I Moved to Las Vegas

Once in Vegas, I went to find an office and signed a lease within two weeks of getting there. I was always good at making money, and it always seemed to come naturally to me, but something was different this time around. No matter what I did or whatever money I spent on marketing, everything seemed to produce nothing in return while trying to ramp up in Vegas. People didn't return phone calls, emails rarely were answered, I couldn't give away my services for free, it seemed. WTH is going on, I thought. I then created a new product that got great feedback from several people in the Auto Industry. I even closed a deal worth 1.5 million a year only to have the guy mysteriously cancel a few days later with no explanation for why. Nothing seemed to work; it didn't make sense.

$300 per hour Psychic? Why not

Towards the end of 2016, I received a phone call from an old friend I had fallen out with eight years prior and haven't spoken to. I was surprised to hear his voice, and we talked for quite some time. I said something to him that I never said to anyone before. I told him that I think my ex put a curse on me. The weird part was that I didn't believe in any of that stuff, so for me to say that was odd, even more bizarre was that I told it to him rather than saying it to any of the several friends I talk to regularly. When I told him that, he jumped into high gear with an animated story about how he has a friend that was married for ten years, but that she couldn't get pregnant and was constantly having health problems and that her husband used to make tons of money but was broke for the past decade, etc. He said the girl is doing great now and that she is healthy, her husband is making money, and they hope to have a baby soon. He told me that the girl was helped by a famous French psychic medium and a Muslim Witch that lived in Los Angeles, but that she was a good witch. Up until 2011, when the Vietnamese Psychic shocked me and gave me pause, I would have called b.s. immediately on anything regarding psychics and witches, but he had my full attention. He said that the French psychic helped her find out that her husband's ex-wife was putting curses on them and that the Muslim Witch cleaned her.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The French Psychic and the Muslim Witch didn't know each other at all, but this girl somehow found each of them to help her since they both had their skillset and she was into that kind of stuff. She had many connections that knew people in that realm. Once the French Psychic told this girl that she needed to be cleaned, she asked around and found the Muslim Witch later.

I asked him if he could connect me with the girl he was friends with, and he said yes. I called the girl immediately after hanging up with him and explained to her what my friend Eddie Swan had explained to me and if I could ask her a few questions. She said yes, and we proceeded to talk to the point where I was convinced enough and willing to risk $300 to see what this was all about and if it was legit. She gave me both the Psychic and the "Good" Witch's phone numbers, and I decided to call the Psychic first and set up a consultation.

At this point, I was willing to try anything because I was running out of money fast and wanted to understand why things were the way they were. Jasmine was the french Psychic's name, and she told me that we would meet on Skype Audio and that I needed to send her a photo of a deceased loved one that I was close to before our session. I sent her pictures of my dad, my grandmother, and my great-grandmother. Keep in mind that Jasmine knew nothing about me. She didn't know my full name, and I paid her with a PayPal account that didn't have my name on it either. All she had to go off were the pictures I sent and my deceased family member's first names. She also warned me that sometimes she can't reach loved ones on the first or second try, or ever even, but that she could do other things to provide value if she couldn't contact them in the spirit world. I was still very skeptical and didn't by any means think I would ever be able to talk to my dad, grandmother, or great-grandmother. I wasn't even convinced that our souls lived on after death but was open to it, given the amazing predictions made by the Vietnamese Psychic in Vietnam in 2011.

The day arrived for my session with Jasmine. It was early November 2016, and I called her on Skype "audio" at the agreed-upon time. I had already sent her the pictures the day prior. After saying hello, Jasmine immediately said that she has my grandmother with her and that my grandmother was sad when I was in Vietnam because it reminded her of when she lived in a different state when she was younger. I thought, whoa, how did she know I was in Vietnam, but that was counter-balanced by me telling her that she was incorrect because my grandmother only lived in Pennsylvania her entire life. She replied by saying, no, your grandmother lived in another state when she was younger. I said, no, she didn't; she replied, "yes, she did." After saying no, she didn't two more times and her saying "yes, she did," I remembered that my grandmother did run away with my grandfather to get married and that they lived in Detroit for a year back in 1942 before my dad was born. It hit me all at once, I indeed was talking to my grandmother, and I winced into tears with instant shame, thinking of the things I've done in life that she must have surely observed from her "Truman Show" POV in the spirit world. The Skype call was Skype audio, but the moment it hit me, and the tears came, Jasmine quickly blurted out, I'm sorry. It wasn't Jasmine; my grandmother felt terrible knowing how much emotion I was overcome with. Jasmine couldn't see me, and I didn't say anything when it hit me, nor did I make a noise, but my grandmother was there with me; she saw it and instantly channeled her response through Jasmine.

The way a legit psychic medium works is they have a special gift that works similar to a radio antenna. Powerful spirits can sometimes tune into that antenna and open direct communication with the psychic medium. Even though the first few minutes of the session was my grandmother talking to me through Jasmine, my great-grandmother took over after that and was the spirit I was speaking with 95% of the time going forward. Jasmine told me that my great-grandmother is very strong and was on her "channel" instantly along with my grandmother initially whenever she focused on her picture and called her name. My father, grandmother, grandfather, and friend "Jett" occasionally connected with her channel and spoke to me, but they couldn't do it as easily as my great-grandmother.

Even though I believed 100% now, my great-grandmother, that was now on her channel, wanted to make sure, so she told Jasmine to tell me something about my ex that I didn't tell anyone. She proceeded to tell me that my ex was raped by her father, her grandfather, and 3 of her uncles starting at the age of 5. I was floored! That is precisely what my ex told me one night in bed while she cried in Vietnam in 2011. When Hong loved me and wanted to protect me, she told me this story to warn me that her family was evil rather than come right out tell me that they were scamming me and trying to kill me. I wasn't prepared for this call since I didn't know if Jasmine was legit, so I failed to record this conversation. Still, starting with session number 2 going forward, I recorded 80% of them and will post highlights of these recordings and the context for each audio recording. I was amazed to learn the things I didn't know until I met Jasmine, and she filled in many gaps that were missing in the 2009 through 2015 section of the story.

At the end of the session, I thanked Jasmine and asked her to send me a time slot for next week to talk to her for 4 hours. I needed to prepare a long list of questions and knew it would take at least that long to get through it. In the meantime, I called the Muslim Witch Zulfiya to see what she could offer that was different from Jasmine. Jasmine, "channeling through my great-grandmother," told me that I needed to be cleaned and that I did have many evil curses and demons attached to me because of my ex and her family doing voodoo on me. Jasmine said that they were a devil family that did this all the time.

Zulfiya, the “good” Muslim Witch

I called Zulfiya the day after I spoke with Jasmine. Unlike Jasmine, Zulfiya needed to see me in person and was in Los Angeles, so I set up an appointment three days later and drove the 5-hour drive to L.A. to see her. Zulfiya's primary talent is that she is a good witch that can reverse spells and send the energy back to the person that put the curse on you in the first place. Zulfiya also can speak with spirits but can only speak to the ones that she uses regularly and not chosen ones like Jasmine can with my great-grandmother. When I met Zulfiya, she made me some coffee and sat with me while asking me to cut a deck of old tarot cards upon which she meditated after I cut them. She then proceeded to tell me about my ex and how her father and three uncles raped her as a child. Unlike Jasmine, she missed the grandfather part, but I was still thoroughly impressed, given that this was not supposed to be her core talent. She told me that Vietnam had very powerful women and that their voodoo is some of the world's worst and most potent.

Zulfiya told me that my ex did a massive job on me and that I had 88 evil spirits attached to me. Zulfiya said that Hong did several love spells and death curses on me. The evil she used included voodoo dolls mixed with rotten meat, my hair, my sperm that she saved, and that she spat on and stabbed the voodoo doll after and buried it in a cemetery. Zulfiya said the curse was a potent blood curse and that the only way to remove it was to sacrifice a black chicken. She didn't quote me a price but said to give her what I thought was fair and that she would contact me after she located a black chicken from the farmer she knows. I said OK and drove back to Vegas to await her call.

About a week went by, and I didn't hear anything from Zulfiya. I called her and asked her if she found a chicken. She said that the farmer doesn't have a black one right now and that she'd let me know. I asked her if I could try and locate one, and she said, "sure." I asked if gender mattered, and she said no, just make sure the chicken has black feathers. I was talking to her while at the gym and left the gym 5-minutes later to go home. I lived in N.W. Las Vegas, where there is some ranch-type land, but for the most part, it was residential housing. As though it was fate, I saw a guy riding a horse on the road as I was driving home.

I pulled over and asked the guy if he knew where I could buy a black chicken. He said, "I have one." I asked him if he'd sell it to me, he said sure. I asked how much; he said, whatever you want. I said, how's $40? He said yes and said I could come to get it tomorrow or whenever. I called Zulfiya right away and told her I found a black chicken. She thought I was joking at first but then realized I was serious. I asked her if I could come in 2 days, and she said yes. I could tell Zulfiya wasn't excited about making this sacrifice. I asked her when the last time was that she sacrificed a chicken, she said four years ago. I said, "why so long?" She replied, I haven't needed to, but your situation is very powerful and requires it.

Zulfiya then said I would need to pay her $1500 for the sacrifice ceremony. I wasn't happy to hear that, but I reluctantly agreed. I then called Jasmine and asked her to ask my great-grandmother if it was worth it. Jasmine told me that my great-grandmother said yes, do it. Keep in mind that Jasmine and Zulfiya don't know each other and that Jasmine telling me to spend $1500 with someone else is essentially taking money she could have gotten if she was a fraud. Jasmine then told me that Zulfiya is a bit scared because Zulfiya will receive the bad energy she releases from me the night of the sacrifice. Zulfiya knew she was in store for something brutal, which is why she was stalling me on finding a chicken. Click the button below to hear the audio snippet where Jasmine told me again that my grandmother and friend love Zulfiya and wanted me to spend the $1500.


Jasmine speaking about Zulfiya

It was the day before thanksgiving 2016, and I went in the morning to meet the guy with the chicken "Vic" and set off to L.A. with the chicken taped inside an empty case of beer. When I got to L.A., it was around 5 PM. Zulfiya said we needed to wait another hour until the sun went down. Zulfiya started reading verses from what may have been the Karan (not sure), but it was in a different language, so I couldn't understand what was being said. She had several candles lit, and when it came time to kill the poor chicken, she gently slit its throat without the chicken fighting or screaming out at all. It's as though the chicken knew he had to take one for the team. She then mixed the chicken's blood with some plant and different spices and then soaked candles wrapped in string with the blood before wiping the blood on several parts of my body, including my face. Then she poured candle wax over the chicken's lifeless body and wrapped the chicken up in a brown paper bag. She told me that I needed to take this bag at least 2 miles away and drop it on a side street somewhere and drive away from it without looking back. She then advised me not to clean the blood off until I lit and entirely burned one of 7 candles starting at midnight. She said that I should burn one candle each night at midnight for seven days. She also told me that my son was a very special, old soul and that he may see spirits in the house over the next several days. I said OK and started my journey back to Vegas, stopping 2 miles into the trip to drop off the chicken as instructed. The McDonald's drive-through girl looked at me like I was a psycho when I went through the drive-through with blood on my face, but like Zulfiya said, "do not wash off the blood until after the first candle is finished burning."


Vic - The guy that sold me the black chicken.

Best $40 I ever spent! I took this picture of him when I stopped to ask him if he knew where to find a black chicken. The video next to that was taken by me two days later when I bought the chicken from him.

The Night that Changed Everything

I arrived back in Vegas at 11:15 PM and told the babysitter, "Don't ask," as I paid her with the blood still on my face. My son fell asleep within 10 minutes of me getting home. I waited another 25 minutes until midnight and lit the candle as Zulfiya instructed. HOLY SHIT!!! Within 10 seconds of lighting the candle, I saw three transparent black smoked Asian-looking spirits that were around 5 feet tall floating through my living room, right past me and through the back door. I was dumbfounded and nearly in shock as I watched my first ever ghost sighting of my life. I wasn't drinking, I wasn't under the influence of anything, and I wasn't even tired yet, so I wasn't in a delusional state of any sort.

Within a minute of those three spirits floating out of the house, I saw what looked like a cloud of gnats forming in my living room. The black cloud grew and crept towards me. It was pure madness. I wasn't scared though; just standing there in awe. I turned towards the front door and saw a white spirit around 6 feet tall facing the door and moving its arms very fast, almost as if it was blocking something from entering. The black cloud of the gnat-looking energy was within inches of my face now. I stood there and stared at it, not quite knowing what to think about it. Was it evil? I didn't know, nor did I know what I was supposed to do. I remembered what my dad said to me when he visited me in my dream a week after he died. I forcefully said, "My relationship with Jesus Christ," as I simultaneously held my fingers up to form a cross-like you would see in a B-rated horror movie dealing with demons, lol. I shit you not, it worked! The black cloud instantly blew backward and splattered onto the ceiling and wall. For the next few minutes, it stayed there, almost as if it was breathing and regrouping. Then it started to form into a swirling cloud again and come towards me. I tried the cross thing again, but it had no effect. Then after about two more minutes, it exploded and disappeared, and out of it emerged a white spirit that was smiling at me for a second before disappearing also. I then took a shower and went to sleep.

The video on the left was a video I came across on YouTube. The grey-colored spirit in this video is like the 3 Asian-looking spirits I saw in my house, except the 3 Asians were a black-tinted spirit and shorter than the one in this video, which is grayish. That night, the white-tinted spirit in my doorway looked like the spirit in this video, except it was taller and much whiter. From what I understand, the eviler the person while alive, the darker the color of the spirit once they die. Jasmine told me that Jesus' spirit is brilliant White. She said the same thing about my son. Please don't confuse the spirit's color with skin color on Earth; they are not the same. An evil white person on Earth has a dark-colored spirit in the spirit realm, while a good white person has a white-colored spirit after they die. The same applies to every race of people. Think of darkness as impurities that prevent a spirit from ascending higher in the sky, "Heaven." The less black energy one's soul contains, the more freedom they have in the sky. Pure spirits "white energy" can travel more places than evil ones "dark energy." Evil spirits are stuck on Earth and cannot freely travel the universe.

The video on the left is about Witches in Romania. The video at the 10-minute mark shows how the witch chooses a black chicken to clean a woman possessed by Satan. CLICK HERE to open your browser and have the video start at exactly the spot where the black chicken is chosen. This was by design. Black chickens are very powerful when trying to reverse powerful curses.

The candles on the left are what the candles "drenched in the black chicken blood" looked like. These three candles don't have blood on them and were sent to me by Zulfiya later to help eliminate remnants of the spirits my Ex and her family had sent me once I had the operation on my leg.

The next evening, I lit the 2nd candle at midnight. My son was awake this time, and we were lying in bed while the candle burned down for approximately 40 minutes in the kitchen. My son was only five at the time and knew nothing about the psychics or anything, but as we were lying there, he said, "Hey Dada, I see people." I asked him where and he pointed to the corner and the ceiling. I asked him how many, and he said 10. I asked him if they looked happy or angry, and he said "happy." Just as Zulfiya had predicted, my son would probably see things because he is a very old soul sensitive to these things. I was able to see grey clouds of smoke moving around the room for the next several days. Still, I didn't see anything as clearly as the first night when I saw the 3 Asian spirits, tall white spirit, black swirling gnat blob, and white spirit that emerged from the black swirl once it disappeared.

The next part of the story will detail the 40 hours I spent talking to Jasmine over the next 3 years. Click the button below to proceed.