I didn't even wear the cologne even once, even though I liked the smell. Jasmine told me that my great-grandmother prevented me from wearing it because it was cursed. I did wear it one time though, in Las Vegas on April 20th, 2016, which ended up being the night that a girl I was dating for three months told me she didn't want to see me anymore. The audio below is where Jasmine talks about the cologne and that night on April 20th, 2016.


The audio clip where Jasmine talks about the cologne pictured above.

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 11.15.34 AM.png

The audio clip below discusses my grandmother's brown chair for the last 15 years of her life. My niece ended up with it but wanted to buy new furniture, so my sister asked me if I wanted it. I said yes since it was my grandmother's chair, and I wanted it as a keepsake. This was my grandmother's favorite chair. Notice how Jasmine says, "your grandmother keeps talking about some chair." I never mentioned this chair to Jasmine before her bringing it up.


Jasmine said that the lid that moves when I hold the water bottle on the left is being moved by my great-grandmother or friend Jett. There was flat water inside, and it doesn't always move. Jasmine said it only moves when my great-grandmother or my friend Jett are there with me.

The remainder of the story will be separated into different categories and sub-categories. You can also access these from the menu at the top of the website. I will guide you through the story in the order that I think is easiest to digest and absorb without getting lost in the many different facets this story entails. The first category I'll delve into is my battle with the Triads (mostly Macau Triads, but they are all connected). This battle started in 2009 when I first arrived in Macau and hasn't stopped to this day. This battle was already detailed earlier as far as the 2009 through 2015 period, but I still need to explain what's happened in the last 6-years and add the clarification Jasmine gave me for the 2009-2015 period. You'll be amazed at the different things they've done and how I escaped every plot, in addition to learning the extra details I wasn't aware of until meeting Jasmine. You will see how they have tried to kill me many times, how they follow me everywhere, and how they are constantly trying to hack my devices. Jasmine told me that they fear that I will make a movie and expose their enterprise of illegal activities. Jasmine also said that spirits heavily protect me in the sky and that it's nearly impossible for them to kill me, even though they have tried many times. Click "The Triads" button below to proceed.